An interview with the actress, listen to her talk about the new play "Full Moon wine", the gay mother of the most real struggle, as well as circuitous but sincere love.

It is the common memory of the Taiwanese people that the name belongs to ya lei.

In those years we loved the classics, all have her figure. "Misty Rain" in the Lu Yiping, "diet men and women," smoking a romantic Liang; "Double Happiness Feast" was in the dark silly mother, "Orange red" in the house, "home in Taipei," gentle Feng Shuyuan, to Asia not only took four Golden horse actress, more definitely can afford the title of a queen.

And to meet the night of the interview, she just ended Little Yan has about the notice, we in the Café Corner, she unhurriedly the struggle as a mother, when the woman's happiness, actor's story told me. She said she loves insipid, she said with the husband so understand the happiness, she said she played to go, every time to really.

I feel honored to hold my breath, she looked at me so kindly, so humble, she said, "little girl, yes, I am," and I think of my mother.

I am a mother, to understand the child's love

In the new book "Full Moon Wine", to the Asian Lei also play mother.

The child is a comrade, want to find surrogate pregnant mother borrow abdomen to have son, so mother also followed busy out. Watching the play in the two quarrel between mother and son, try to understand each other's love, think of our love for the people, sometimes also so outrageous and outspoken.

Generations of estrangement, will love follow far? I asked her how to figure out this role, to play the mother who did not understand the gay but also the child? "I'm just a mother," she said, with a consistent gentle smile. "She looked at me with a clear eye:" There was something wrong between a mother and her child, and she met her. Children bad, do the mother will find ways to help, but Ah, comrades are not ill, that is the child's love and choice ah. "(Recommended reading: Apple CEO Tim Cook's full text: Proud to be gay )

"This problem is difficult for the mother, but what can be done?" To face to accept, this is his son. "I see as a mother, try hard even if difficult to grope for the love of the child, gay love, completely outside her world system, strange as Nonesuch, she does not understand and do not understand, but for the children she does not evade, this is mother's pride and gentleness."

The mother, the real cute, to see her son and lover hug when she can not help frown, with a very roundabout way to love the child, she is not the atmosphere, she has struggled, she flows through tears in the heart still don't understand, but she finally told the child

"This is Mother's love, you love him, that mother does not quarrel with you, because mother also loved." 」

Next to the script, to Zheng know is director of his own story, first find the mother to talk about the time to hear the son out of the cabinet mood. "I was scared when my son told me I was gay," he said. I always equate the comrades with the AIDS patients, so the first thought is over, I'm going to lose my baby ... "to the mother of the confession, very naked, very helpless mood, perhaps the younger generation never thought of the huge impact, Zheng Mother finally choose to find the answer with the child.

I think of it in the movie, when she secretly drives and tracks the surrogate home, spying on her life situation, to think of this grandson in her belly will not be healthy grow up, the whole movie theater people laughed, think this Mother love good circuitous ah, I also smiled, laughing but feel why we can not allow mother to love it?

Any more, it's the way she loves her children.

So when the two sides glared at each other, accusing you do not understand me when you do not love me, perhaps we have not read the other party's love. Our love is so different, but still love.

In the absence of love, the real problem

1993, to double happiness in Ang Lee's "dinner" in the gay mother, 22 years later, time deduction, the same is gay mother, have a deeper problem to face. "Full Moon Wine" not only deals with gay issues, but also about childbearing and family, how do we imagine a home? How can we have a child? How to Live it? It's all a matter of real existence outside of love.

"The Full moon wine story attracts me, because it is as rich as life," said the lady. Some people struggle, there is the uncertainty of love, there is a collision of affection, also talked about the issue of foreign workers, I think it is every part of the scene of life, life is like this. 」

So those shocks are no longer just dramatic, and the mother-child quarrels in front of the screen are repeated in daily life, we accuse each other not enough to care about, we go only to escape, we use the way of resistance to love, watching the son after hearing the confession of the tears, we also think of their family, think of that seems to never cross the line, A world that is hard to understand.

Return to the performance of the life, the mother's struggle and helplessness are moved to the table, the film's "protective cover" disappeared, to give two of the world an opportunity to honestly, if love is inevitable with thorns, let us touch each other's wounds, to understand each other's love.

"Comrade, a few decades ago, I can not imagine ah." She smiled and said, "in the Double Happiness Feast", I was foolish to stay until the last time I found out. The idea was not in my world at the time. "To say many parents ' voice," there is a scene, I watched the son shed tears, in the mind: "You selfish, have you ever thought of Mom's mood?" 』」

When I grow up, my mother's hobby becomes heavy for a moment, when the protagonist of the mother does not keep up with the times, blame her disrespect herself, we think of ourselves have been selfish, want to use their own world to replace the mother's world, pretending not to see her love real, but also blame her on the end of that bowl of hot chicken soup how untimely.

When those we do not want to admit, the same struggle, was moved to the big screen after a full walk, tears and laughter do not hide, we face together, your dissatisfaction with my dilemma, we honestly admit that not as imagined to understand each other, but we are willing to understand.

I saw the gentle possibility of shaking hands with two generations through the performance of the return to Asia.

Take off the "gay" frame, we're talking about human issues.

In Jolin Tsai MV "not the same and how" in the play with the gay partner 30 years of Zhang Shuyue, this time the performance of the mother is not familiar with the gay love, seemingly conflict role play, for the return to Asia, is to explore the subject of human. (Recommended reading: The true picture of gay love, love, have blood and sweat )

"For me, I didn't think I was going to play" comrade ", I was playing Zhang Shuyue, I knew her, I was her. What is the difference between putting yourself in a role and taking off the "gay" frame? To the true feelings of the Asian lei. Think of each other for more than 30 years of people, ah, in front of the hospital to arrive but a hurried distant cousin heartache.

At that time I felt pain from the bottom of my heart and asked heaven without words. I can not solve this problem, but I think the world should not be so. "For the return of Rachel, talking about gay issues is actually a matter for people."

To be nicknamed "Comrade's mother" by the gay circle, she smiled and accepted, and wished her performance to be taken away after crying and laughing. Children can understand that parents need more time; Can parents reflect on how they support and love their children instead of making them like themselves?

"I know a lot of parents do not accept, trying to convince their children will one day be" normal ", or constantly blame themselves" what did I do wrong? " "But that's the question, what else can you do?" Did you spell it with him? You're not going to live, are you? You're living a lie? "said to ya," a lot of things have to face to solve it, this is the knot between the hearts of parents and children, but the knot must be solved, or live much pain? "The world's parents do not love their children, but we can use a more simple way to love, to understand the child's life." "There is a circle of wisdom in the words of the word, when love is taken off the definition, but more free, we want the same kind of" later ", Have you have me. (same field Gayon: anti-gay couples moved to the scene of the Rainbow Siege )

"So you say gay issues, I think I respect everyone has the right to choose and love." I wish everyone the freedom of love. "To be sure, who said it must be gay to support gay love?"

"Full Moon Wine" faster than the current situation in Taiwan, and began to talk about IVF and surrogate pregnant mother, we witness in front of the screen children after the birth of thousands of children, the child cry, son and lover hug the newborn daughter sweet a kiss, we feel that all ordinary but precious. Should we deprive anyone of the freedom to be so happy?

When I was an actress, I lived a lot of life in the script.

It's nice to talk to ya, she's always serious about your problems, and then she answers slowly. Let's talk about acting again. When she starred in the Santhio of "Misty Rain" won the most young actress in Taiwan's history, back and forth took four times Golden Horse, the performance of what the taste, to the Asian lei talk about acting but always modest, honorifics is a good screenplay, Director Good, cooperative actor good. (same field Gayon: Golden Horse actress Chen Lichi dialogue record: the export of life, with pain to exchange )

"Being an actress is a great thing, I've learned too much," he said. "I never regretted being an actress," she said, raising her head with a smile. Over the decades, I've read more than 200 plays, hundreds of different people, and I've lived a lot of life in the script. 」

"So I used to laugh and say," actors, that must have been short-lived. Because they go through too many people's life, not as long as happy not painful, all kinds of life have to experience. "All over the drama of the soul of the return to Asia to laugh about their own play like stability, probably the most vigorous days are in the play," I do not want to be colorful, I like the day insipid own sweet taste, that is the blessing. 」

"For so many years, I still think the most important thing in actors ' acting is" true. You use real heart to play, that kind of thing to live. Like in the "Full Moon wine" in the make-up remover, I was really sad ah, false is not true. 」

So she can play Wu Zetian can also play Liang, so she can be gentle also vigorous, every play is she took the sincerity to exchange.

She leaned over and asked me how she felt in the full moon wine. She smiled and said that she did not want others to see the feeling, "Ah!" is not the high mother in "Double Happiness Feast"? "Already is the actress, to the Asian Lei still constantly review their performances, insist not to play the same play, do not copy affixed, always better." What is more dedicated to each time as a new practice?

The most romantic scene: I pour you a glass of water, you pour me a glass of water

Love a person, is a lifetime to join hands to old still can sweet say: "I think I want, he has." "won the Golden Horse movie Queen of that year, to the 22-year-old, to marry the Zhang Mengqui, half of the marriage, talk about the husband, to the whole of the human soft."

"For me, romance is not a feast of flowers, but perseverance, but consistency." "To Rachel Sweet share with her husband's way," I think the most romantic scene with her husband, he was tired, I poured him a glass of water; I was tired and he poured me a glass of water. For decades now, we also like to eat two people in the nest chatting together, so happy. "There is a child on the face of the baby, the romantic do not need to seek far, in every day you look at me, I look in your eyes." (Recommended to you: Nine secrets of a happy marriage )

We talk to the child, home to the children of the family to get along like friends, she let the children know that the world will always be a good place to sit aside to listen to you, and then give no reservations on the true analysis. "I choose to be friends, and I want to know more about my children in my daily life, and I will never find out which day we know each other." 」

But in her, I saw the perfection of all aspects. She was not greedy, she yearned for insipid, but she walked steadily every step, carefully painted a happy circle of their own.

Return to call me little girl, this evening we are close to the distance, she sat in front of me, or three-section actress, but not afraid to let people see her willing to ordinary appearance. I think this is the true bearing, not anxious to let the world see you the best appearance, but choose to hand over the most honest yourself.

Learn to be humble, learn to listen, learn to walk out of your usual world, and learn to subtract one by one of the crown from your body before you can face yourself. To Rachel, for me on the life of such a class.

Mother's Day, take the hand of their mother, to see the film together.