She, with "comrade" and "dead" label, accept the visit. She campaigned only for the anxiety of "Taiwan, there is no time for us to grow old".

Graduated from the law department of the North China and Taiwan University, Miao Boya passed the first half of life is generally the eyes of the "Life of Victory Group", but after graduating from college she has gone an irregular road, in the new political party "Social Democratic Party" under the Recruit, elected legislators.

Only 27 years old, with such an excellent background, why should she choose to join a small party with no money, no resources, no fame? To tell the truth, to Mioboya such a condition, she can choose to be alone, to "a person" of the brilliant future, rather than in the political big dyeing tank, to seek "majority" invisible future, with full of questions, we visited the Social Democratic Party of the legislative candidate Miao Boya.

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In the course of the interview, the Miao Boya always has a firm eye, and there is no doubt in the tone of the sincere, and her talk, we found that in the emerging political parties, and entrepreneurial process is very similar. Always first catch the ideal, again, desperately thinking about the survival of the problem, in the eyes of others seemingly "stupid" action, for the sake of the "Want of the Future" open that small possibility, and the future of this process is cumulative, not between the moment can change. (You will also like: the gentle philosophy of a strong woman: listen to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

"What are you thinking about at the age of more than 20?" Confused about what? "In the beginning, facing our problems, the answer to the Miao Boya completely presents her different, at more than 20 years old this stage is not to own life as the first consideration, but has been thinking" Taiwan this country to go where "she, think Taiwan's future is the most important thing.

The word "future" is completely different for fifty or sixty-year-olds and more than 20-year-olds, because what they do now is related to the real life of younger generations. We do not want to have the longest working hours in the world and the salary is disproportionate ; we do not want to climb up to the social expectations, but find that the children are not happy at all ; we don't want to work all our lives, but we find that we can't afford a house. We do not want some people to be taken for granted outside the marriage and not have the same choice as those "ordinary people". Everyone wants Taiwan to be better and can no longer be what we call "ghost", but the direction we move forward is a collective decision, where everyone has to find the right place to play and work for the life they want.

"What will happen to Taiwan's future?" "There is no real answer to this question, and Mioboya wants Taiwan to be a country where everyone has equal dignity." The politics of this matter, not to the fate of a few people to master, so from the polls to the election, everyone can use their own way to fight for their most desired life.

Overcoming the limits of the process, like a hole, God helped you open a window from countless small holes, all the seemingly fortunate, bright, desired results, in fact, are not passively waiting for fate to you, to be steadfast to walk with their feet, and we see the Mioboya is let us see this "hole" toughness.

"Taiwan has no time for us to grow old."

(Photo source: Miao Boya Miaopoya)

Mioboya After graduating from university, unlike the general law students on the high salary of the judicial state, after working in a law firm for a period of time, she chose to the new company when the law, and later at the invitation of the abolition of the death Union, she served as a legal director of the post. At the beginning of the visit, we asked Mioboya why her choice was so different. Mioboya admits: "I have never wanted to be different from others, everything is a natural choice." 」

For Mioboya, the experience of all these seemingly different traditional legal people is the process of accumulating time. She has never deliberately arranged her life "unconventional", after graduating from college in law firms, but also the general legal people will walk the road, and other those seemingly different footprints, are now on their own liking for the walk. In the work of the Death Union, at first, Burson was only a volunteer in the organization, but later, because the alliance needed a legal background to invite her to work together, then at that time, the Miao Boya asked only three questions: "Does this work mean anything to me?" And I have the ability to do well? Will the job be better because I'm involved? "When the answer is yes, Mioboya will not hesitate to move towards change."

Miaobo 's answer, let's find out what's special about her is that when she arranges her life, it's not a matter of "fame" or "wealth", Mioboya says: "For some people life planning is a luxury, and it is possible to breathe out of real stress every day, Where can you care about things outside of yourself? And because I was a small minority of resources, I do not need to open my eyes every day to worry about where tomorrow, the most can change the space. Everyone needs to reflect on where they are, especially those who have a vested interest in me, to think that the choices they make will naturally exclude certain people. 」

Born in a middle-class family, the Miao Boya, although not the dignitaries, but also never worry about money, and she never thought that reading is a difficult thing, so all the way from the north of a woman to Taiwan's major law department. For the Miao Boya, do not need to struggle to seek resources to survive themselves, but should not seek personal self-interest, but to find a better future for the public, so that more people can live the life they want, because the process of choice should not exclude the happiness of most people, so that a few people trample on the bodies of others, To seek the maximum of their own interests.

When the SPD convenor, Fan Yun, asked the candidate for a bid, she thought of an annual leave, like the work of the abolition of the Union, the campaign is not for the money, nor name, she asked herself the same question, for her to stand for the most important key is "Taiwan, there is no time to wait for us to grow old." 」

Now Taipei's housing prices are the highest in the world, young people do not want to marry, must work overtime to the liver, in order to future health to advance today's pay, Taiwan distance everyone has equal dignity is very distant, and politics for now she is the necessary battle position, So in the end, the indomitable obligation to go to the election. (Extended reading: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes )

Politics is no use but ideals.

In the case of Burson, politics is not something that can be quickly achieved, from now until 60 years later, in fact, depends on the current political. 20 years later, what kind of day would you like to have? Like the SPD slogan: "Politics is about living a better life." "The hope is that politics is no longer a minority benefit, but can make every ordinary little people, can have their own big dream, live their favorite life."

The SPD, the only political party in the current election to take a left-leaning position in the political campaign, said directly: "Because the two parties in the economy, only the right and left side of the gap, never really stood with the street people." "The political idea of the Miao Burson is to stand with the salaried class, but it is a pity that no matter which political party is in power, the government is moving closer to the consortium, presenting beautiful economic growth data every year, but figures such as GDP never truly reflect people's lives, and people still have no sense of the so-called economic recovery.

Mioboya the SPD: "With a cliché, the SPD is not blue, not green, the third force." "The SPD is neither blue nor green, nor, as some groups seem to have no party color, it is the flanks of the two major parties." In Taiwan's national positioning, the SPD believes that the new generation consensus has never been unified, this is not the same as the Kuomintang's stance; on the economic front, the SPD has to stand with the people, which is obviously different from the two parties, and besides the national identity and economic policy, Taiwan now needs labor rights, pluralistic society and gender equality. (Extended reading: is equality between men and women enough?) From a different man in the feminist class.

For the SPD, the people's desire is not much, but also is to be able to live on equal footing, enjoy work, have a nest, free love to love people, but such "happiness" in today's political environment, but it seems extravagant.

(Photo source: Social democrat Face book )

In this way, the ideal of "let the average person live a better life", so put into the Taipei City Wenshan District legislative elections. Wenshan District is the Kuomintang party Whip Rais constituency, has always been regarded as the iron Blue ticket Warehouse, the last Rais in the pan-blue Division of the case, still include more than 60% of the votes elected. We are curious to ask Mioboya how to choose such a difficult constituency? Why not choose a more easily elected constituency and get into Congress before you can really achieve the ideal?

Mioboya first smiled and said: "For the third force, there is no easy constituency, only difficult to select and very difficult to choose two kinds." Then she showed a consistent firmness of expression, the SPD's original intention is to pursue the people's equality and dignity, to reverse the myth of numbers and rankings, so that with the street to stand together, she wanted to from the childhood, the most familiar with the place, Mioboya never felt in order to get the congressional tickets, There should be a speculative move to the hukou, and in a simpler constituency, the election is just the starting point, and she wants to have a long and deep constituency rather than a strategy for an election.

"I will try to prove to Wenshan District voters that I am a better choice than a traditional politician." He said with a solemn expression. She believes that she and the SPD need to create a new possibility in 2016, offering a new option to voters, because she believes that not everyone is very satisfied with the performance of the KMT commissioners, but because the local electorate has not found a new trustworthy option, And what they can do is spell life to win. (See together: We are the masters of this World )

"The only thing I've identified with Fan Yun before the election is the determination to win, what's the use if it's just preaching the idea?" he said. "Mioboya that the patience of the electorate is limited, if the third force cannot do its best to prove to the electorate that the next ten or twenty years, we still think that the vote for the third force is a waste of votes, will make the electorate can not jump off the traditional blue-green frame, the political imagination is scarce, and more indifferent to politics.

Fearless comrades and the "label of the Dead"

Mioboya this election, is considered the biggest controversy is her "comrade" and the death penalty adopted "repeal" position. For these sensitive labels, the Miao Boya is very calm, when we asked her if she would be afraid of the loss of votes, Miao said firmly: "I have not been hiding my identity, in the future will not change their position for the vote or hide." 」

For Mioboya, the label is a social identification of the inevitable behavior, what they can do and must do is to know what the voters are thinking, and then in the way voters can be accepted to communicate. To abolish the death penalty, every voter has a different focus, and some voters will worry that a felon can be released on parole after a few years ' imprisonment, but the reality is that after the law is completed, a 25-year sentence must be served before he can apply for parole. Some voters are worried about the rising crime rate, but the data also show that the death penalty does not deter major crimes, but it often causes miscarriage to happen. (Worth thinking: The key question behind the abolition of death: Can we not be held responsible for the choice?) )

Mioboya bluntly, the abolition of the death penalty position is not the only option for voters to consider. The inability of the populace to accept the abolition of death is, in some ways, a myth. At the end of 2014, the Professor commissioned the research center to do a poll, and in 2000 interviews, there were indeed 80% people opposed to the abolition of the death penalty. However, the questionnaire also developed a different situation: "If given an alternative, do you support the abolition of the death penalty?" "In favour of abolishing the death penalty, the ratio is as high as 70% when appropriate alternatives are available."

The crux of the dispute is whether there is another way to deal with crime is safe and efficient and trustworthy? What the Miao Boya has to do is to find the crux of the voters ' concern and to communicate with the voters in a proper way, not because he is not the victim's family, but because he has no empathy to want to die, but after rational thinking, it is a good choice to abolish the death penalty.

I'm the one who bleeds and makes mistakes, not God.

In addition to the "gay" and "dead" labels, the SPD has also recently been questioned by the party's primary system, allowing the female Li Yanji, the chairman of the group, to stand for the SPD, and the identity of its powerful offspring may be in conflict with the SPD's idea of standing with the people.

In this respect, Mioboya said: "We do not because Yan's father is a capitalist, that it can represent her entire people, but not to let her run, it is important that her internal ideas and ideas with the SPD, she used to fight for the gay partner adoption rights, against women's transit news tornado, The public hearing in the legislature is a way for the SPD to strive for equality in marriage. 」

Knowing that voters remain highly sensitive to the status of dignitaries, the Hmong want everyone to test their behaviour and behavior over and over again. It is easy for her to make verbal promises now, but one-sided goodness and ideals are not the solution, how many politicians have promised a better life to the voters, and then jumped the ticket? On the political road, there are too many bad possibilities. (same field Gayon: from "21st Century capital" stand North Mayor election War: Why do we hate dignitaries? )

"Just as I have always been a very ordinary person, we all imagine the shortcomings, will also be bleeding will be sad, girlfriend will say that I have a bad temper, there will be their own desires, I have never been God, there will be mistakes may be, so I very much agree that the politics is to test this matter. "said the Miao Boya.

The SPD, which wants to really stand with the people, is more cautious about voter testing. When the legislators of the big party are afraid to offend the powerful, and are not bound by the public opinion, and are bound by the party, the SPD is not afraid to offend anyone's baggage, but also Mioboya think the third force compared to the most valuable place.

At the end of the visit, we asked Mioboya to give the reader a word, she smiled a bright smile said: "I hope everyone in the face of difficulties, believe that they can do it." Because it is this "believe that they can do" idea, let us be closer to the path of equality, each person's every strength is important. 」

Not afraid of their own identity and ideas and the mainstream is not the same as the Miao Boya, is let us see this "believe that they can do" spirit. She does not think whether it is too difficult, since the choice of the distance, then only in the wind and rain in the road. She did not think about winning fame, and since she was passionate about the possibility of change, she tried to convey her voice. She does not think the future is bright or muddy, as long as you love what you do, you can ignore the unknown variables. (Extended reading: Iron Maiden: More than one second, you can change the world's youth Tug-of-War team )

Like the phrase in the reversal of the future: "Countless choices determine our destiny." Every choice, every moment, is a ripple in the river of time. Enough ripples can change the flow of rivers, because the future is never a destiny. "This election is just the beginning, and Burson will continue to make holes in the future that she is looking forward to, until the window that God has opened for Taiwan really comes."