Do you remember the second "Super Starlight Boulevard" Li China young girls singing Taiwanese songs? She is a singer, an actress and a mother of two children.

What's your impression of Li China? 2007, in order to a singer dream, she ignored her father against, from the south of Taipei to participate in the "Super Star Boulevard." Although just a more than 20-year-old girl, she sang Taiwanese song "Tone" is very in place, all the way into the top ten. Even more surprising is that, thousand Nadia also in the drama, 2010 years after the film "Juliet" heroine, then blockbuster won the Golden Horse Award for the best newcomer.

This afternoon, wearing a neat cut of the body trousers, Li China appeared in the "Wow!" Chen Yijun "Preview of the scene, the face of the smile has never stopped, although tall, but not to feel any pressure." After a series of filming in the print media, Donna walked up to us, holding a small notebook in her hand, and sat down with a smile.

This is the first time I have ever met a person who is so serious about an interview that she has not only read our visit outline, but also used pencils to write a lot of ideas about what to bring to us in our notebooks. "Do not write down, afraid will miss the talk." "Thousand na This simple words, actually revealed her rigorous, the ego request high individuality." (Extended reading:"Do music do not make ripples, want to make stone" Music Man Zhong Chenghu )

"Acting, gives me a chance to walk through other people's lives."

The new play is coming up, so I'll ask Donna to talk to us about her first filming experience. thousand Nadia recalls, "Juliet", she felt that she was not acting at all. "Get the script, I found the heroine and I like, her growing family is also a puppet show, Ensemble." In the film, she risked the pursuit of love, for the hero to pay everything, really too like me Li China! I don't have to think too much, to be myself completely. "Maybe that's the way to be yourself and let her take back the Golden Horse prize."

Donna's father operating song and dance troupe, Mother is a singer, such a growing environment, let her fall in love with singing, and acting this road, originally she did not think of. "I was a bit flustered after the award," he said. She said so, but then she thought about it, and thanked God for giving her the opportunity to see her differently, and to find her more likely. "When I'm in a role I've never met or tried, I find that people have different ways of dealing with things and know that many people have different faces," he said. " acting, let the Thousand Na have the opportunity to tread other people's life, mining different ideas, after all, everyone can only live a life, experience other people's experience, is the actor's privileges."

In the new play "Wow!" Chen Yijun, who played the role of smoothies, in the play, in order to sit firmly in the position of the host, can be desperate, unscrupulous. She said that this was her first attempt to broadcast the news, although she had practiced many times beforehand, but still very nervous, NG 15 times more. "When I was shooting, I was really nervous. My mic is not in front of the chest, the result staff actually asked me to adjust the mic position, because my heart beat sound all the radio went in. "But she said that the role of smoothies to her, is a kind of happiness as an actress, because if not acting, she should not have a chance to experience this life."

Don't want to give up, you need to do

The question most people like to ask about Tina is, "Do you like singing or acting?" " for Tina, singing is their childhood dream, is completely no way to give up things, and through acting, she can experience different life." So, talking about this topic, Donna is very firm:

"I have no choice but to give up, and I will try my best to do the two things well." 」

This passage reminds me of the classic line in the movie "Fly on the Back": "If you can't give up on something you like, you should try harder to let others see your existence." "Singing and acting for the Thousand Nadia, is a precious dream, in the past few years in the showbiz, she did use the effort and strength to let everyone see the existence of Li China." When we walk in the dream halfway, there will always be some confusion, this time, perhaps with the same as the thousand Donna asked himself, "I have no way to give up?" "As long as you want to give up after how sad, it will be more able to lift the courage to move forward." (Share with you:20 years old, confused very well: don't give up for any lost to find the answer )

20-year-old collision with wounded, 30-year-old cherished and grateful

Just enter the woman 30 thousand na, have mature woman's self-confidence appearance, smile but also hide the girl's innocence. I asked Donna, think 20, 30 of their own, what is the difference?

"20 years old, I just feel that there is a dream good want to complete, so I just rush." and 30 years old, seems to be a threshold, let me feel that I should do something different, recall the past, but also a lot of moving. have met bad feelings, bad people, and even a lot of setbacks, but also a lot of people to help me. No matter what kind of thing, I am grateful, because it is those who have made the present I. "In front of the thousand Donna very seriously, very deep."

"Don't forget the original intention, cherish what you have now." "Is the experience of the thousand-na woman 30.

Talking about feelings, she said, her 20-year-old, almost all living for others. "At that time, love is constantly doing everything for each other, and then constantly think" why I have done so much, you still do not love me, or betray me? What is wrong with me, always not happy? "Then, always depressed in love." "She said," in the mean time is not enough to love yourself.

Looking at the front of the Thousand-na, exudes a full of positive strength and self-confidence temperament, it is difficult to imagine the time she was desperate for love. But a lot of people who care about Donna know that she was married at the age of 19, and though she didn't go down with her ex-husband, she still had to carry the life of two children. On the way to form a family, just over 30 not long before the thousand Donna, walk more than many women are much faster.

Hurt, pain, or love

I am very curious, the thousand Donna once had so many injuries to love, will it feel that a person is better? Thousand na answer, very without hesitation: "A person absolutely not, I think love is a necessary in life, absolutely can not lack of important link." Although it often let us setbacks, let us hurt, but think about it, because love, can let us grow how much? "She said, from the past to the present memory, love is indispensable, singing, acting feelings, also need love to provide nutrients."

I admire the courage of Donna, there are many people, in the feelings of devotion, mercilessly loved and hurt after, often dare not love again. Because the fear of the end, so do not dare to start, a lot of people because of this missed a good love and the opportunity to be loved. But in the thousand Donna body, I saw brave love courage, even if injured, also can give oneself into the sweet opportunity of love, however, the prerequisite is to love yourself first. (See together: love, is to have the courage to hurt )

"I'm always sharing happiness."

Thousand Na said, perhaps because of the divorce from the parents of the relationship, their own independent personality, accustomed to a person's life, and even a lot of negative emotions, have the means to digest their own.

"I will not share what is not happy with others, I will always share happiness." "Thousand Na said, when childhood has any not happy, even if is bullied, also will not say with the family, although sometimes may feel oneself is too ㄍㄧㄥ, but if chooses to speak out, she will have the more pressure." For Tina, the negative emotions to the people around, not to let her better, but to spread the force to everyone, see everyone happy appearance, more help digest her emotions.

Donna likes to make things simple and hope that everyone around them is happy. "I do not like the negative things in my life, even if there is, I have to choose the optimistic way to face." Because life is like this! How hard do you want to be? She said with a serious face, and I found that it was a very comfortable and relaxing thing to do in the same space as Donna, who spoke straight and true. When everything becomes simple, happiness comes.

I secretly found that one of the secrets of Donna's happiness was "simplicity." Most of the time, it is not others that trap us, but ourselves. When we are in a negative mood for too long, often prone to a dead end, into a complex cycle, can not go out. But when we can take apart the thoughts of their own, the mood is simple, you can from the sad sea, swim ashore. This is the simple philosophy I have unearthed from Donna, who herself has also said that it is the way women love themselves to keep their lives simple.

To love oneself is to have fun and cherish life.

Thousand na think, 20 years old and 30 years old love, the difference is in have no good love oneself. And I want to ask, what is the definition of the love itself, and how do you usually love yourself?

Tina said, sometimes feel that the society is a little cloudy, many people do not love the people around, also not enough to cherish their own. "I hardly ever play negative things on my Facebook books, often thinking about what I can do for you," he said. I am now a public figure, will be the attention of everyone, I would like to give a positive force, perhaps I sent a positive thing, there will be someone because of me to eliminate the negative thoughts. Even a little bit is good. "I had carefully slipped the face of Donna's book before the interview," she said.

in the past many setbacks and injuries, has been able to face all the calm, through the accumulation of life, the heart is full of positive energy, she would like to pass such things out to more people. So , speaking of the people who do not cherish life, thousand na mood suddenly a little excited, she said, often see suicide in the social news feel very angry. Because everyone will have setbacks and difficulties, perhaps at the moment what they think is very serious, but there must be a lot of people are suffering more than you hurt, should not give up because of this. Thousand Na said, cherish, treasure own life, is to love oneself. (Recommended reading: Psychologists talk about "suicide": they desire to be understood rather than denied pain )

"Let the things that you dislike become your habit."

About love of their own daily practice, she said, she is a very lonely person, eat, watch movies, shopping are accustomed to a person. "Will go out with the object, only family and lovers, other times I want to be a good person, compared with no pressure and burden." "I was amazed at the habit of Donna, many people were afraid of a person, and we were still lacking in the practice of solitude." But Tina said that she wanted to do too much, time is not enough, really rarely go out with friends to party.

"It's easy to say love yourself, but it's not easy to do," she says, "and she's not doing it right now, but she's still practicing in the days." She said, remember Shawn once said a word: "Let do not like to do things, become your habit." "The habit that she is trying to develop, and share with the readers of the female fans," she said, "Now want to drink 2000cc of water every day, exercise, early to bed, these three small things become a habit." All things are like this, if you develop a habit, you don't need to think about whether you like it or not. Let oneself become better person, give oneself more love, thousand na start from small place.

Baby, the sweetest load in life

As a young mother of two children, I asked Donna how different it would be to have a child with her life. "I myself feel that the child is a sweet burden." When you have, you try your best to protect and cherish, everything is the arrangement of God. "Speaking of children, Donna's eyes and tone is very gentle, sparkling."

"The first time sister (daughter) told me to learn piano, I thought," Music?! "Once in order to sing forward, desperate pursuit of the dream of the thousand Nadia, hear the daughter of music interested, heart is full of worry." She thinks that showbiz is too unstable, not hard enough, she said, looking back on her youth, very stubborn, very absurd, no one said to listen to. because want to be a singer and father quarrel fragment, will not happen to the daughter again? This is the worry of Donna as a mother.

"If the child insists on doing something, I'm against it, I really don't know what to do," he said. I can understand my father's mood, but also feel like to do their own really passionate things. "The identity from daughter to mother, thousand Nadia's mood is very contradictory." thousand na full of mother, confide as a mother's mood, I looked at her, I feel very moved, is how the persistence and perseverance, can let thousand na miss the children, but also in the showbiz so overworked work environment glow fever?

Although speaking of children, is a lot of worry, but the last said: "In fact, nothing is okay, as long as the health of the healthy grow up." "Such expectations, is the most sincere desire of all mothers." (same field: Gayon, Chen Anyi mummy): Teach children to go the best way, not the best.

Positive optimism/stubborn stubborn, the most authentic Li China

I asked Donna how to describe herself. She said: "Positive optimism, stubborn stubborn." I am a as long as has the beginning, must make the thing to be good person, washes the head not only to wash half! "I secretly asked Tina is not a fire sign, she smiled and said, yes, is Sagittarius." "I'm still practicing, and maybe I haven't done it well yet, but it's something that needs to be learned step-by-step," he said. She said, "be responsible for what you choose to do, and bite your teeth."

I smiled and said that Donna really is a very blunt, very insistent person. She said, it is because of this personality, and dad have so many disputes, but since the decision, want to do the best, these years down the father although there will be some worry, but compared to the past, but also relieved a lot. I saw a very strong sense of responsibility from Donna, and she had an idea of her life, like a straight line, or even an arrow with a clear direction. Fell, with optimism to climb up, and then stubbornly go forward.

Li China, you can do it!

Tina said that she played a lot of roles, she is a daughter, sister, mother, lover, actress, singer, many different roles in life, she wants to do their best to play well. Even in each role, there will be a different personality, which is the real Li China. Body and as a person, we will always have some difficult times, but see Donna in various roles between leisurely swim freely, still can maintain so positive attitude every day, suddenly feel, we also need not too much ADO.

In this afternoon, in the short hour of meeting with Donna, I got to know Li China again. She is very dare to dream, very blunt, but also know how to carry the weight of their own life, want to do a lot of things, but will not be so missed, so-so. In front of her, is the most encouraging the existence of people, she seems to have been telling everyone: "Li China have done, you must do it!" "Life, there can be no setbacks, but as long as the optimistic face, frankly accepted, we can be their own life victory group." May the positive energies that I share with you today, and with me, be delivered entirely to you.