While busy, don't forget to go on a little date with your heart at any time.Because of the ability to have the autonomy of mind, you love yourself a little bit more every day.

In the morning, from the bed, the first lazy waist began.You walk to the bathroom, brush your teeth, wash your face (or you have ample time, you open the faucet and use a shower to wake up the sleepy eye of the day).You wash your face with a facial cleansing bubble, and after the towel is printed with a towel, you lift it up to the mirror.I don't know what you're looking at.At the same time as the behavior of independence, is your mind also sufficiently self-reliant?

Mind autonomy: My heart belongs to myself

Dear, no matter where you are, what kind of situation you are facing, don't forget, your heart always belongs to you."Mind autonomy" is a kind of state of mind: your heart is soft and pluralistic, but it is strong enough to face frustration. It is a true freedom to truly face oneself, love yourself, and make your heart truly free.

Here, we are warm to recommend your five little exercises of autonomy, with five choice apps, to love yourself, and to let your heart go free.

Practice one: Be honest and listen to the bottom of your heart.

Dear, we will definitely support you and face your true feelings.Whether it's good emotion or bad emotions, it's your heart to talk to you, please hug your emotions, your heart.If you feel a little bit embarrassed by yourself, you can try to put your emotions in the music.(Recommended to you: Embrace the real yourself!I'll give you the strength of 20.)

This APP is your best friend: Spotify

(Picture source: Spotify Music ; Support: Android , IOS )

Spotify, let you select the right song sheet based on your current mood.And it's the power to recommend it, and it's going to make reference to the music that you've ever heard, the focus of attention, or the singer, to automatically recommend you to a similar song, so that you can find out more music that fits your interest.

In addition to listening to music, Spotify can give you more: You can interact with your friends, discover music together; you can sync your music dynamically, distribute it to other social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.), and share with friends from different circles.

Now, with Spotify, try to listen to the most authentic feeling in your heart.When you are sad, don't be afraid to cry, make some sentimental music, you deserve a good cry. Don't be afraid to be happy, and immerse your ears in sweet songs, and let happiness continue.

Exercise 2: All-inclusive and diverse perspectives and peaceful coexistence

The world, at the same time, has a variety of voices, so it can move quickly to the new era.Similarly, when you face this world, you can look at it with a richer angle, hold a different point of view, and you will not be easily constrained, and your heart is free.

This app is your best friend: TED

(Picture source: T ED ; Support: Android , IOS

The TED Conference is organized by TED, a non-profit organization founded in the United States in 1984.Each conference, TED invites outstanding individuals from different fields to share their experiences, perspectives, and stories.Now, you don't have to travel thousands of miles away, and you can use this TED APP on your mobile device to watch the TED Conference anywhere, anytime.The TED official APP currently includes 1,700 TEDTalk films and voice, and will continue to update speeches every week.

Dear, waiting for a car, when you're free, open the TED video classification menu, pick a topic of interest to you!Listen to the diversity of speeches from all over the world, so that you can have different new knowledge and ideas. You will find that the way things are treated is more and more liberal!

Exercise three: The need to

The ulterior motive is definitely not an abstract term or slogan!The eyes can help us see the images and fragments of things, but with your heart, you can dig into the deeper meaning of the situation.Like the little prince, the fox tried to tell the prince:

"This is one of my secrets, and it's a simple secret: one can only see everything you can see through your heart.""

You can cultivate regular reading habits, build your own opinions, and look at things, and help you to face problems later, you can "use your heart" to see the problems in the problem, to be closer to the core.

This APP is your best friend: Women's fans read W READBAR

(Picture Source: Women's fans read ; Support: Android , IOS )

My dear, female memes have always been with ulterior motives.Every day, when you open up women's fans, you will receive our most heartfelt greeting.We have chosen seven good articles every day, hoping that you can absorb the nutritious text anywhere and anytime, and use a diversity of viewpoints to supplement your day's spiritual food.The favorite articles are collected, the exclusive use of Wlub points, concretization of your wisdom, and our collection of gifts, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and

The power of a woman is deeply believed in words, so that we are the tenderness of your tenderness.I sincerely recommend you, seven good articles every day feeding their own women, and we provide a pluralistic perspective, so that you can also see true beauty in your heart.(We have an ulterior motive: Put the text temperature in your palm!The Six Promises for Women

Right!Shake it, there will be a little surprise with red blush!

Exercise four: Let's go, and learn more about the world

Dear, no matter how busy your life is, you can still schedule a time for yourself to plan for a trip.Travel, the length of time, the distance, the distance, it is a process that allows the soul to be sensitive to everything.

travel destination is not a location, but a new way of looking at things.— — Henry.Miller

Open the five senses!To feel the breath of another piece of land, look at the people there, at the pace of life; when they face the same thing, their attitude and perspective is different from what you have.Let's go!Free your vision and let the soul breathe deeply.(Recommended reading: Travel, which is the way to learn more about your own )

This APP is your best friend: TripAdvisor

(Picture Source: TripAdvisor ; Support: Android , IOS )

TripAdvisor already has more than 100 million visitors' comments and comments.You can look at the traveler's comments and travel information on TripAdvisor where you want to go, explore the local tourist activity, explore the type of food that you want to eat, search for a suitable restaurant, and help you find the best hotels and airline tickets.Of course, you can also upload your tour comments, photos and videos!

Do you worry about no networks?You can download more than 300 city maps, reviews, and save to your phone in TripAdvisor.Leaving aside the heavy weight of travel books, the concerns of the Internet, and your heart, you take your trip and go on your trip.

Exercise 5: Initially, the reason you are here for the end of the reason

Dear, we understand that at some point your heart may be somewhat lost, and perhaps even begin to wonder whether you are on the right path.So, the fifth exercise is to take a deep breath, think about the initial self, and then the pure heart of the moment, find out the direction that your heart would most want to go.

This APP is your best friend: Monument Valley MONUMENT VALLEY

(Photo Source: i DigitalTimes ; Support: Android , IOS )

Hey, relax and take a walk to Monument Valley, together with Ida in the magical dungeon of the dungeon, find the peace of peace in the heart.In the game of the Monument Valley, 3D buildings collide with geometric figures, each of which is beautiful as artwork.And, in the Monument Valley, every note has a soul, so we suggest you use it with headphones to feel the journey of Eda's journey in search of the road.

The game does not have a clear set of stories, and the developers want every person who comes to the Monument Valley to take away their own stories.And, once again, they reminded the last sentence of the official introduction:

n't forget your heart, always.

Last, cherish the sense of the spiritual autonomy process

Dear, what new growth and experience do you have in this journey of autonomy?As you become more and more aware of yourself, and start building your new perspectives on things, we hope that your efforts will let you know how to love yourself more.The journey is not over yet. Please appreciate the feeling of the quest for spiritual autonomy, and continue to walk on with the lifting of the head.We want you to take your own attitude!