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8/7: I write down feminism with my body

Photographer Liora K is working on a "feminist" photography project, and she currently shoots 10 women, giving these women the words that are relevant to them.

The plan originated because Liora K moved to the Republican state in 2012, during which a number of bills against women's reproductive rights were proposed, "I signed the petition, but that did not allay my anger." "liora K said she decided to use her talent as a photographer to make a voice out of women's deprived rights.

The images produced by Liora K Show women's reaction to reality, including sex discrimination, racial discrimination, cross-gender phobia, abortion rights, virginity myths, sexual assault, domestic violence, blaming the victim, and many social ills.

Liora hopes these images will inspire public solidarity with women's rights and continue to sound in an artistic way.

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8/8: Father's Day without father

Today is Father's Day, and in this world, there is another kind of new family without Father's imagination.

The photographer, Carolyn L. Sherer, began in 2011 in Alabama State, USA, to take a series of photographs taking the role of a lesbian family.

In the south, many conservative states are still quite hostile to gays, and Mr Obama has even bluntly said: "The chances of homosexuality being intimidated in the south or experiencing physical violence are still very high." "Therefore, in the photo of Carolyn L. Sherer, many comrades chose to turn their backs to the camera and not to disclose their looks."

Carolyn L. Sherer wants to change the situation of gays in Alabama State, who, because of the lack of legal protection, often because of sexual loss of work and custody of children, She hopes to make people see another expectation of intimacy, And the real and fragile life of a gay family.

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8/9: South African Women's Day, the girl who should not be disappeared

South Africa Women's Day is different from the 38 International Women's Day, scheduled for August 9 every year, South Africa, all over the country , today, a variety of celebrations will be held to achieve gender equality, in order to eliminate the past because of the apartheid system in South Africa, the root cause Solid Sex discrimination.

The South African Women's Day originated in 1950, when the white government of South Africa, which practised extreme apartheid, enacted the Pass Act to limit the freedom of movement of the vast majority of blacks. In order to secure the legitimate right of the person , women of all ethnic minorities in Pretoria launched a large-scale demonstration on August 9, 1956.

They set out from the church square and marched all the way to the presidential palace. They sang songs written for the tour, "Let Wind, women Chenrupan", although the women's petition was rejected by the authorities, but every year since August 9, the day of the South African folk have been in various forms of remembrance.

After the founding of New South Africa in 1994, the abolition of apartheid policy, the government for the age of women on the streets against apartheid , safeguarding national unity, and the annual August 9 for Women's Day, the national holiday 1 days, let them Yong the power of daring to speak is remembered by everyone.

Now more than half a century after women took to the streets in the 1956, the black clouds of apartheid have long since gone, but South African women and children continue to suffer. South African women still struggle for equality and justice for women, because they know that freedom is a big thing that cannot be delayed.

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8/10:"snippa" the Swedish little girl no longer ashamed to say her vagina.

Earlier this year, the Swedish children's channel STV launched a sex education film called "Penis and Vagina" (Snopp och snippa), which was designed to make a 3-6-Year-old Child aware of the body, and the penis and vagina in the film were made into cartoon characters, singing and dancing Dance way to introduce yourself.

But few people know that the word that is used to describe a girl's genitals "snipp a" was invented by the feminist Anna kosztovics, a word that was quite novel and was received in Swedish official dictionaries 2006 years ago.

Anna Kosztovics advocated the use of the word snippa because, when she was pregnant, she found that a child could use "willy" to describe her reproductive organs, but the little girl had no corresponding vocabulary, and could only use " yourself"to describe and depict their own private parts.

At the time, there were many different words about the female vagina, but there was no one suitable for the little girl to use--fitta, muff and Mutta with excessive meaning, and as vagina was too formal and medical, so she invented Snippa, It is hoped that the little girl will be generous and right to embrace her privacy, rather than regard her body as a taboo.

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8/11: Menstrual blood is not a symbol of filth

Drummer Kiran Gandhi recently in 26 miles (about 42 km) of the London Marathon, although the month through cramps, but still insist on the whole process do not use tampons, so that the blood flow naturally, it is not oozing pants outside also do not mind.

Kiran Gandhi explains why he did so, in addition to the course of the game, the tampon will make her feel unwell, but also hope that through the marathon to break the sex discrimination-the menstrual bleeding outside the act of reminding people, there are still a group of women can not obtain health cotton, There are also fake menstrual cramps that do not exist, ignoring your own body reactions to the sisters.

Karen thought it was not a bad thing to be in the blood. at the end of the game, even though there was a noticeable menstrual bleeding outside her sweatpants, She was happy and generous with the contestants.

"If there's a way to go beyond oppression, run marathons in whatever way you want," she wrote on her personal web page. "When a woman, the bondage of the moon is irrelevant, when we have a choice, we can rewrite the rules again." 」

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8/12:ck Autumn new ads for gay vocal

These days, when many New Yorkers get up, they will see Calvin Klein's Jeans for the fall, which is the first time that same-sex couples have appeared in Calvin Klein's big ad, and has also created a brand new place in Manhattan's most visible destination.

The ads, which are locked in each other's lips by Mario Sorrenti, are placed on the corner between Houston Street and Lafayette Street, the most popular crossroads in Manhattan.

In addition to the flat billboards, there are active films, the film directly named "After special work ...", the content is quite passionate. Also let the brand for gay rights and sound history, write down a new page.

Open another window of the world 〉〉 Apple CEO Tim Cook out of the box declaration: to be proud of being gay, this is the best gift of my life.

8/13: The bravery of the comfort women is still hidden in tears.

This year coincided with the 70 anniversary of the end of the Second World War, and the issue of comfort women renewed attention.

Recently, due to the controversy over the course, the debate on whether the comfort women are "forced" has been brought to the table. At that time, most of the comfort women were forcibly abducted into sex slaves , or were deceived, even if there is a "voluntary" situation, which also has an extremely unequal power of the environmental factors, and can not be a "free will " can easily discharge responsibility.

The Taiwan comfort women's human rights movement, which began in 1992, has been the most concerned by the Woman Rescue fund . During the more than 10-year period, the women's Health Care Workshop was held for the comfort women's grandmother, and an assistant Professor Wu Xiu of the Taiwan University of Arts was commissioned to make a documentary "Song of Reeds".

In the film, the true record of the comfort women's blood and tears. More than 70 years ago, when she went to school in Tainan, she was abducted by the Japanese and changed from a student to a comfort woman. The social worker in the film asked her to draw the happiest time of her life, and she drew the young female student , "I haven't been happier since then."

The "Reed song" of the upper house line has been raised, and finally will be in August 14 days of "International comfort women's Day", in Taipei Light point Huashan Cinema, Hi Man guests Jinghua Film City, the sound and Sound theater, Chungli Star Bridge International Film City, Kaohsiung Hi-Full guests Dream Times Movie City, Ambassador Changchun Film City and so on.

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