Eileen Chang said: "Because of love, so compassion." Because understand, so tolerant. "I hope you can turn your eyes to yourself and focus on your happiness."

I'm so used to Taipei.

The coastal Highway is a typhoon before the strong wind and drizzle, a burst of howling Shaw, I feel a little afraid. The right is not the end of the sea, the left side is the shadow of the dark clouds, ahead, is the boundless expanse of the entire film . There are no other locomotives along the way, only sporadic gravel cars, and constantly overtaking the passenger car. Bad weather, no one will like us to ride on this seaside. "Nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be afraid of." "These two days, about listening to K said a few times so, riding on a very dangerous seaside, we can only use our own way to brave." We don't want people to see through it. (same field Gayon: you don't need to always be strong: Five ways to face vulnerability )

I know K is afraid of the heart, he will not say. At night he repeated in the nightmares of reincarnation, he will in the bath to endure the sobs of quiet tears, he will be in front of me said I do not hate, he will be in front of them interpretation of "I am very good." No one was born to play fine, but to avoid the drama of the trailer, we play the greatest strength performance: "You go." But after he was gone, he thought about you before he left, convinced himself that he said, "I love you, but I can only love here." Anyway, I don't want to admit that he doesn't love you so much.

this evening, we drank a red wine and went to the sea in the outer Bay. This sea, I and countless people through, but no one can stay down. We squander youth, like the Sea of the scenery, that tread on the sand footprints is the evidence of love, but the next wave comes, quickly wiped out our hurried tread. ( extended reading:"Back to light Sonata" director Chanxiang: "Over the youth line, so that life more publicity impact." ")

and I finally understand, why we really warm and real pain in love, but can not go down. "Love is not just gazing at each other, but looking in the same direction." Our world is very small very absolute, when "Have you enough" into "Without You I will die", this can not show how much you love a person, can only see how selfish you love yourself. Most people can't love a person more than themselves, but why do you have to live so difficult after leaving? (Recommended reading: the highest state of love: I love you, not with you )

Just want to tell each other: "You see, I am suffering for you, my life because you want to destroy, look, with guilt alive." "As long as his heart and your shred, no matter what form, all good."

Lacanian Psychoanalysis Jacques Lacan, a French psychoanalytic scholar, was quoted as " Mirror period theory ", all the other people, are our mirrors, we also perceive ourselves through other people, that the ego chooses a mirror as a template for satisfying desires, and when the template is punctured by reality, the ego will re-establish another ideal identity according to the template, and this evolving idealized identity forms the world we perceive. 。

The imagination of love, most of the time is your subjective, you for the ideal of him, once traced the future, build more versions of the lie, to fulfill the ideal of love, but you really do not want this love? Or do you hate to be hurt? (Extended reading: a step closer to the right person!) Five things to do after a breakup

Most of the time, you just don't feel good about yourself. In front of this sea in Australia, K said: "I am afraid that one day I am good, will lose everything and his connection." 」

But that kind of relationship is unhealthy, we like to use too cruel way, said cherish this thing, perhaps, we are really afraid, those who care about the people, love time, there is no longer a day. So love to beyond recognition, love to me through you, love to me even think of good memories are unbearable, love to finally one day, he kissed your soul's lips, to cherish others.

I do not want you to pretend that you are good, I do not want you to keep the relationship with him as a reluctant friend, I do not want you to laugh out of nothing. Can, you shed tears, then in the heart frankly accept oneself, accept oneself because of love of the ugly idea, accept oneself actually is selfish, accept oneself not brave. Be kind to yourself, even if you still have fate, please leave the future of the day, now you, is not suitable for so reluctantly sad. (You'll like: the psychological way to break up: to admit to the end, to embrace the beginning )

This day, I finally understand K and others are not the same place. You can look at the sea for a long, long time, like you can see the time of one thing. I did not ask what you think and think of God, for there are some words that are only suitable for the sea to hear.

"Say good-bye to him," said the man. "Pointing at the unseen night," I said.

I close my eyes, "About I love You" to sing to the sea, thinking, sand, bury our dead day, the sea, over his those who say not export pain bar.

Good night, the one we loved so dearly.

"You hug, not always also hug you, and I want to say, who is not a pity, to squander and cherish the same thing." 」