There is a kind of beauty and pain. So far, this group of women have suffered a few thousand years of pain in their skin, and let us listen to their stories together.

structure of the power structure in the United States does not allow it to exist?People rely on medical and American technology to remove scars, faint, and they are like a difficult self-inferiority complex, we like to hide, not be looked at. But a group of women in the regions of Karo, Hamer, and Sudan in Africa, who have been proud of the scars, have never complied with the aesthetic of "Stilla". They deliberately create scars and make the body a piece of canvas, deeply engraved on the skin, known as a scar tattoo.(Recommended reading: "scar on me bear the bloom of the greatest pain in my breast cancer" )

The scar tattoo is a human relief that burns the skin by burning hot iron pliers, cuts out the line in a knife, and then cuts the wound on the wound, and then heaves the wound.In the process, they do not have any anesthesia, and the pain is only a beautiful scar.

Some tribal histories in Africa have been marked by scar tattoos: family origin, race status, religious and political rituals, social status, and a person's sexual desire, fertility, and aesthetics.In general, the scars are like their clothes, and they can label themselves from the outside.And because of the hot climate throughout the year, they seek out a different kind of extrinsic channel and develop into a culture.

Those tribes viewed the scars beautifying the body.The "scar tattoo" activities may start as a child, celebrate adult rituals, symbolize strength and courage in the first month of the day, so even if it hurts, they will try their best to stop crying, as they cry out and are insulting to the ceremony.Culture teaches them: "At this moment, you must be proud of the wound". If you show bravery in the ceremony, that is the honor of the entire clan.As a result, the scars have become an external feeling of identity, and the more women bear the gaping wounds, the more they are praised.(Extended reading: stare, scars, dedicated to you )

who are at the age of marriage also leave scars tattooed on their stomachs. They believe that only through pain can they become mature enough to take on a true woman of another life, so the scar on the belly of the woman indicates "fertility." Men especially like women with scars on their belly, and it is also a symbol of "sexy".(Sibling: A woman with a small belly is actually the sexiest thing )

Today's Africa is influenced by the times, and many of the traditional concepts follow, even where the ritual is prohibited. Many of the older generation still have scars, even if the tattoos are out of date, but they cannot deny the significance of their older generation. We must remember that they had been courageous in times of time.(Recommended reading: One thing only proves one thing for 3,000 years: this era's women are the main things )

You may be wondering why these women are allowed to harm them?In fact, there are still many women in every corner of the world who bear the beauty of beauty, and South Africa believes that the beauty of underage girls is a painful and cultural pain in the United States through "circumcision" (circumcision of organs) to show chastity.Think about this way of achieving beauty through "pain." Maybe not only in remote corners, but the landscape of the environment that affects the way we look at it, and it doesn't hurt.Laser whitening doesn't hurt?In the past, the beautiful pain of the Chinese tradition of the little feet of the Vidores and the bellows of the Wei-Doria era?

Each era has its own way of looking at women's beauty, and beauty has passed through a number of times in the history of the past. beauty of the pain is not worth it. It is not so proud to be arrogant. Only the person concerned can decide, and the people cannot make a decision.As we believe, every woman can choose her own beauty, but we hope that that path is happy, comfortable, and does not need to be resettled.You love your freckles, you love the shallow scar on your body, you love your mother's natural paper, and you love the wild, like the summer sun.(Hey, honey: Woman, it's a beauty that is more beautiful it is )

You are beautiful, I know." I want to say this to you, because you are the only one in the world, because you smile, you feel, you breathe, and every part of your part pulls the world's delicate and wonderful flow.Don't let the third party tell you, "You are beautiful," and we all know that. I hope that one day, women will be able to take away from their cultural gaze, and that the world will have a broader view of the beauty of the world.From then on, we are all beautiful.

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