Hey, man! What do you think of a woman's obsession? What kind of meeting story do you have with women fans ? Readers to share with us as women fans get a lot at the same time, "See Dragon in the Field Internship Program" intern Sihjia said: "I actually get more from the reader!" "Let's take a look at her share in internship life," she said. (I would like to say to you: give the reader three confessions: Women are not the same, why force us the same? )

Participation in the women's internship program has entered the fourth week, from the beginning of the rush, to the present slightly adapt, I think there is progress! These one months, have been busy studying, busy practicing writing articles, thinking about the topic, until today, I have the opportunity to participate in women fans in the park after the building of a big event.

Womany is type a box of chocolates.
You never know what ' re gonna get.

A woman fan is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get, this is my favorite place for women, because you never know what you will learn. This afternoon, I was involved in my first female fan activity. I've always been curious about what it would be like for a woman to be obsessed with her activities.

Before the event began, Tanya to everyone to explain today's activity flow, and then Wei Xuan said speaking time. Originally I thought that the female fan to "does the activity" already to be very adept, but I saw everybody to each activity is regards as the first activity like the cautious. In the immediate revision of the concept, but also in the heart of their own silly, "We are womany Yes!" How can it be measured by general standards! 」

I have to secretly admit that I am very, very shallow about the qualifications of women fans. It seems to be holding a kind of momentum "I want to come in here!" "I handed over my resume and homework, and I was lucky enough to start my life as a baby dragon." So for the previous Womany History still have a lot of don't know, like a woman fan paradise fund-raising activities details. Wei Xuan said: "Today's Welcome party is to thank the women before the paradise in fund-raising, give us a lot of help partners!" Their 200 dollars not only help us, but also help a lot of people, so that we can have a chance to participate in the activities of the park, to know themselves, to know women fans, to know more beautiful people things. So we want to greet everyone with a very warm and thankful attitude today! 」

(so that everyone can take pictures of the scene, but everyone is very shy, all only holding the board photo)

Tell me about your encounter with a woman.

The most impressive thing I've been doing in this whole activity is the event, and let everyone in the room talk about the stories of their fans and women.

The partner of the female fans Peter said he didn't know about women's rights at first, until she had a daughter and then began to focus on women because he wanted his baby to be better off in the future.

Adan is a cool and a little tattoo of the long hair boy, he and the woman fans meet is very special, from Blush red start. Because we agree, "Women also have the right to talk about sexual love desire!" "In order to get to know women fans, I hope that through the sponsorship paradise, there will be more women talk about sexual love desire space."

Our author Jean also came to the reception, he introduced himself when everyone was stunned, did not think of the Welcome party has hidden version of the author appeared! Jean said he wanted to see what the editors were doing when he finished the work. After coming to think: "A woman is a fan of paradise is a very warm atmosphere, and the woman fans give him the same feeling!" 」

Some people are entrepreneurs because they want to see Wei Xuan will emotion to action after the woman fan Paradise, the original entrepreneurial can be very different!

A girl in the design department said she was attracted by the pluralistic view of women: when everyone was cursing the other, we offered different positions and opinions, and we also gave "there is no pure friendship between men and women" space for discussion.

The engineer Xiao Guo's study younger brother is because lovelorn, after reading the woman fan's article, only then began to know the feminine, also knew oneself.

And most people are like me, is attracted by the words of women, gradually moved, and then believe that women fans and outside a lot of media is not the same: we do not do business with the text, we do not advertise, we have never changed the heartbeat. And then began to believe that the world could have been changed. Actually hear here, I feel my heart is slowly warming, hear the story below, just break the boiling point, start boiling.

Mia is very special, through "Write down your pain" to know women fans. At first, he thought it must be a little girl writing some emotional trouble, work hard place. When he looked more and more, found that there are so many girls experience and friends similar, but also because it is not export pain, to use this platform to express the pipeline. In real life, we are not too often to give innocuous reply? When our friends say, "I've been beaten by the family!" "In addition to the pipeline to provide help, the sentence" Life is still going to, you have to let go of the point! "Often another wound is produced. (For your healing: write to the wound: "It's okay, you're worthy to be Loved")

I like a film that describes empathy and compassion:

Empathy feels connection and sympathy drives disconnection. Empathy is feeling with people.
Empathy allows you to link with each other, and compassion causes you to lose your connection. Empathy is "feeling" with each other.

When we give the response to positive thinking and hope that the other side wants to open up a bit, we accidentally use sympathy. "Write down your pain." The best place to be is to be an outlet for emotions not to explode; it also gives you strength because you know you're not the only one, and everyone will be there for you.

Mia cried, but still very brave to tell everyone her ideas. She received a Tanya hug and applause, and my tears (as if there were James's). Our every move affects the hearts of everyone. Once again, I deeply felt:

The word is a double-edged blade that can hurt or love someone.

When you all thank the woman fan to give you so much time, I think you give me more! I am very fortunate to be able to participate in this visit to the Dragon Internship program, to become a baby dragon. With so many people's expectations, trust, and envy, let me have a more heavy sense of mission to the text responsible for the reader, responsible for the female fans, the most important is responsible for themselves. Deeply afraid to disappoint a little everyone for our expectations. (Thank you for all the way: uninterrupted moving moment, thank you for giving women the power to go down )

Fake it until you to make it.

This is on Monday, when the baby's oral report, Wei Xuan said to everyone: "fake it until you make it!" In fact, I am not very good at chatting with others, as if born with a period of ability, every time and just met the people will be very nervous chat. One of the items of today's work is to have a chat with the guests. So I started to put myself in a very hi State: the initiative to talk to others, like the aunt next door as kindly said: "Sit anywhere!" Take what you want! "Hey! May I trouble you to write a little card? Remember to write it full! "After the end, Michelle told me"sihjia I think you are very good, can talk with you very happy. " "It's best for me to encourage because I make it.

What kind of person do you want to be?

This week's small school is Wei Xuan's "Good time management-how to play when the work, work time to play", when Shihuan said: "Time management determines what you want to be what kind of person." Give yourself a goal: what kind of person do you want to be after your internship is over? Then put the effort you need to reach this goal into your daily schedule and expect yourself to meet your goals. For example, you can hope to be a person who has no stage fright on the stage, or you want to be a productive person, and you can hope to be a person who tries to spread the spirit of women. But the problem is, I don't know what kind of person I want to be!

After the event, I seemed to find out what I wanted to be after the internship ended.

Come to the female fan internship, I feel more profound words of the appeal and strength. In the process of the reception, the readers have wanted to see the female fans of the editors of the truth. I am deeply attracted by that force, because it means that your words can resonate in everyone's heart. So I want to be when people talk about women fans or go to a woman's paradise, will be because I have been touched by the text and want to see people!

As Contentlab intern, I want to be a clear introduction to the content Lab people! Watch Rachel, Fantine, talk to the reader about the work of the editor, talk about the idea of the article, and talk about all the women's fans. From their eyes, I saw their sense of belonging and commitment to the content lab, and I saw their eyes shining.

In the end, I want to be a reassuring person! Audrey said before, a reassuring person will be very aware of the work they have at hand, they can plan their own time to complete the plan, know how to help people in a timely manner and will do things well. In short, you will be very relieved to give the job to his people! In women fans, there are too many fresh and interesting things waiting to sprout. People at ease are like fertilizers that can help these small seeds grow tall and strong. Small plants grow well, women are fascinated by this big forest will be more lush. (Share with you the story of Paradise: Women's mystery editor talk about space and media: the forest in the Daan Forest Park, which belongs to women )

We all feel afraid, but remember: Fake it until you make it!