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Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Aries, lions, shooters, these three passionate fire signs, what about the March's horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (same field Gayon:"Susan Constellation" Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo: March horoscope for the earth sign )

Aries (March 21 ~4 month 19th)

March Aries Keywords:
Set goals for yourself, work on communication instead of conflict, learn meditation or counseling, meet new relationships or make love warmer, buy new clothes and change hairstyles

Mars, Venus and Uranus have all come to the Aries, giving you an inexhaustible supply of energy. A rare golden triangle forms in the sky, connecting the fire sign, so the lucky Jupiter and the stable Saturn support you, you are very fortunate! March you have strong ideas, you will be very eager to share your ideas and team, and set a higher goal. This golden triangle will protect you with Mars, your Guardian star, and you will begin a new cycle in the next two years, meaning that you will have the opportunity to give full play to your talents and make a big step towards your dreams. So, at this point, it's crucial to you, March 31 Mars will leave the Aries, you have to bury the seeds for your dreams before that!

If you have a very complex task (which may require accurate data collation and analysis), it will be completed before the full moon on March 5, and you will get a very good reputation for this task, which will be of great help to your work. You should have been promoted last December or January this year, and if you don't, you'll get the chance in the middle of the year.

On March 15, you will be confronted with a job dispute that may be a client or boss who will try to block your thoughts and you may want to argue with them. But remember to never confront them head-on, because it's likely to spoil everything. Try to replace conflicts with social methods, and they hold more power than you. (same field Gayon: The power distribution of marriage in Japan: full-time wife not wronged )

Since 2012, because Uranus and Pluto meet on the ecliptic, you face a lot of injustice, the good news is that the two planets will cross over! You're likely to get a lot more difficult and unfair lately, but don't worry, you're very good at it, and it's going to be the last time. Uranus, Pluto, farther away from each other, you will find your work pressure greatly reduced, this is what you have been looking forward to in recent years!

On the March 20, a solar eclipse in Pisces lights up your subconscious and creativity, leaving some time for brainstorming, and you'll come up with new ways to help your job. Stop complaining in your heart, say it out loud! If you want to learn how to meditate or find counseling to talk about your repressed emotions, now is a good time because the 12th house represents healing, and you can get quite a degree of peace with little effort. If your birthday is close to the 20 solar eclipse in March, you will see a new path and endless opportunities, your life will bring you a new beauty, prepare your brush, paint the life you want!

As for love, the lucky Jupiter will receive a positive glow from Uranus, you will meet new people, and because that person sees you as his only surprise, your romance will not stop.

March 10, vibrant Mars will be with Jupiter, they will help you find true love, the lovers will be closer, and want to have a child's partner will do! March is the month when Aries wishes come true, and the next days will shine! March 11, look forward to some surprises! The power of Mars will meet with the vagaries of Uranus in the Aries, any good luck can happen, and lucky Jupiter will still be there, sending love rays to Mars and Uranus, to bring you more romance.

Venus will always lead the Aries until March 16, so at the beginning of March you would like to buy yourself a new outfit or change your hairstyle, hey, what would be more enjoyable for Aries than knowing that your hairstyle is good? So, if the mood is stuffy, go change a hairstyle!

Leo (July 23 ~8 month 22nd)

March Lions Keywords:
Good opportunity to grow up, buy electronic products need to carefully do homework, buy art good time, money rolling, regular fitness plan

A shiny golden triangle appeared in the sky, and a group of planets were working harmoniously together. These planets include: Jupiter in Leo (good luck) to the Light to Venus (Love); Mars (Power) and Uranus (surprise) in the Aries, location just in the distance will affect your long-distance travel and exotic love of the transfer palace, and Jupiter (stability) in Sagittarius, the location of the impact of your love to the children's palace.

You are in a perfect state of talent and confidence, and you will benefit from all aspects of your life, including the creation of creative projects, the completion of continuing education programs, textual research, paper publishing, and so on. In a legal situation, your immigration plan will be more successful than expected. You are the darling of heaven, you will understand!

A few days in March you have to pay special attention to the unexpected, positive results of the March 3 surprise trip, and you will experience the joy of love, money and luxury on the March 10, perhaps because of travel, or perhaps from the above areas.

When the March 5 full moon comes, you're likely to pay for something you already wanted, but it's expensive. Neptune will be very close to the sun, so if you want to buy electronics, such as cars and any other machines, be sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and first check the customer comments on the Internet to make sure that you buy what you want.

Neptune is in charge of art, so the presence of Neptune suggests that you can buy a beautiful piece of art and enjoy it at home. If you're buying from a reputable business, don't be afraid to buy the wrong thing, because Neptune often brings joy, not disappointment. (Recommended reading: unwilling to the minority of the Pop Art godfather: Andy Wo Happy Birthday )

March 20, the solar eclipse and the new moon appear simultaneously, and the sun dominates the Leo, so you will be affected by the eclipse more than the new moon, that is to say, the eclipse is likely to bring you considerable wealth. There may be ways to bring you wealth: bonuses, commissions, advances, insurance premiums, alimony payments, court reconciliation, inheritance, even winning prizes on educational programs. If you are going to take on a new job, you may get a lot of extra benefits, as long as you fight for it immediately after the eclipse.

Saturn will retrograde on March 14, a phenomenon that lasts until August 2. During this period, you may be able to change your mind about the person you are dating, or to compound your ex-boyfriend (female). Any planet retrograde is urging you to rethink the changes you can make right now.

March 25 is a good time to set a regular fitness program or join a new sports Group or course. The Sun is your patron saint, and it will be with Saturn to make sure that the programs and courses you choose are enjoyable and can last for a long time.

Sagittarius (November 22 ~12 month 21st)

March Shooter Keywords:
Take a lover to travel, strong attraction, career smooth, pay attention to the "water" problem

March is a wonderful month to see, you are a fire sign, and this month the sky will form a shiny golden triangle that links three parts of your life and makes you look impressive in those areas.

The first point to make up the Golden Triangle is your Guardian star, the lucky Jupiter, which is in your Nineth house (the Migration Palace), so it will motivate you to travel.

The second point is the stable and intelligent Saturn, which is in the position of Sagittarius, this is the first time since 1985-1988, suggesting that you will make more commitments and take on new responsibilities. You will also gain more security.

The third point links the romance and love of Venus, Mars and Uranus, and these three planets will add more seasonings to your life.

The aforementioned combination will work in harmony in March, although the four-star constellation will benefit, but because you are a fire sign, plus Jupiter as your Guardian star, you will gain more from it.

Take your lover to travel, preferably on March 10 or 11th, you will have an unexpected good experience, good weather, beautiful accommodation, good food, the romance between you will be as exciting as the movie plot. (Don't forget, your spouse is also your lover!) )

If you're single and aren't dating anyone, don't worry, you won't be alone for too long. Because Venus, Mars and the surprise Uranus are very energetic, you will be attracted to parties and other social events by this strong call. Remember to rub some perfume, put on your favorite clothes, ready to dance all night! You have a strong attraction in the March and others will soon be attracted to you!

March 5, your career will come to the top, and the full moon from Virgo illuminates your tenth house (career Palace). This is an important time, you will receive a big case and try your best to show it to your big clients. Pluto's angle is also very beautiful, so it will help you face the great responsibility that is coming up.

At the same time, Jupiter and Uranus will have a close conversation, giving you more opportunities to work creatively, a great opportunity that you have never enjoyed before. As you approach the March 3, your ability will be greatly stimulated so that you can come up with ideas that will impress everyone, even yourself.

An important solar eclipse on March 20 will draw your attention home. In addition, Neptune will run near the sun, suggesting that you will pay attention to water-related problems, and that it may have already happened, but now is the time to make a decision. Since Neptune will be parked in this position for a long time until 2026. Therefore, please note that the insurance contract with the lessee or landlord must be legal. (Share with you: stunning Germany!) The shortest life of the whole water building )

You may be getting ready to buy a new house, please be sure to ask all the questions about water and pipelines, including whether the local drinking water is clean and safe. These sounds ominous, but the March 20 eclipse is actually very friendly, and if you choose to move, buy new furniture or decorate your new kitchen, you will be satisfied with your choice for a long time because Saturn will be there for you. Now is the time to transform your home environment!

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