In recent years, the popularity of movies has spread, from the 2008 sea angle of the 7th, the boy, the ninth wind, to this year's Chicken Heroes, Cederkbar, the girls we've been chasing together, and next year's eyebrow heroic heroes.A lot of people feel that the Taiwan film is in the critical golden age.But behind this wave of Taiwanese movies, it is because there are too many movie people who never give up, and the renaissance of the Renaissance.The film has recently been released from a few meters of the film, not only in Asia, but also by the large-scale production of the international team of the United States, China, Japan and Korea. The exhibition is even more powerful. No matter whether it is in Taiwan or mainland China, no matter bbs, microblogging, Facebook, and many viewers, they have a lot of messages and tears.

A lot of people say after the [Hydra], it's finally [the stars].Director Lin Shuyu, through a gentle approach, slowly allowed the audience to feel the kind of cruel and hope that was brought about by growing up.But it also began to make many people wonder what kind of directors would have won numerous awards and thousands of international attention in the face of the "nine-year-long wind." And then, after three years, they would launch a new film.How can this director be able to film such magical colors, but let these fantasy and true colors make the same world feel all over the world?What makes people more interested, perhaps, is the film that director Lin Shu-yu has a different point of the time?

Maybe it's because Lin's books are a bit special.

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Lin Shuyu, 35 years old, grew up in the United States and returned to Taiwan to attend high school and high school. It's hard to imagine that the characters of the film can always be able to make a direct look at him. In fact, he hasn't been very good since he was young.Middle school only began to study Chinese in primary school, and went to junior high school.Originally, he was not a university entrance exam, but the main memory of his high school was devoted to his youth. He planned to go to the US first to go to the United States to read the book.In the first year of the university, the first university entrance was reached, and the new film system was seen.The first thought was, " Didn't you think that the university could read a film like that?Lin Shou-yu, who has been in the drama club since childhood, says that the three characters of the film show that the three characters don't think too much. "I didn't think of a math test, and I could go to college," says the director."

In the new film series, he was the same as everyone's youth. " At the beginning, the university was going crazy, and I didn't want to shoot a movie.It wasn't until his freshman year of freshman year that he had a classmate Ma (and now a documentary filmmaker) himself shot a short film to show it to the whole class. I saw that there was suddenly a feeling of “ "right," we came to film, and film." ” it's a youthful youthful proudly. Three days later, Lin Shuyu and his roommate wrote a script that also found a few friends to finish the script.This one was fun, and was addicted to it.Lin's books, in which he was a student, continued to experience the actual experience of shooting films, and learned the most practical problems in the course of these exercises.

Many people think that Lin Shuyu is a relatively fortunate director.The 21-year-old film was the best film in the Golden Horse Award for Best Film.For the first time in 2008, the Golden Horse won the Golden Horse Award for Best Screenplay, and the Shanghai Film Festival's Asian New Year Award for Best Picture. Not only was the award winning the award, but also the box office box office.Many people think that Lin's film is a natural thing to make a good-looking film.But forget the accumulation and wait that seem to be natural.

At that time, he just returned from the United States and wanted to do something related to the film." As long as it's related to movies, I can do it.At the bottom of the bottom, the director couldn't help but smile, "I went to the rental shop clerk at that time, but at that time I wasn't there!"He was originally a translator of the subtitle, and he himself volunteated to be a deputy director, and took a step step by step, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn.This process lasted for six years. Although he was actually writing scripts for the script, the director also embarrassed himself. " I think I was probably the only director who had never shot a public TV show, because I didn't have a script for the script!"

This time of failure didn't make him doubt himself, maybe he didn't have the ability to do it with talent, " so I thank Director Cheng for encouraging me when I was very interested in giving up."For six years, one year was really hard, and there wasn't any work, Lin's family recommended to school," but this year really made me realize that the film was really my favorite, and I wanted to do what I wanted to do."Fate is always a very clever one, and in that year he received the film's" A Patrol Sentenna ", allowing him to regain the confidence of" I can do this thing ".


[Hydra winds], many people were waiting for the next work of Lin Shuyu.But wait a long time to wait until [starkling]] I have a lot of opportunities or many invitations, but I've been waiting and I'm looking for the next part of the story that makes me feel."Even though a lot of people have given a lot of good evaluations to [Hydra], I think I still have too many things to be familiar with."So I've been practicing over the last three years, and every opportunity I've got is trying, and I've been preparing for the next film."

After watching [Hydra], I was moved by a few meters, and I was moved by myself to give it to Lin Shuyu, and invited him to become an adaptation director of the story." At that time I received a picture of a few meters of teachers, and I didn't think so much either.But when I saw this story, I had some kind of intuition, and it was going to be able to move my next film."I know it's hard, but I know it's going to be good, because that's also the story I want to tell you about."Lin Shin Yu, who has a strong youth who doesn't know how to fear, has been practicing for three years, knowing that he is ready to shine a different light on the "sky".

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" I'm a man who's going to think a lot and warm for a long time." I wanted to prepare things for a long time, so I was in fact doing it for a long time.It took seven months to complete the story of all the stories of the rice, and after reading all the pictures of a few meters, he made himself fully into the world of a few meters." It's a very delicate, very gentle, very micro-world.In the process of rewriting the script and shooting, he has not only re-established a few meters of detail and magical world, he also lights the star of Lin's book, "I attach great importance to the emotions and reactions that occur ” the “" are “ people ”.He also made the story of fairy tales more moving than others.And he was a little shy, and he said, " I wrote the script, and I fell in love with these characters.So at the end of the arrangement, he could not help but arrange an outcome that could bring hope to the audience.

[Starsky] How to make the magic coexist with the real world, without alienating the crowd, whether the three legs of an elephant, the exodus, or the disintegrating jigsaw puzzle, or the noblysis of a nod, are resonating with the emotions of the characters to make the viewer feel real.The director has not only attached importance to the character and story of each character's character, but also has exhumation of the unique emotions of each individual. Even the score has its own unique interpretation.

" At that time, many people suggested that you could look for a little bit more than a bit of time for a little bit of fun.I know that there is absolutely no problem, but I think there should be other things, but there are different ways of doing things.I've always loved the music of the post-doomsday girlfriend of the world, ’ the music of the post-rockers is a bit of violence and a little tenderness.And this is a kind of cruel and tenderness, which is very suitable for [starkling].What kind of film is it?A lot of people felt warm and many people felt some kind of gutty. Many felt they had some hope. Some people felt a bit of hope. We asked the director, "This is a film that describes a 13-year-old girl and how to hug the defect.""This is not a perfect world," he said. "There may always be a small piece of the puzzle, and life may always be a bit of a defect, but there is still a perfect imperfect."

From a few meters, read the adapted screenplay to the director to encourage and encourage the power.


In the course of your visit, you can feel deep that Lin Shuyu is a very honest and rational person to face his own.From the director's microblog, he saw his director notes, and he would also find that he always asked himself one question and another. “ What is “ Starsky ”?"How do I adapt it to make the “ Star ” and" Star " mine, but also a few meters?"What is the mood of the little girl?"Why are there so many questions?He smiled and said, "Maybe it's a habit of me."I think as long as we have questions, and I always find the answer, I can make more progress."

Very rational and highly emotional director Lin Shuyu, after finishing shooting [starkling], even asked myself, " What did I do for the film?Very honest, he says, " I actually suddenly realized that my life had been around for a long time, and in some way it seemed like I was making a film, and I sacrificed a lot of life.Perhaps like a little girl in the sky, he found that his life seemed to be missing a piece of the puzzle, and perhaps the audience was touched and shared, just like the jigsaw puzzle that Xiao Jie had sent back to.

He shared with us a message that gave him a warm message, and when we looked at it, it warmed up: "The sky is coming down, but I'm not afraid, Starsky is my baby, and I don't want to let more people share it."" Anyone who takes a serious and serious effort to do something cannot care less about its achievements and the box office at the box office, and more care and concern can make people feel more hopeful about these people.In the film, there is a saying, "Before you let go, you want to catch too much, and you have to tighten it.""Perhaps this is the best way for the director to make the best comments on his own work and always be the best one, always preparing for the next, and always treasure these perfect imperfectis."

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