Wong Kar-wai made the exquisite sadness, the pace of the times to go more slowly, a line may be a person's life criterion.

"I buy a jar of canned pineapple that expires May 1, because pineapple is the favorite thing of May, and May 1 is my birthday." I told myself that when I bought 30 cans, the relationship would expire if she didn't come back. --"Chongqing Forest"

There is always a time when Wong Kar-wai's pineapple can accompany you through the low ebb of the lovelorn, "Teddy Boy" in the clock with you to count the youth of the story, is Leslie take you through life of the "Spring", is "2046" in the Zhou Muiun take you never turn back the time train, is "a generation of master" with you look back at the lights dim, To regret lightly smile.

there is a person's play you never have to understand, do not need to clarify the story he said, he is Wong Kar Wai. Wong Kar-wai's characters played a full part of our lives, each scene said Inconstancy also laugh at the world. said that everyone's life has a Wong Kar-wai script is not too, because Wong Kar-wai never press this film, like life is full of surprises and missed. Then, read Wong Kar-wai's life history, but also aftertaste of those profound film. (Recommended reading: Wong Kar-wai's favorite!) Can not miss the 10 Hong Kong classic movie scene )

Carmen in Mong Kok: 1988, the world has one more movie legend

"There's a cooked meal in the kitchen, in addition I bought a few cups, I know, will be broken in a little while, so I secretly hid a, one day you need that cup, you call me, I will tell you where to put. 」

"Carmen in Mong Kok" is Wong Kar-wai's first personal work. At that time, Hong Kong popular shooting film, Wong Kar-wai also talk about gangster movies, but it is said a temperature of the lake story. in this work has appeared Wang's love to play the movie password: holes, birds, cups, cans, pondering the feelings do not want to say the private export. Wong Kar-wai to bring poetry and metaphor into the Hong Kong film, but also the streamer, gorgeous youth vanity for the dark corner of the gang injected warm color.

Wong Kar-wai film but not write the heroic formula, but depict the human nature of the wretched, timid nature , perhaps because of human frailty, love in Hong Kong in the dark corners appear noble. Love is like this, there have been several times the wrong body, several calmly reconciled, and after the curtain, only the one was hidden in a corner of the cup to maintain their concern. (You will like: leaning on the "massage" taste of Life Hundred states: Each invisible face is the epitome of love )

"The story of the Punk": Love Classics that Don't Love

"Number 16th, April 16." April 16, 1960 three o'clock in the afternoon a minute before you are with me, because of you I will remember this minute. From now on we are a minute friend, it is true that you can not change, because it has passed. 」

In the film, who also can not love who, but the eternal one minute, but lingering for a lifetime.

Wong Kar-wai film "Leslie" is from the beginning, if the Times to create a hero, that Wang Wei must have made half of Leslie Cheung. Teddy Boy in the inside depressed like lost, love like Lost Soul, play a section who does not love the story but reside into the era of love classics.

Wong Kar-wai's no script performance at that time caused the film Circle of the uproar, Carina Lau said in an interview: "There is a rub when and Leslie dialogue drama, I wiped 27 times, and the old oil floor, was I wiped bright and clean." At that time how I rub Wong Kar Wai is not satisfied, until the whole body fever, sweating, the hair soaked, at this time, the 27th take, Wong Kar-Wai said, OK. He told me, "I just don't want you to rub it gracefully, I'm smelling your taste and feeling your temperature." 』」

What is a play? I think the wangs know better than all the actors. What is more interesting is that Wong Kar-wai will leave a little suspense in the story, "punk" end of the movie, Tony Leung's silent appearance, and Tony Leung also appeared in the follow-up film story. The director repeatedly played with the structure of the story and the original , to break our experience, Wong Kar-wai's film, do not have to digest in the movie theater two hours, but a lifetime to put together the film and the intimate relationship between the film. (Recommended reading:"They hold on to the performance on the road forward" Yong Chuang Day Dance film Workshop of the first Taiwanese actress )

"Chongqing Forest": The Love monologue of city people

"I don't know when to start, there is a date on every item, the autumn knife fish will expire, the canned meat will expire, even the plastic wrap will expire, I began to wonder what the world will not expire." 」

What's not going to expire? Wong Kar-Wai wrote the Confessions of every Lone man in the city, writing about the fickle and lonely in the floating city. Besides, some people say that Wong Kar-wai is a romantic writer in Hong Kong the filming of Lan Kwai Fong and Tsim Sha Tsui Live, the city has a more meaningful story, Wong Kar-style aesthetics let Hong Kong City contracted the rich and gaudy color, "Punk boy" painted a strong condensation of blue, "Chongqing Forest" painted live light refrigerator color, It is like to condense love in the most beautiful moments of loneliness.

Wong Kar-wai talks about others stunning film aesthetics, just indifferent said: "Aesthetics is a bottle, the story is content, the two can not be separated." The purpose of making a film should not be to shoot a thing to make it very beautiful, it will not be beautiful, only the right things will be beautiful, must have a story as a carrier. (Recommended reading: everyone is a hero!) Tell the best Story of Life )

Only the right story, the image will be beautiful, I think this is why we side for the king of the film's screen, one side is fed by the story of the drunk dim.

"Spring out": The beautiful Love appearance

"Always thought I and Leslie not the same, originally lonely time, all people are the same." 」

Wang Jia Wei lens of gay lovers love rough also profound, a fist wave is violent possession, a palm warm hot cheeks is pity. This piece of Wang Wei no longer will be a complicated emotional line in a piece, concentrate on the Leslie and Tony between the cut clean also disorderly. Two men of anger, tease, uninhibited is the innocent and evil feelings, so slowly and day and night tore each other's soul. "Let's start from the beginning," Leslie, but their love drifted from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires, not to go back.

The film has two special worry, one is two people in the public kitchen again on the tango passion and solemn and stirring, they are like the kitchen transpiration of the hot pot, back to think of that part of the dance, the bottom of the bottom is only cold desolate. Another scene is Tony finally came to his heart of the world at the end, slowly monologue said: "I finally came to the waterfall, I suddenly think of Leslie, I feel so sad, I always think that standing here should be two people." (Extended reading: I have loved you without hesitation: Reread the little prince, put down the rose that had been watered carefully )

The most painful in love, also stay at the end of the world.

"In the Mood for Love": not get the most beautiful fleeting time

"If I had one more ticket, would you go with me?" 」

It's hard not to say "2046" when you mention "the Mood for Love" also write the yellow age of two works, the former said Sticky sound of infidelity love, intentionally or unintentionally wear the other wife's slippers, leaving lipstick-printed cigarette butts, the film Donna Mistress story written to the "2046", became the shadow of Zhou Muiun Heart, That forever regret by Wong Kar-wai placement of the duly affixed, Wong Kar-wai said: "So I created a place called 2046, where everything is unchanged, because in love stories, the most sensitive and the most caring thing is that you will not change?" Our commitment to the lover, not also repeatedly guarantee that we will never change, but you really do not change? Isn't it fun to start a movie from a lover's change and constant? 」

"The Mood for Love" and "2046" like two dialogues, echoing the works of Hong Kong novelist Liu Yixian, Wong Kar-Wai also said that the Zhou Muiun archetype played by Tony Leung in "The Mood for Love" and "2046" came from Liu Yixian: "It is the most enjoyable thing for the world to have a new understanding and to know that there have been Liu Yixian writers in Hong Kong." "Wong Kar-Wai said that the two films to the 60 's Hong Kong writers salute, they earn a living to write the so-called not inflow of essays, but also write their own mind of the real creation." (Director talk about creation:"Back to light Sonata" director Chanxiang: "Over the youth line, let life more publicity impact." ")

"The Master of a generation": In the dust, there must be a temperament

"All the encounters in the world are reunion. 」

All the people pat the Leaf asked is the Chinese martial arts, Wong Kar-wai has taken the forgotten martial arts, he said: "I saw a leaf asked the teacher died 3 days before the action video." He stopped suddenly and fought, and I didn't understand why he had to do it, and then he understood. There is a word in the martial arts: Remember, there must be echoes, there is a breath, point a lamp, there are lights on someone. He was hoping to pass on his things. "

Remember, there will be echoes, after reading "A generation of the master", the taste of the hearts of everyone. Master, each hand is the way of life, leaves asked the last still want to see the Palace two 64 hands, he wants to see not the martial arts legend, but a fate. They talk about feelings like a duel, some want to still, some want to hide, the need to beg for. Just wait for the heart to be trained a good kungfu not afraid of bitterness, the best also beg not to come back. No wonder Gang said: "Life without regrets, it should be more boring ah." 」

Wong Kar-wai with the tone of literati, said Taketo breath, with martial arts to lead the audience to see themselves, see heaven and earth, see sentient beings. Finally, in the face of all sentient beings, see the world of regret and calm. (Extended reading: listening to celebrities talk about "16 summers" regret Confession: Goodbye, another spring )

Wong Kar-wai to the exquisite, the pace of the times to go slower and more slowly, the fireworks easy to cold loneliness on the magnificent Lens language, the film's fetish more formed people to the common memory of lovelorn, a line may be a person's life criterion.

Six movies so far, your heart of Wang Wei Classic is certainly still absent, and finally invited everyone to write down the most profound in the minds of Wong Kar-wai, and we share your favorite movie lines, together aftertaste those years of the beautiful moment.

"The same field plus the map"

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