The justice of the comfort women, the grandmother, has not been served. But sometimes in mourning, dancing sometimes, we should see another story written by Grandma in life.

Do you know how long 70 years are?

How long is 70? 70 is 840 months, is 25,550 days, 70 is 613,200 hours, is 36.792 million minutes. 70 is enough for the magician of Time to turn us from a maiden to a grandmother. 70 years ago, Grandma had been as budding as we are, longing for knowledge, longing for love, longing for affection, longing for the future. But a group of grandma, in the age of their should be glowing, bear the pain of life unbearable ...

From grandma's paper plane to the song of Reed

In fact, the resistance of the comfort women is still ongoing. March 2005, Tokyo, Japan Supreme Court sentenced to the front of the comfort women lawsuit against the three audited 谳. What can we do for Grandma when justice has not been done? In 2013, 10 Taiwan University students and the Women's Rescue Foundation co-founded the "Grandma's paper Plane" comfort women International care plan, hoping to pass the image of a paper plane, the story of the grandmother to the world, let more people know, let more people pay attention to. This group of Grandma was 70 years ago, when the Japanese government in the Second World War, by deception or abduction, coercion and other means, to engage in "sexual services" of the Japanese woman grandmother. Each grandma is a witness of history, they represent a story, full of unwilling, wronged, as if only with tears to do all the story. (You can know more: The history of the comfort women should not be forgotten "granny's Paper Airplane" program )

(Photo credit: "Song of the Reed" comfort Woman Grandma's shadow documentary film release Plan )

But in fact, the story of the comfort women's grandmother is not only sad. A photo of the Wu Shujiang show director to see something more important than a complaint. In the photo, although the whole picture of the little peach Grandma was not seen, Ashin's bent eyes broke the impression of the director's feelings about the comfort women.

(Photo credit: "Song of the Reed" comfort Woman Grandma's shadow documentary film release Plan )

So, she used the "Song of Reed" this documentary, to narrate that a section of Healing Road, that a section of the grandmother with life to write a brilliant story. Reed, brought out the woman's extremely resilient face. She recorded the stories from 2011 to 2012 about the growth of Grandma's body-and-mind care workshops organized by the Women's Social Security Council in a regular period.

814 Global comfort women's Day

August 14, 1991, the South Korean "comfort women" victims Kim Ko-shun, the first to the world to expose the comfort women system, the Japanese women's human rights violations were made publicly known. In order to commemorate Kim Ko-shun grandma and to commemorate the courage of all his grandmother, the 11th session of the Asian Solidarity Conference, held in Taipei in December 2012, adopted a resolution by civil society groups serving grandma from the injured countries, which was August 14 as a "global comfort women's Day" and hopes to become a recognized anniversary of the United Nations.

You can do more than just cry

The journey of healing is painful, but you can do more than cry. A wound, you will first pass the coagulation period, then, you will face the wound inflammation, very painful excessive period, after the pain, your meat will slowly grow back, the wound will become smaller, and then formed an ugly scab. The scab may open at any moment, you bleed, and everything will start again. However, when the scab naturally falls off, it will be a newborn, pale pink skin, is the most immature place in the body. (Dear, we all know your pain: write down your pain with us )

(Photo credit: "Song of the Reed" comfort woman grandma's Light and shadow documentary film distribution plan )

Little Peach Grandma is the longest-injured grandmother. At the age of 19, on his way to school, he was taken to the Kaohsiung Wharf by police and boarded a Japanese warship to the south of the Indian Ocean on the island of Andaman. The young peach had thought that he had come to be a nurse assistant, and was forced to be a comfort woman in the end. During her time as a comfort woman, peach grandma committed suicide three times, but finally to see her relatives in Taiwan survived. 1945 Japan defeated, Peach Grandma in order to see the most love her grandma and father side back to Taiwan, but found that most love her relatives are not. Bumpy life, but did not kill the strong peach, Japanese lawsuit defeated, Grandma said, "the lawsuit lost, but my heart did not lose." Peach Grandma's dream is to return to the time of the students, because study is the happiest time of her life.

(Photo credit: "Song of the Reed" comfort woman grandma's Light and shadow documentary film distribution plan )

The Taroko clan Shen in Grandma is everyone's pistachio, she always with "old urchin" way to bring everyone joy. During the Second World War, three brothers were recruited to join the army in Nanyang, and Shenzhong was forced to become a comfort woman when he thought the Japanese troops behind the tribe had washed, sewed and cooked to supplement their family. Tribal strict concept of chastity, let Shen in the grandmother even be bullied also dare not say, want to commit suicide but also because of fear of the young children in the home no care and give up, can only silently endure. Shen's grandmother's dream is to become a postman, said to Alina, the Postman's work represents "ability" and "high stability", she is the lack of life and desire to have.

(Photo credit: "Song of the Reed" comfort woman grandma's Light and shadow documentary film distribution plan )

Show Sister Grandma is the eldest grandmother, but also the most curious, the most rich childlike grandmother. At the age of 23 he was forced to the front line for comfort. Line before, show sister Grandma was forced to undress in the harbor, naked to the medical examination. This memory, is a grandmother's life is difficult to swing the nightmare. Nevertheless, in the process of seeking compensation from the Japanese government, the grandmother, despite the tears, persisted in telling her story, and did not forget to thank the people who were willing to listen with a warm attitude. Xiu sister is different from the general impression of the elderly, she is very brave to try new things, young when there is no way to read and write is the heart of the show sister regret. So when she is old, curiosity is still very strong, always staring at the eyes of the people around the things, "Miss, hey, what's the rice?" "is also grandma's orthography.

Grandma's cheerful smile makes it hard for you to think of their past. However, no one is strong from the beginning. When grandma first came to the workshop, she was also faced with the attitude of indifference and distrust to the counselors and social workers. The purpose of the body-mind Care workshop is to give the grandmother the physical and psychological care and reconstruction, through interactive courses such as yoga, drama, art, photography, and group counseling, to help the grandma to accept the past pain and to learn to care for and respect themselves to the future. (Warm your heart:"Let the colors Speak" the sky, the Ocean, the universe: Blue is the most healing color )

The scar changes over time, or deep or shallow, but it always exists. From behind the scenes, you can't imagine how the grandmother who danced to the music, had fun and chatted with each other and played games had suffered so much. Yes, the justice that belongs to them has not yet won, but it is more important than revenge to live in what manner.

Dear you can cry, but at the same time you learn to embrace the pain, embrace the world. The most important thing is to hug yourself. (Same field Gayon: "audio and video" Can give me a hug?) There is no disguise behind the embrace of love )

The sun will always rise

I was a child brought up by grandma. From an early age, I think Grandma is the most powerful person in the world! Originally the opposite of the adjective in Grandma body became a complex: both strong and gentle, super have a sense of justice but also as if can accommodate the world so good and evil, my grandma. See the movie trailer of the grandmother, let me think of my grandma, think of all the grandma in Taiwan.

Look at the story of grandma, for their past feel distressed, feel indignant. But more emotion, is pride. See their flexible vitality, see them use their stories to the world to spread courage, spread love, spread hope, see their firm faith, with both hands to try to regain their own justice, see them gradually accept themselves, love themselves, and strive to let life glow of pride.

Because they tell me, after the deepest night, it will be the dawn. We should always have the courage to stand up for ourselves.

The song of Reeds, a record of Taiwan's comfort women, will also be released in the 8/14-day Tianquan. You are welcome to come with us to witness the story of the grandmother, together see Taiwan's strongest gentleness.