"Herstrory", this May day classics by 10 female voice afresh deduce, reinterpret the woman's life.

Five months days, has been a lot of people in the heart of the story. Listen to the May days of people, from youth Victor's troubles became a beer belly of middle-aged uncle, from for lovelorn girl crying wet pillow to look back to the past indifferent smile, canthus along the years of intelligent wrinkles woman. May Day wrote many people like the dream of the song, after puberty, we sang loudly at the seaside, in the KTV tears, shouting, in the bathroom a person humming to cry. (You will like: Youth from cassette to CD: Every age has its own song )

Think of May days, what kind of story do you have in mind? "Suddenly I miss You" is ringing in my ear. It was the man who had been waiting for a night downstairs at your house; "Stubborn," you learn to live for yourself after the disappointment of the world, sing "End of Loneliness", you know that summer together on the graduation trip touring car memories have not erased.

These stories, guarding the hearts of all the gentle. The story of the 1997, the day of the 2015 and the May, became the memory of the Times. Once in a university lecture someone asked Ashin: "Which song is your own state of mind?" "The letter is this answer:" Write a song to who is very difficult thing, because it is impossible to complete the expression between people, too mysterious. Every song has my own, there are others, have you ever heard of androgynous? 」

May days of the song, has been androgynous, the man's sadness, women's tears, no matter who is heartbroken, listen to the May days can be relieved. So it's not just a man's story, it's a woman's story. This time believe that the music let the May days of the classic good song again by the female deduction, 10 girls, 10 herstory, listen to their voice flow out of the May day impression, you may find the different soft, not the same tenacity. Can you hear who "they" are?

"Female also herstory with mayday" can be said to be 2015 's heavyweight album, participates in the song production Zhongxingmin, Chen Jianjue, Wang Zhiping, Huangyi, Chen Jianliang and so on the King producer, as well as the Golden Melody Award design often wins the Army Nie Yongjin fencing album packing. " The whole idea of the concept of the main vision by the artist Luo Zhaonpeng, the cover of the painting on the female-themed dark aesthetic style, "I have painted many portraits of different faces, but I feel like I've been painting the same thing all my life, and I'm looking for the face of" the air that stares at the eyes of each other, "Luo Zhaonpeng said. Although it is a group of indescribable air, but that abstract empty, but contains a lot of rubbing and together in the "World", mixed with helplessness, joy, fear, jealousy, anger, love and hate Everything "human". 」

Listen to these 10 stories, 10 new life, also feel the world of Luo Zhaonpeng's world, it is sad magnificent beauty, gentle solid strength, is an honest portrayal of the woman's face sorrow sorrow, but also accurate and timely out of their soul deep. (same field Gayon: Lin Heart such as: Velvet Glove, is the most beautiful power of women!) )

it in the May days of the classic song, respectively by S.H.E, Qu wanting, linyilian, every family, Ai Yiliang, Leong, Deng Zi chess, Wei, Huang, Xu Jiaying The voice of the interpretation of the woman's story, the test of the ear power of the new deduction, you guess who sang it?

Then, let us reproduce the original sound of the May days of the classic good song:

Who said that women can not sing "off the surface of the Earth", we also have such a heart pop pop the crazy Jump hot moment, desperate to jump off the Earth's free and easy. Think of lovelorn lost the unemployed just want to and good sisters in KTV drunk hissing to the dawn of that period of days, in addition to tears, in the face of healing we also have a big mouth to drink, stride to say goodbye to the chic. "I do not want you to be a person" is the exclusive protection of the heart of love, is in you need a pair of warm hands, a certain look, a soft embrace, a shelter from the rain, don't forget to have me. Women are a special kind of life, we do not want to pay back the relative rate of return on investment, more often, because love dearly, women willing to shoulder the weight of the world. (Recommended reading: Brave, is their synonym: 20,30,40 Singapore's Woman story )

I don't want you to be alone in a sea of people
I don't want you to walk alone through the storm
I don't want you to suffer the cruelty of this world alone.
I don't want to cry with you forever

And when she hums "gentleness," in addition to the gentle and gentle, more resolutely declared: "This is my gentleness." 」

There have been such a time, you are so not back to turn around, who do not know how you turn after a runny nose a tear back to the alley mouth. Tenderness sometimes is broken, you can do that ruthless heart let go of the people, do that worthy of love and then give each other free. (You will like: a step closer to the right person!) Five things to do after a breakup

If you tell me you want a snow then I'll give you a snow
If you tell me you want to leave me then I'll say I'll tell you
I'll give you freedom

Let the woman sing the May day, May is always a most bittersweet season, the day is hot, the flowers are open, but still raining. Ashin once said: " very few one months, it is like May, it is always morning filled with fog, afternoon like the heat, the night wind is often cool as the water in the forest." For too many too many people, this May seems to be never past. 」

Let the woman sing in your heart of the May days, this will never past the season, inclusive of many emotions of the season. Together to hear the May Day concert people come and go, our hearts of the May days still.

"The same field plus" announced the positive solution, you guessed right?

Life has a kind of absolute--Qu wanting

Midsummer Light Years--Linyilian

Leaving the surface of the Earth--S.H.E


You're not really happy--Deng Zi chess.

I don't want you to be alone.

Like smoke--Ai Yiliang

Long Live love--Wei

A place in my heart that has not yet broken--Huang

Suddenly I miss you--Xu Jiaying