You look at the delicate and isolated bird in the bamboo forest, looking at the vastness of Chang Zhen, sitting on a thick, thick, beautiful bed, and looking at the beauty of the beauty of the merciless of the merciless and the beads of the beads.Before you go into the theater, you may know that Hou's opera has always been beautiful, and you know it's not the art of the film, but it's not as beautiful as a good dish.It's the real thing that is really hard to restore.Every time the curtain flies, the candlelight flicker, you feel the wind that comes from the upheaing of the Anchor.This wind, behind the movie, she pushed an — — < assassin Nie Nangniang > art director and Huang Wen-ying.

Wen Ying has not only pushed the movie screen, but also promoted the film industry in Taiwan.She is not only in the field of images, not only in the past 20 years, but also her profound solid foundation.From Taiwan to the United States, she has accumulated drama and art, and has returned to Taiwan from Broadway in the United States. She has given her every step back to the Taiwan film industry, promoting the Taipei and Taiwan Film and Film Culture Association.

This day we are talking about Sniang Nie, but the art direction behind this film is like a naive girl, and she always stands to be a little curious and unending. She stands on the waves of the art of art, and she is not worried about the arrival of the next wave of waves, and will always rise to the next challenge.(Recommended reading: Looking for the same type in the Desolate Generation!)Chu Tien-niang: "Everyone has a lonely situation,"

Build Nie Hidden in the curtain

Teacher Huang Wen-ying, humming South Tang Li Yu >: "The fog, the heavy curtain, and the sad house of the Xie family."Red-candle-back, embroidered, drapery, and dream-monarch don't knowShe says that this period of time has read many poems and poems, and that poetry is the most sophisticated language, and it has also been stinky in the atmosphere of the times.In this poem, we read through Shen Shen's curtains, and embroidered a needle and a line of exquisite.

" That's the way in the mid-Tang period, and they keep some nomadic people's way of life, architecture is a wooden structure, building lives with volumes, and building the Eastern Turkic population, and the behavior of the East Turkic people is also Hu Wenhua .The teacher said that the film talks about civilizations in different eras, and that Princess Ka-shing married to Hebei from the capital city of Beijing. The assassin's story of the late Tang dynasty was in the middle of the night.The transplants of the flowers and the trees have been different, and the scenery has been created by the "Nie Hidden".

When you step into this industry, it's hard for you to do it again.

I'm curious to go back to a period of old age, where does Teacher Wen come from?She said, "As an art, it is to turn the text into a visual space, and that space can be believed to exist."The teacher said it was important to read the script, and it felt the script and the visual element were in the script."Some scripts describe the visual sense of the visual sense, such as reading the script of the AU and the Sea Alliance, and writing a sword in the shape of a sword, and sometimes the screenwriter can provide a kind of imagination, such as this one that describes Nie in black," acting " in action to provide the real perception of the character."

Every script has its roots, and it's rooted in their history, even yesterday, and you have homework, newspapers, magazines, flyers, " she said."Art is the world of every character in the drama, and it's a fascinating place for you," she said. "When you step into this industry, you can hardly change."" (Extended Read: Live to make a movie!The three international directors who set the stage for the film industry )

The more difficult her teacher says, the more she likes: "The most attractive thing in the film industry is that the more difficult things can be done, just to find a way."You're going to get more and more challenging and more difficult to do, and what you're challenging is not someone else, but yourself."

The film makes us a fascinating world. It undertakes the history and bridges the current bridge, and she says that art work is a restoration and creation.Because we will never be able to replicate exactly the same thing yesterday, we can only take one step closer to history in a way that we understand.

12 years of practice is not a half-style, but internal success

I asked if this was the most difficult film she had ever made.Teacher Wen Ying says that each film is difficult to make. Nie Dianang says it is difficult to say from the director's opening that 12 years or 12 years of filming takes a long time, but she says that it is never enough to do homework.During this period, the film elements of Nie's Nangniang were internalized into life, and no matter whether they were traveling and reading, they could not escape the Tang culture.The great and elegant appearance of the Tang culture and the delicate and delicate feelings of the Chinese and English teachers are both thoughtful and thoughtful.

In 12 years, it is not a one-half practice, but a deep inner success.In addition to studying all the information related to Tang culture, she went from Taiwan to South Korea, from India to Uzbekistan.When she walked out of Chang'an City all the way, she visited each other by one by one, only to find a piece of cloth that was closer to the cloth, and closer to the smell of the character.

" There are so many people who have done the Tang Dynasty. If I wanted to present a deep Tang Dynasty, I would have to pay more attention to the details and accumulate experience in life. I was lucky that I had to do my homework.In her childhood she spent most of her time on foot.I wonder if this is a loving soul, whether in the pages of pages, on the journey, and on the way to the wandering of their footsteps.(Recommended reading: Best, always on the road!Single Travel Singles with Own Sold )

art of art is not only a hard book, but a source of news that is not just a hard book. It is the most close to the real "Sniang Nangniang" in the heart of the truth.

Art is the big picture, and it is also a nuance.

Art is an atmosphere of life, not a scene.The Art of Art: "Art is an atmosphere of life and time for actors."I saw her reading the first draft of the museum, and she said it was more like a painting of the museum, which made people slow in detail. In addition to a panoramic view, she was hit by a side-side attack, and he used a few pictures to put the scene of his breath.

teacher says, "Art doesn't know how much it takes, it's hard to spend it on the incision."I will be at the end of the time.In the impression that the show was in empty rooms, he applied the method of papermaking.As a result, many of the art furnish-painting windows were covered in the Yin and Yang Five Lines, the Wizards, the Wizards, and the China National Mountains. Although most of the art was not cut, it was believed that it was the empty pit and the art was believed."

She says that film art is a helping actress, and that there is a broad view of the broad perspective of the actors, and that there is also a slightly more subtle picture of how the money is to be paid.When I listened to this view of art, how much I was, the teacher thought that once the art office was conspicuclear, it might have been a failure: " When you look at the show and see what your art is doing, it's a lot of remiss."

Life as a show: Some flaws are real

English teacher, Wen Ying, always humbly humbly, wants his own fine art to be an assistant to the actors in the film, and he has to create a belief in his hands and hands.When I asked about the cooperation with Hou, she said, " I fully believe in him."

Wen says that every time he wants to take pictures at the scene, he doesn't look at it, because he trusts his friends, and Hou focuses more on filming and his on-premise scheduling." With Hou, I often feel frustrated. You look at the image now. You think it's beautiful. Every scene has a lot to say. On the scene, he may start all over again and make a compensation.Some scenes may have been removed, and I have to leave the scene, because one of the wind, some glances, is not right, and then it's all over again.(Extended reading: Hou Hsiao-hsien talking : Creative not to be fooled by the prize, to tell your story firmly )

I used to work with Hou and I had to get used to the practice, "she laughs and says," I used to win. I always wanted to be the best."It is very difficult to return to the early age of the new cottage. Now, it is not so much a pleasure to save face. Sometimes, it is too imperfect to be a perfect one.A little defect is also good, ah, what is good in life, and some defects are real."

What is the true story of a movie in the film "Some defects in real"?Teacher Wen Ying shared with us the true and true character of the sequence of the sequence, and the movie was just like the truth." The big bureaucrat in the Sequence Panel was teasing the younger son, Nie Cunniang didn't bear toSuddenly, the Hou leader said, " Don't just play.He felt that the most touching moment was that the child was sleeping, and his father gently touched the child in his sleep, and he was so quiet and distant.The first day the child couldn't sleep. The next day, the movie was filmed, the child sleeps, the Hou guides the "Shh" gesture, and the camera is shot like that."

In that instant, you truly believe in this sentiment.

Teacher Wen says that the film is a kind of belief, and the team believes that it is also a belief of the public.

The idea of the movie: Thank you for every person who passes through this movie.

Teacher Wen-Ying believes in movies like a kind of hard-to-be-to-be-care, and just because of the idea of being so stubborn, so the scene is torn down and covered, and then it is torn down.This is not the most touching story of the film. She says that the most beautiful scenery in the film is people.

The film industry's respect for people is the most touching.Especially in the Hou's team, he is a complete example of the responsibility, and the Hou leader is very equal to the people.When you think about the care of the older generation, the care of the future generations, think about why Hou leader can have his own team?It is not that he has to raise this group of people, and these people all have other part-time jobs, but as long as Hou guides the film, everyone wants to come back.Just a little bit of —, " — said."

Not all people in the environment are willing to do this, so Wen Ying's teachers are especially cherry. She says that movies are also people-based, you don't respect people, don't respect each type of profession in every field, and you don't understand the feelings of the movies.(Recommended reading: What I learned on these celebrities: Beautiful footprints that gave life to my life )

Teacher Wen Ying, for example, says that every time the film roll card is repaired, it always comes to the end of the film, and when it comes to the end, they will be asked to make another name change the entire film.The "< assassin Nie" designer, driver, cook for us in the wilderness, every person who takes care of our lives, we are all afraid to forget, even if you change the name of the name, you have to replace it with."

She said a movie was taken care of by a lot of people. She worried that she had forgotten it, and she knew that she couldn't forget it.Every time a movie is cast, one line of "thank you for helping us all the way" is deeply appreciated. If there were no masters of the stomach that had been promoted in the winter and winter in the cold winter, how could there be such a movie?How many people have passed or did not pay for the film in a film before they have a "photo of the" Nie Hidden, "the light of today."

I heard the teacher in Wen Ying said that the film was not forgotten, and that every idea was given to a person, to a fate.Many of the people who film the film are humility. They are humbled and humbled to take care of them and give more positive feedback.It's like Wen Ying's teachers have allowed her art to help Taiwan's film and drama industries. It is not enough for her to have done her 12 years of work.That kind of humility is not a posturing, but rather a permanent space for itself, and it gives you a sense of revulsness.