Founded in 2009, Frandé flange Dai, the lead singer fresh voice is not forgotten, into a regiment in just 6 years has accumulated a lot of fans. In fact, Farande members of the team is very strong, are the band of front-line musicians, together to understand this is suitable to accompany you through the sadness of the orchestra .

"Why do you start playing music, probably because the first came to Taipei, when the age is very small, boyfriend playing music, want to stay in the same world with him." "In the corner of the witch shop, Frank had a glass of whiskey in her hand, and the whole person was buoyant and humming like a vocal practice from time to time." Frank said that he is a downright romantic person, and I looked at him, only that he was full of Reiki, in the other three older male members of the smart and soft existence, so that I in the first time associate with the image of Jin Yong's pen Guo Yan.

Founded in 2009, the Frandé of the Flange Daisy Orchestra , music always gives people a sense of psychedelic electrical, the main singing orchid voice is very light, very ethereal, but very full, into the regiment 6 years, Frandé experienced several member turnover, now members by the drummer Meng, bass hand Zhe Yu, the guitar hand Jiangjiang composition , three people in addition to Frandé Play Regiment, but also is the tizzy, Bac, the wife of the musicians; Frandé lineup, very dreamy. (Extended reading: straight hit!) Frandé, the lead singer's untouchable private zone.

The guitarist Jiangjiang, the main singing orchid, bass hand Zhe Yu, drummer Meng Proverb

Farande Heart of Farande: we just exist

"In fact, it is very common for a musician in Taiwan to have two or three groups in hand, and for me it is a kind of practice, and I am here to do what I can't do there and do what I can do there. "said Zhe Yu. Each orchestra will have its own style, in order to Frandé, Zhe Yu and Jiangjiang later joined, so their most important topic, not to create a certain atmosphere and style, but the style has already existed, must try to integrate, put themselves into the orchestra. Jiangjiang in and Frandé running-in now a lot of painstaking effort, he said, guitar is a comparative rock music instrument, but because frandé to create the feeling of electrical, let him spend more time to imagine and try, how to use the guitar to present and simulate electrical sense.

During the initial creation of the group in the member Meng proverb, that Frandé in his mind is a very imaginative orchestra, a little strange, but not difficult to close. He would stagger the use of electronic drums, real drums, to repeat, tile way to present Frandé electrical style, although it is easy to give people " Cold "feeling, but will not lose the lovely, seemingly conflicting concept, manifested in fact and no Shong, and the light island music for him is a constant flow, and full of human flavor style, and frandé very different.

The voice of Frank, if it is to be classified by the most universal values of the secular, should be a very healing voice. But do not know why, often in listening to Frandé, it is easy to make me a kind of lingering shallow sadness, for a long time, I have frandé classified as: If you do not want to fall into the sleepless night of sadness, then, late in the evening. So, I asked Frank how to see his music?

He did not give me a positive answer, only said: "There is no special hope to show how people feel, perhaps some people listened to be comforted, perhaps someone listened to more extreme, maybe someone listened to love a person, everyone will get different things." We just exist. "just being, pure presence in this place, the Frandé is only responsible for making music happen, and the people who listen can take the part they need.

The process of creation, privacy, and peace.

"Not really want to say what/you want to go don't look back/I never how gentle/I think you also understand/See in your eyes/I still remember"

The creation of the flange, give me such as water general soft feeling, also definitely is negative, like a girl's whisper whispers, sometimes ambiguous tenderness, sometimes complain about temper, sometimes jealousy eating taste, sometimes arrogant to pretend that nothing cares. Frank said that for him, the creation is a very peaceful and calm process, most of the elements from life, maybe he is also a friend around, he will go to write a diary before the creation of songs, 70% write is not the current thing. (Recommended you see: dormant seven years of music power!) Orange Grass Orchestra: Creation, is the process of self-dissection

And about the negative characteristics of the orchestra, the flange is agreed, he said Frandé is a very Niang orchestra, they also enjoy when a girl, for him, the girl is able to tolerate all, and strange existence. "I like to be a girl, reincarnation in the next life also want." According to history, now the boys to do more and less things, not as the 18, 19th century, the gentleman as the responsibility of the major, but the girls can do more and more, the future will certainly become better play. "As a woman this matter, the impact of the creation of a lot of frank, women all sensitive, delicate nerves, all in Frandé songs are clearly revealed."

"Writing makes me feel like I've done something." Because of the usual case, or other things, or even cooking meals, is to live and do, only the creation of this thing let me really feel what I did. "Not for the sake of food and clothing, but simply want to do, but also enjoy the process of doing this, so that the creation of Frank, true real field is a" matter.

And what do the league members think of the creation of Frank? Zhe Yu said that he felt that Frank wrote things are very private, they are not very good to interfere with those works, unless really think that the writing is not well, but that thing usually does not pass the flange of their own, will be eliminated first. Jiangjiang also said, he will not go to ask about the creation of the flange, but sometimes, some songs in writing out of the present may not be the imagination of the arrangement, we must first put in there for a while, and so inspiration to deal with.

"If there's one thing you do well, it's destiny."

And speaking of the team to bring them setbacks, four people actually seem to be very open.

Meng said that he had a very want to give up the low tide period, when the group scattered, so that he immediately lost the center of gravity. But he said, later felt, in fact, the group is easy to have members of the coming and going, even if so will continue to go on. "If there's one thing you do well, it's destiny." Remember that everything is a process and God has a perfect script. "Meng's speech is very philosophical, he cited the film" Unstoppable Miracle "(that is thing you do!), for example, the orchestra in the film is in fact the epitome of all orchestras, if the true love of one thing, will find export.

At this time, Zhe Yu head down and said: "Encounter setbacks, is no money, and then save money, save money, and then try to make money." "Frank and Jiangjiang smile agree, they all think, do their favorite things will need to have a choice." This whole no money, save money, save money, the cycle is to music as the driving force, in order to continue to walk on this road, you have to endure some discomfort, do some may not be so fond of things, but life, is not so? Not everyone is lucky enough to win all the winners. (same field Gayon: wake up the child in the heart!) Quarterback: Music, play until the day is not moving

Speaking of the music, I asked them if they did not play a group, to this "destiny", the most likely to live in this world? Frank said that he cooked a good dish, should be a snack shop owner; Zhe Yu can not give up the work related to music, want to work in the record line; Meng said his most likely way out, is to return to the mainstream road to Zuko selling liver; Jiangjiang Leng A moment, only said that they never thought, also dare not think about this problem, Because he didn't want to leave any behind for himself. Music in their lives, is already difficult to draw the boundaries of existence.

Frankie, cover you, four songs to sleep with.

My time with Frandé is actually not long, within one hours but chatted a lot. This day at the Witch store, they're about to perform " I'll cover you I'll Cover you! "The penultimate performance of the small tour, one hours before the opening time, the shop has been lined with long dragon, the final ticket can not buy fans, but also to use the scissors to decide who will enter the game." Frank said, this time I cover you i ll Cover you! "tour of the concept is mainly cover songs, in fact, Frandé ordinary practice regiment, very often cover songs to train the tacit understanding, but also like to use Frandé own style to give a new interpretation of the song.

At the end of the interview, I asked them to recommend a song for everyone. Frank chose the "Good Sleep song", he said, this is his most commonly used to comfort himself and friends around the song, whenever you encounter setbacks, you must listen to this song, Meng recommended "King Kong", I hope everyone can have the courage to believe in their own strength, and Jiangjiang's favorite song is "cordial", not specially made into the studio, Surprisingly good effect unexpectedly; "Sweet-scented Osmanthus Alley" is recommended by Zhe Yu, He said this is the only one recorded in the album of the cover song, I hope you can release the sad mood in the song.

Private Overweight! Farande's word question and answer time

Say a word about the meaning of music in your life:

Frank : A bit annoying, a little frustrated, but still a good favorite thing. This is the way to keep this life.
zhe Yu: Music Is My life.
Meng Proverb : Sunshine, air, water.
Jiangjiang : No way to divide the open, I am the music. (The other three people laughed and said it was rampant)

In a word, please describe the image of the flange in your heart:

Flange : Sissy Orchestra
Chul-Yuk : The band of Frank "Band"
Meng Proverbs : A band to listen to every day
Jiangjiang : Evening, early morning to listen to the orchestra

In a word, tell me the way you are facing sadness:

Flange : Cut vegetables, preparation, recently fascinated engraved seal (if the seal ink is very strong is very angry)!
Chul-Yuk : Play cat, listen to music, take a ride alone.
Meng Proverbs : Music cooking, very healing.
Jiangjiang : Walking, walking home from work place. I don't know how to ride a bike before.

Interview PostScript:

Jiangjiang mentioned riding a bicycle, the other three people were stunned, the reaction is very fierce, originally Jiangjiang is a not riding a bicycle, the sense of balance is very poor, four people had to ride a bicycle, but Jiangjiang stagger figure let them from then never invited him to ride. Meng Proverb laughs most exaggerated, said he still remembers at that time Jiangjiang huge but shaking figure. But Jiangjiang said that the recent date with his girlfriend riding a bicycle, slowly practice seems to be able to get started, think of the picture seems to be quite romantic, at least on the bicycle, the Jiangjiang may only stay in Frandé memory. Come on, Jiangjiang!