Starting at the age of 5, 20 years ago, she went from Taiwan to Japan and became the first chess player in the Japanese women's go world with three women's titles at the same time. She is a Sheil, with a not to give up the arrogance of the Vietnam War more Yong, she said: " every game of chess win or lose , is to become better himself ." (Recommended reading: woman fan CEO and chess Zhou Junxun to talk about: The game of life, learning to "lose" the gentle style )

"Go all out , not greedy win", the last time we and chess Zhou Junxun Profound interview He left this sentence full of suspense, we invited the trip to Taiwan sex celebrities to talk about the outcome. She is the first in all Japan arranged sex qisheng, sex, sex celebrity 3 titles all Crown King-Sheil. From the Taiwanese chess player to the Japanese professional go world to get the most titles of women's chess, this road she walked for more than 20 years, learn chess from childhood, under the strict discipline of the father Sheil even once want to give up Weiqi, but in her life blueprint lost Weiqi like lost navigation without direction. So this road she only Vietnam more brave, this day Wei Xuan and I through the phone and the ocean on the other side of the Sheil chat, talk about her victory and defeat Heart, not to give up, also talk about Weiqi in the way of life.

From Taiwan to Japan, fewest 20 years.

Sheil first chatted about the experience of playing chess as a child: "My family is in Miaoli, as a child, no matter The Prodigy class of Go class or race will go through the road, but my father has been carrying me back and forth running." But the relative of my father's pressure and expectations is even in the chess brother can not bear, as a child lost chess, I will be beaten to scold. 」

Wei Xuan curious little age at such a high pressure don't won't be want to give up? According to Min said of course, she lost a round robin, father in Taipei to step down on the road to read her two hours, according to Min think of all the way since as long as the loss will be beaten and scolded really too hard, she said will open to dad said "I do not play chess" that moment, she was dumb mouth.

According to Min said that is a kind of fear, she said not afraid of father angry, but "once said export, not unworthy of my four years of efforts?" "Worthy of their efforts, so the 20-year road she walked solid, from the way to Taipei, she did not stop daytime forward, parents are also accompanied by the road, all the way from Taiwan to Japan."

No thought of the word "give up" in life

The professional chess competition in Japan is the most difficult experience for Min, the professional chess "This game" is 18 people under the round robin, one day next, a week Three days, nine in the morning to five or six o'clock in the evening, the game is held 1.5 months after the total. According to Min said now think of how do not want to go back to such a day, but at that time did not know the hard work: "There was no time to think hard this matter, just want to quickly become professional chess." Now in retrospect I know that bitterness. But it is because of the time, because it is not easy, only now I am. "(You would like to: Win from Gen Art to open a brand flagship store!) Ancient and Chinese: design is the rational weaving of the emotional weight of life.

Because it is not easy, and the real experience of the "not easy" person is he, so bitter is worth it. According to Min, the victory and defeat of the insistence than anyone is stronger. Wei Xuan for such essence deeply moved, she felt obstinately to do one thing, is the reason why people are precious. Wei Xuan asked Min how to survive the most difficult moment?

According to Min is so to answer: "I came to Japan did not think to" give up "two words, the first is their own competitive heart than the same age children are strong, came to Japan is really not easy, home to someone to accompany me, expensive and time-consuming. I think of 5 years old to 12 years old this time, too many people support me, have entrepreneur sponsorship, have silently anonymous person help, just let me set foot on Japan. If there is no result, I am sorry too many people, more importantly, I am sorry myself. 」

The position of the sex Qisheng war

Fewest: Every win or lose is a strong chance.

Worthy of others in this dream road irrigation expectations, is Sheil has been the reason to go on. She became the Japanese professional Go World won the most titles of women Chess: Sex celebrities, sex Qisheng, Sheil career has been a cumulative 20 titles. She has not only set a record for the youngest Japanese sex, but also the youngest title winner of Sex's history of the square War.

Wei Xuan asked min so young to get such a heavy title whether feel pressure? According to Min, "the right pressure is good for me, and now these pressures are a lot smaller than I was when I was a professional chess player." I've been through a tough road, I've been through a lot of challenges, and I've had a lot of growth in my mental state. "(Recommended reading:" In this era, the answer is in the young man "interview creative work person Liu Xuan )

To Sheil, Weiqi seems to be a thing that can never stop challenging her. She said that when she was very young, she saw a photograph of a Japanese sex celebrity in the newspaper, and then naively said to her mother, "I will be on top of this, I want to be the first in the world." "Do not know where to the backbone, or fate, let Sheil childhood babbling chew dream germination."

From the five-year-old began to constantly face the loss and gain, Sheil said it is a difficult to complete the class. Although the frustration of losing is always difficult to face, but she also said the joy of winning chess is earth-shattering. According to Min said: "Every game is to exhaust their current maximum effort, I often joke that professional chess is a life-reducing career, each after a game of chess, the soul again wear a little." In the win and loss to keep telling yourself that each game is a strong opportunity to build self-confidence. 」

On the road to failure, build self-confidence for yourself

Weiqi is a discipline that requires constant self-improvement and self dialogue, and Min Ninze all games to be confident, she said: "It is very difficult to maintain confidence." In fact, the results of the past two years are not as expected, there is a period of time to go through seven consecutive defeats, in which to maintain confidence is very difficult, but because still want to continue to go, we must believe in themselves, to maintain confidence, there will be good results. 」

Sheil's faith is not pride complacency, but because there are so many frustrations in life, and we are going to be the one to support ourselves. Wei Xuan agree with Ishi body of the stock momentum is very tough, she recalled childhood in the Prodigy class, many children run to run, see according to Min still heart without distractions focus on chess, body exudes a brave without fear of the vast gas field.

Sheil has the smell of a pre-emptive chess when not to leave a retreat, according to Min said is because this is their own choice of the road, so she will be responsible for no hesitation, because from the practice of chess later did not go to school, parents also spend considerable funds to cultivate her, this road is not without the help of the noble, Even a stranger to his life, Sheil said she did not give up the reason. (Extended reading: after 30 years of life travel: What do you like to do, why not do your best? )

Japanese title from zero to one: The next game will be a better spirit

And according to Min chatted for nearly two hours, Wei Xuan for her morale is very touched. Wei Xuan Time also learn chess, natural to chess has a considerable emotion, to according to Min The spirit of defeat is very stunning. She was also particularly curious as to why Min had to play in Japan. According to Min said that when they first arrived in Japan, they will find that other people look at her is not very friendly, and then accumulated results, she began in the Japanese chess industry has a topic, but also balance out other people's vision.

According to Min said came to Japan, except Lin Hai teacher's influence, and Japan's professional system of perfection. People in Taiwan rarely really pay attention to Weiqi, and in Japan, professional players are highly respected. According to Min, many of the Weiqi systems in Taiwan have yet to be worked out, and she also gives examples of the efforts of the former generations of Weiqi to promote care and to compete with each other. Speaking of Taiwan's Weiqi environment, according to Min More repeatedly said professional chess black Ka Jia's efforts should be more attention. Words are depicted in the Go world, always do not forget to push the friends around, chess people do not focus on their own body, but talk about the future of Go, talk about the way to Thanksgiving, this is Zhou Junxun teacher and according to Min no time to distribute the characteristics.

I want to min in the mouth of each other's competition also progress is a chess industry commendable spirit. Just as they are not concentrating on the board at this moment, they are aware of the connection between the steps, imagining the future, and working together. According to Min body is to watch the overall situation of life, is to accept success or failure of magnanimity. She says every game makes sense, making the next game a better one. Wei Xuan is also curious according to Min impression of the best chess is which dish? Min Lang replied: "The best, I look forward to is the next one ." 」