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7/24: The child buys the reading dream before the vending machine

What else can vending machines offer in addition to beverages and snacks? In the United States , the children of the Hong Kong Special Zone can be free to read the dream.

They just walk to the front of the vending machine and press a few buttons, and there's a book popping out of the inside.

This is the plan that JetBlue launched in 2011, and they believe that reading is a power to achieve life, from the beginning of the child's change, reading can become the child 's other eye, Don't let the child's curiosity about the world have a deadline.

As Malala July 12 at the World Education Summit, "the global spending on military activities for eight days is equivalent to a year of schooling for children throughout the World ." A book is a better investment than a bullet! It is a book, not A bullet, that can pave the way for us to peace and prosperity. "

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7/25: Her dream transcends the boundaries of the sky

July 25, 1984, the Soviet Union's Savitskaya left the seventh -gun salute too empty station, for a 3-hour extravehicular activities, completed the mission safely back to too empty cabin, become the first female astronaut walking in space.

Savitskaya like flying since childhood, and the sky knot bond. As one of the few women pilots in the world, she bravely made a record of the world--a unique and glorious challenge for men in the past. At the age of 22, he won the world champion of the piston plane. By the age of 24, a licence to drive 20 different types of aircraft has been licensed.

For Savitskaya, the sky does not seem to be big enough to display all her talents. Since 1980, she has been selected as a Soviet astronaut and has started a world record in space.

Savitskaya in just three hours of space stroll, weight loss of 3 pounds, visible the hardships of the spacewalk. Every time I talk about this record- making thing, Savitskaya to reporters: "We are never sex, women are no worse than men, why can't they surpass men in their achievements?" I am always amazed at the question of women being asked whether they are fit to go into space. 」

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7/26: "Stone wall" release, freedom is to step on the blood and tears come

German director Roland Emmerich, who directed the film "Independence Day", "After Tomorrow" and "2012", recently announced the September 25 release of the "Stone wall". This film is adapted from the real events-the "stone wall Riots" in New York, a pointer to the history of gay equality.

The so-called "stone wall Riot" was a spontaneous violent demonstration at the stone Wall Bar in New York City on the morning of June 28, 1969. At that time, the police inspection led to the occurrence of the rush. The stone wall riots were identified as the first time in American history that comrades have resisted serious discrimination in the justice system.

The stone wall riots made June a month of Pride Day celebrations for gay people around the world. Every year in June, the New York City Gay Pride Parade is to commemorate the campaign.

Because the director itself is also homosexual, so many people expect the director to film the same sex love for a long time deeply discrimination and persecution of the voice.

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7/27: The man's fetish with the inflatable doll

When it comes to inflatable dolls, we always attach the stigma of "curtilage", "Change " and "freak" to such lovers.

And Benita Marcussen, a photographer from Copenhagen, chose to use lenses to capture the men who lived with the inflatable man for a long time without a strange eye. "Men & Dolls" series is a gentle photograph of her, MarcusseN hope to let more people who repel the lovers, see the Lovers ' loneliness and real feelings.

These inflatable enthusiasts, some married, some divorced, some unmarried, Some couples died prematurely, and some never with the real world of women to establish a system. Although they have different external and background, but in the hearts of the same desire to love and understanding.

For the inflatable doll to buy clothes, take care of their living, these lovers are sober and truly love the illusion of women. Her existence not only provides the vent pipe of the primal sexual desire, but also satisfies the psychological demand of the emotion.

The lovers are not different from the ordinary people, they are like the average person, are afraid to lose, and look forward to hug. Can face a huge fear is not brave, the real courage is to bear the loss of ownership, and find the strength to settle their own hesitation. In the practice of erotic flow, may we all be free in any case.

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7/28: Transgender man, Caitlin, a reality show for responsibility.

"If I have any responsibility for this society, I only wish I had done the right thing," he said. 」

The phrase comes from Caitlyn Jenner's series of reality show "i Am cait", a trans-gender woman who won the gold medal at the Men's Olympics, at the beginning of the first episode of the show that looked particularly fragile and painful.

Caitlyn Jenner has been quite fortunate compared to many transgender people, and she has been far removed from the gender anxiety symptoms shared by many transgender people because of lack of funding and medical care.

But such Caitlyn Jenner, because of the unfriendly society to transgender people, still reveal the idea of wanting to commit suicide: "My life was very dark, I put a gun at home, thinking that as long as I buckle the machine, I will not have more pain." 」

"I think I have a huge responsibility because I have more resources than the transgender people who can't speak," he said. "caitlyn Jenner said it was his intention to make a transgender reality show"i Am cait".

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7/29:honor abuse--a woman's captivity.

Is fire punishment a way of defending the family's reputation? Honor abuse often occurs in South Asia, where the family punishes her by burning the skin to punish female members who have tarnished their reputations.

Janet Guest, a hospital medical staff at the University of South Manchester, has been involved in the vocal activity of women since 2010. The beginning of all this was the fact that she had seen a woman in India with traces of burns, all of which were designed to control her husband's activities.

Such "honour violence" as honor abuse, in addition to South Asia, such as Ah Fu Khan and Iran, is also a pain in the way of "talking to Boys", "makeup", " And friends go out "and so on, as long as the family is not happy, then small things will become the reason for punishment."

Every year July 14 is the anniversary of the honour of the victims of violence, and more women are being hid in their homes, "I will do my best to fight for the women and girls who are victims." "janet Guest firmly said.

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7/30: #justiCE for Hanna determined to reverse the community rage of rape victims in Ethiopia

Last October, Ethiopian girl Hanna Lalango on her way home from a bus ride. Threatened by the passenger's bright knife. The 16-year-old girl was kidnapped by five men.

Hanna was taken to one of the kidnappers ' homes, in the next few days, she was imprisoned and repeatedly gang-raped cruel treatment, finally the kidnappers dumped her on the street, HAnna was found when the whole body was scarred, was too late to hospital, not long before the declared dead.

Cases such as Hanna are not uncommon in Ethiopia. The rate of sexual assault against women is the highest in the world, while the Gender Equality Index (BMI) is the international partner of the last seat, ranking 128th in 148 countries.

After reading the news in the newspaper, Bléna started launching #justice for Hanna on Twitter, which soon became one of the 15 hottest labels in Africa in the 2014. People are no longer indifferent and decide to act to reverse the future of women in this country.

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