Many people ask, "which pair of high heels can run so fast?" "Let the heroine run is never a designer shoes, but as a woman's pride."

After reading the Jurassic World you have a kind of exclaim: "The heroine wearing high heels running hundred meters faster than the Tyrannosaurus rex." "This woman is the elegant leader of this theme park, she has a beautiful wind with a perfect arc of the fringe, a elegant white suit, a pair of ankle small stilettos for her toe, lift chin, Yang proud."

When the reporter asked the "Jurassic World" heroine Blaise Dallashova (Bryce Dallas Howard) running in the jungle wearing a pair of high heels is not uncomfortable? She replied: "Compared to barefoot in the jungle shuttle, high heels is definitely a better choice!" 」

High heels shaped "backwards heroine"?

Yes, it seems excusable to say this pair of high heels on the topic. Character Claire (Claire) in the film is a typical iceberg beauty, go out to have a list, do not drink tequila, all things stress data, solemnity let the male lead to say to her: "You are so, I do not and you date a second time." "Such a woman is like the general us to the female director of the imagination, they seem to be bound and soft to do cutting, posing a strong shelf?" When Jurassic World was released, audiences criticized that Claire had molded a stereotype of female impressions and even criticized her as a "backward heroine" who pointed to a key piece of evidence-high heels. (Extended reading: Expressing vulnerability is not shameful!) The dismissal of the editor-in-chief of The New York Times )

The audience said that the girl who was running in the jungle with high heels was ridiculous, mocking a pair of high heels and winning the story of the Tyrannosaurus rex, she should not wear a fashion symbol in a wild scene. High heels on women's oppression, is the eternal topic, we from the following news, article title can be learned, so the society is how to advocate women wear high heels, and vulgar women wear high heels: " beauty almost every day wearing high heels women's toe valgus ", " Girls 165 wear high heels boys will have a sense of oppression? "," how to run all ok! That pair of high heels in the Jurassic World . " High heels, as if the woman is lethal and seductive weapons.

Eternal War: High heels for WHO and in

in fact, since 15th century this thing has existed, when the heels are only a slightly higher heel design, easy to ride when the feet can buckle the stirrup, especially the need to ride a man wearing. In the 16th century, high heels began to circulate among French nobles. Some say Wang Luyi 14 because of his stature, so please the Palace designer for him to design a pair of shoes that can increase the elegant momentum; some say it's Louis. 14 limited court Young maids always like to go out of the invention, he commissioned the shoemaker design a tricky shoes, to repair those who love to steal the maid. At that time, the tragic actor on the French stage wore a full-high theatrical shoe, and the shoemaker was inspired to create the thick heels. (same field Gayon: Take off the bra, take off the shoes: Gao Yanyi "foot binding" and #freethenipple)

The design of high heels limits women's freedom to act, which is the argument that many people lambasting high heels to imprison women. This can not be overturned, like the emergence of high heels in Chinese history from foot-binding began, when the man saw wrapped Bing walking tottering, need to be helped to meet the man to restrain women's action possessive desire. Those who sell high heels also say: "High heels make a woman's stride less, because the center of gravity is moved, the leg is upright, and causes the buttocks to shrink, the chest is very good, makes the walking posture rich charm, willowy charm." 」

High heels with women in the eternal War, from the feminist debate: in the past, we thought that the feminist rallies usually burn bras, pantyhose, and high heels, so as to resist patriarchal's desire and shape for women in such a drastic way, "anti-dominated, anti-binding" is the view of most feminist scholars in the old days. At that time, many people heard the word "feminist" to avoid, "feminism" is like a contradiction, foreign attack on the female body of the transformation and rights, internal system women's desire for their bodies and expectations.

In the face of these comments, Jurassic World plays the heroine's Blaise replied: " for me, high heels are a metaphor." I believe Claire is the kind of girl who can kick up her heels more comfortably than barefoot, just like so many friends around us. "" For me, the heels were a metaphor,first of all, I just believe that she's one of those women who say they and so much B Etter in heels. "

Running in high heels, that's what I'm capable of.

There's a scene in the movie where Owen runs through the jungle with Claire. Looking for the whereabouts of two nephews, Owen asked Claire to get in the car and leave the dangerous battlefield, she rolled up her wrist sleeves, tied up the hem of her soft chiffon shirt, and put up her waist to tell Owen she had to be here. I secretly expected Claire to take off that bulky shoe, but she didn't, Owen told her: "You just have to walk like a forest." 」

Claire was wearing these 3.5-inch heels, running faster than the male lead in flight, and when the hero turned to pull out his hand to take Claire's son, she flew away. I think the heroine must have a subtext: "I wear these stupid shoes, let you see how fast I can run." " It was Blaise who chose to keep the heels because she was convinced that Claire would do the same in the story," she said. Because high-heeled shoes are accompany her to go on countless battlefield partner, just now battlefield from the meeting table with big bosses, turn to live live jungle. That pair of heels, probably the most embedded and the curvature of Claire's feet, the most suited to her running speed, the most understanding of her need for gas field support when she gave her strength. So why can't she run through a Tyrannosaurus in high heels? Why can't she have a fashion symbol and be tough? (Recommended reading: three words to the reader: women are not the same, why force us to do the same? )

As a woman, I have the freedom to build my body image.

In the past, we saw "matter" as a consolidation of patriarchal monsters, a sharp weapon that kills a woman's body; We talk about fashion is not to vigorously reject high heels, plastic body clothing in the women's body opened the war, materialization of women and body autonomy in cosmetics, slimming issues have been discussed, began to have a younger generation sworn to the body's autonomy, Frank sex of two-way desire, strive to dress up their own space. Just like in the movies, Claire will still choose to run in those high heels, because that's what many of our friends will do. We do not outline women should use high heels to perform sexy, professional, amplifier, but in this modern age you can not deny that many women collect high heels is to meet their own desire to decorate their own. They claim: "Ask feminism to give me the right to build a body image." "No longer discuss how to get rid of male domination, but openly admit:" Yes, I love fashion, I like beauty, I also love myself. 」

Freedom, it should be that you have any choice to express your rights without being oppressed by contemporary theories or other people's eyes. Not the choice of weight loss, high heels, it means to promote men's control of women, commercial power to the erosion of female bodies. Freedom is whether I wear flat shoes to go out, or wear high heels to go out, at the moment I step out of the doorway, I will not be any voice exhort or frighten me to have what kind of body image.

in foreign media In an exclusive interview with Blaise, the daily BEAST , she responds to the "High Heels topic": "High heels are always considered an obstacle, and at the end of the film we see the heroine still standing on those heels, even wearing high heels, to cross the barrier, She ended it all with strength. "" The thing that would have been considered the biggest to handicap for her ultimately ends. Being her. And that ' s those heels. I really liked that. "

She also "I remember reading about the feminist movement and words always told me that I had to act like a man in order to pursue equality," said the girl, who was standing in the mud wearing heels . I admit that it is a necessary process of feminist history . And now for me, we are at this moment, embracing the feminine taste, this is my best strength, is also the God has given me the strong. "I remembered reading and studying the initial ideas within the feminist movement. There is this idea with my parents ' generation ', the ' in order to find equality, a woman would need to behave like a man,th At seems to is from a historical perspective, a necessary the step or shift in perception, a paradigm shift,but I the Where We are now, for me, it's about embracing my femininity as my greatest strength, and a god-given strength.

High heels and flat shoes: beautiful and diverse women

When Claire was running high heels in the panic between a dinosaur, I suddenly saw a very beautiful woman, where there are love fashion women, there are women like wearing high heels, there is a woman for the family desperate, there is a woman full of muddy hair, makeup are crying flowers are still very brave to stand up woman.

To embrace a woman is not shameful, not to eliminate the dignity of feminism, but also should not be affixed to the volume label of materialization of women. As Blaise said, it was Claire who had the strength to win-even when she was wearing high heels. Wear high heels can walk in the runway, the conference table, but also in the wild atmosphere, messy grass. Blaise does not take off her heels because she respects the role that Claire is bound to make; Claire does not remove her heels because she runs in the way she is best at. Imagine what kind of woman you want to be , or just be the woman you like best. (Recommended reading: as a woman, we do not need to prove anything to the world )

Blaise in the interview. "She's a senior executive and she's used to being the boss, but it's not any of her most fascinating and powerful moments, that moment, at the end of the film--The Muddy girl," she says. "" She's a c-level executive-she is the boss-and that's not necessarily her most self. Her most empowered self is at the end of the film. finally her chest was muddy, makeup dizzy, hair also knotted, holding aloft the torch lure Tyrannosaurus appearance, save two boys a man, at the same time her face firmness, than lift chin pride more moving.

Feminism does not reject beauty and fashion; it does not negate barefoot or high-heeled shoes; it does not crowd out gentleness and strength. Because as a woman you must also know that feminism, in order to more diverse flow of the different appearance, live for freedom, for each of you to do their own.

You, what kind of way do you choose to run? Anyway, we all want you to run at ease:

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