The film "Transtextuality Niang", a Gold Palm Award from the City of Cannes , is the work of After, a director of Hou Hsiao-hsien, for eight years. One of the writers Xie Hai The film, that the essence of creation is lonely, born in the literary family of her, and Hou like-minded, that "this life with a Hou." From the interview to see Xie Hai Alliance, talk about movies, talk about creation, talk about life. (Women obsessed with movies: assassin transtextuality Niang )

In the visit "transtextuality Niang" screenwriter Xie Hai Union, I am a bit disturbed, this disturbed from the Xie Hai Union's life there is a piece of good vast ocean--

Xie Hai's grandfather is the novelist Zhu Sining of renowned literary world with "iron paste" and "823 note". Aunt Zhu Tianwen has "desolate people's Notes", "The Book of Gold Vows" and other masterpieces, from childhood to the script award countless, mother Zhu Tianxin in the north of a female period of youth literature "hit the soil song" swept the 70 's Taiwan, and later wrote the " Think of my village brothers, "Once upon a time there was a big Island Tai," and other novels, speculation of the identity of mainlanders.

Father Donald self-proclaimed "professional scholar", in addition to writing, but also the editor-in-chief of Facebook publishing house, a family together to write the history of the evolution of Taiwan's modern literature. Literati Family This ocean has bred the creation of Xie Hai Union, but also let her growth seems to have an inability to spy on the gloom, as a visitor I am afraid of their inability to traverse, approaching the "Xie Hai Union" of the Essence of life.

And that day in Taipei light spot to see the Xie Hai union himself, she is no longer the "learn to fly the union" in that ancient spirit of the little girl, but the face with a slightly shy smile, the tone has always been sincere and smooth, "probably", "perhaps" such a vague answer, has never appeared in Xie Hai Union mouth. In this way, she describes herself as the Xie Hai of Marquis, who day after day in the workpiece workshop to make 25 small goldfish, and then rong the Colonel Bondia.

"Liquid gold is hot in the inside of a container in the workplace, but the Colonel calmly and quietly handles the raw materials used to build small goldfish," he said. There is no doubt that he is a very young alchemist with an extraordinary craftsmanship. It is not so much the Lobondia of his father's zeal and intelligence for alchemy as to agree with the colonel's love for loneliness. In addition to creating small goldfish, reading and writing a poem is also his good, perhaps the colonel is born a lonely artist. 」

Like Colonel Bondia of the Century of Loneliness, the Xie Hai Union is indeed a lonely creator. Loneliness (solitude) is a situation and emotion that cannot and will not be understood by the outside world. This loneliness is not the boredom of personal life, but a kind of understanding from secular loneliness, family loneliness, historical loneliness and gradually rising to the archetype of human spirit. And the unique Xie Hai, it is to understand the reality of the accession to the WTO, with the birth of the state of mind dedicated to write full text.

The script is just for reference.

Xie Hai union once wrote down such a paragraph on the face book: "Started writing the first edition of the script, I am 23 years old, and Transtextuality Niang as big, now looking at the" transtextuality Niang "into the Kan city I 29 years old, and the hidden Niang to assassinate Tian Tian the same age. 」

So long six years, in the writer's identity, she is how to see Transtextuality Niang and Hou change? I was curious to ask the Xie Hai union. "I have always been an executor in an attempt to approach the idea of Hou. "Xie Hai said without hesitation. To Xie Hai, Hou Hsiao-hsien was a highly self-centered director, so the film he produced must be purely an image of his own brain, and the writer had to try to approach Hou's imagination and try to turn the script into words.

"So Hou's script is all for reference." For Hou, if the creator deliberately set the angle of view, will carry over the message and plot, but limited tension, because I hope to read the listener according to the set pattern to watch, to see what the author wants us to see, the script has become a restriction. 」

To Xie Hai, Hou Hsiao-Hsien's thinking of film language is in pursuit of a pure, let the image show their charm, let the image of their own speech. the image is not a visual carrier of the script, nor is it a record of the text--the image is the center of the movie language.

so toeing in Hou's image language, does not hurt the writer's self-esteem? I asked the Xie Hai again. Xie Hai The union threw out a " astronomy is also not independent creator?" "From the story of" The beginning, Zhu Tianwen and Hou cooperation for many years, and then to a Xie Hai alliance, they clearly in this way of work, the creation of the main body only Hou one person, including her other people are only the implementation of ideas. Team work is a combination of creator and executor, and the creator with the dream to walk is always lonely. (same field Gayon: making honest movies, easy to say: As creators, I want to speak for the Society )

"This Life is Hou."

and "Transtextuality Niang" originally from the Tang Dynasty Pei Xing "legend", but Hou Hsiao-hsien's hands, but is a new story, the original actor Chen Xu Governor Liu Changyi, in the film even a shot of the opportunity are not, all the characters of the soul have to be shaped. Lasted six years, easy draft 37 times, Hou Hsiao-hsien for details of the persistent, but did not put the Xie Hai Alliance scare away, but found that "this life to follow the guide."

Because of the scene and a scene of fine carving , did not grind to the patience of the Xie Hai Union, let Xie Hai au saw Hou Hsiao-hsien for the delicate, "this exquisite let Hou movie looks like is doing handicrafts." Xie Hai said with an blinking eye. Hou Hsiao-hsien's delicate not only in the play to achieve a thorough, but also in the cast of the people at ease, "Hou is a completely no shelf of the people, than who are generous to him, not to waste words, as long as you open, he will listen carefully." "

"When I don't know what to do with myself, I am more powerful than myself," he said. "With a consistent smile continued, Xie Hai is a" formal knowledge is not, useless knowledge learned a lot of "people. But this childhood to "Romance of the Two Kingdoms" as Bedtime stories to listen to, see Beijing opera, like the Xie Hai Alliance, her mouth of the useless knowledge of "Transtextuality Niang" The cast is a rare happens, such as the script in the parliamentary scene, the official word, court present, to the Xie Hai Alliance is not unfamiliar.

With a novel picture of the general gaze, delicate and unique vision. Hou Hsiao-Hsien's "alliance" has grown up, accumulated a lot of material, completed the reversal of identity, become the subject of observation and writing. and Hou Hsiao-hsien had a bosom friend in the film, became the Zhu Tianwen and Hou after the other gold combination.

The creator's cost is "endure loneliness"

"transtextuality Niang" is not a martial arts film. "I took a sip of the drink," Xie Hai said, pausing.

This movie is an assassin with "Wait" this is the most accurate moment of the exchange of murder story. even if you have to wait all day for the opportunity to sell. The assassin does not fight with others. It is the samurai, not the assassin, who will face the sword. This is also the Xie Hai Alliance to emphasize "Transtextuality Niang" is not the reason of traditional martial arts film, the Assassin does not tangle, those who let people blood, you come to me to fight sonorous sound play, in the "Transtextuality Niang" in all see.

"Transtextuality Niang" There is no complete growth narrative, many of the thread and reason are Hou Hsiao-hsien hid, leaving only the residual shadow. Transtextuality Niang lines in splicing, and even deleted to only nine, Xie Hai union once said to shape a character, is "build an iceberg", but this iceberg was hidden up too much, this how to let the audience to close to the hidden Niang? I can't help asking.

"I think the whole play, the echo of being summoned, is loneliness. This is not self-pity, but a choice of a place to live with the world, because to keep distance, so see a lot of things are not in it, but like to see the occurrence of a story. Transtextuality Niang Such way of doing things, of course, pay the price, that is, the benefits are often not your turn, your turn is bad, but this is their own choice. 」

Listen, Xie Hai, I understand that the assassin's cost is "Wait", this "wait" in the smell of loneliness, can not appear in the shadow, how can in the dark to find similar intentions. I could not help but ask, as the creator of the Xie Hai Union cost is also so?

Xie Hai nodded and gave me a faint answer: "The creator's greatest cost is loneliness, and even if I am in the family of an author, I think about it for a while before I enter this line." Creation is a thing that has no way to cash it right away, whether it's material or reputation, it has nothing to do with how hard you try, so you have to endure the loneliness of life. 」

To the "Transtextuality Niang", Xie Hai has graduated from the political University of Ethnology for several years, she did not as the public expected, do "famous to be early," the literary star, also did not continue to study the Institute, but after a few days to follow their parents to the café writing life. She was thinking about going to the zoo as a breeder. Finally walked the creation of the Lonely Road, in addition to the enthusiasm of the animals, most of the time is silent and calm, as the transtextuality Niang general distance to see the secular, because the creation never let people feel flat, that can only in the repeated to chew loneliness. (Third person:"female fan internship Weekly diary" interview is the process of discovery: I see the alienation of the third person Xie Hai Union )

Don't go into the mainstream of stubbornness

After listening to the creation of Xie Hai Union, I can not help but think, may be such loneliness has created a close fate between the Xie Hai Union and Hou Hsiao-hsien.

Zhu Tianwen in the "Sea flower field" in such a description of Hou Hsiao-hsien's tight grip on the film: "I think of the alliance as a child, she on the road if picked up a stone, a branch, is always a firm handshake never lost, the car will not open when asleep." Hou Hsiao-Hsien's insistence is not at all like insisting, he is more like the AU League, just holding in the hand will not let go.

Xie Hai and Hou Hsiao-hsien's loneliness has a kind of stubborn taste, hold in the hands, regardless of whether the spotlight will hit on their own body, so constantly in the struggle of creation with their own eyes. "Creation is a matter with their own, the audience to buy to buy, good or bad only to their own responsibility, you do not have the extra strength to Shaw want to name and profit." 」

For Xie Hai, she does not want to deliberately close to the mainstream, because let oneself stand on the edge of the position, from the crowd alienated some, can in the state of complacency, produce their most real desire. "It may be more comfortable to be near the masses, but I am on the road of pure literature, and I can always write my mind." 」

"Like Hou said, be a person who is back to the audience." "The immediate Xie Hai Alliance said firmly, back to the audience is not to ignore the feelings of the audience, or deliberately toss the audience, but the creation of the time to wholeheartedly." It is natural to have no energy to take into account the feelings of the audience, although knowing that you will never be able to carry out your ideals. Instead of trying to think of the reader's likes and dislikes, not to speculate on the inclination of the review, but to focus entirely on the creation itself, with all the effort in dialogue with the work.

Lonely led the Xie Hai Alliance and Hou Hsiao-hsien's line, I am very curious about this in the creation of stubborn two people, the bottom of the film want to cooperate what kind of content? "If I may, I would like to talk about the alienation of modern urban life. "In the eyes of Xie Hai, this alienation with transtextuality Niang, and she deliberately stood outside the crowd, but in the voice of noisy settlement, still unable to from the place, embrace a huge sense of loss."

"Young people are accustomed to playing too many different faces, being enthusiastic on the web, and smiling at line," he said . "is alienation a gesture and perspective near the world, or is it a feeling of being deprived?" The difference between full and withered makes the Xie Hai union want to explore the nature of alienation. (Recommended reading: "Back to light Sonata" director Chanxiang: "Over the youth line, so that life more publicity impact." ")

It is often said that the Xie Hai Union is " Literary Family " , but she always think literature has " family ", without the" business ", literary inspiration, can not be like farmers inherit the land, entrepreneurs inherit the cause just as simply inherit to the next generation, literature will eventually face to return to the creation itself.

A piece of paper a pen to wear a sword for many years of life is not easy, there are too many flustered can not be placed for a moment, so the family members of the Xie Hai Union, from the attention of the pressure, but is to meet, friend, and cherish, she will always "appreciate born in this family." 」

The essence of life is loneliness, the process is lonely and silent.

In the commemorative article of Xie Hai's grandfather Zhu Sining, describing creation as "the process of writing a manuscript and ruining a manuscript", Xie Hai is also so in the self-destruction to explore their own beliefs, so she had written millions of words of literature, but rarely published, until 2015, 29-year-old by virtue of her novel "Shulan River" Nominated for the Taipei Literature Award annuity scheme.

Because the creation of the Xie Hai Union, is a silent displacement, too good results, is in the stability to obliterate faith, can create the most weight of the essence, is the "faith" two words, sometimes insist on the belief to repeat the same thing, in the eyes of others seems to be fool, but also not in vain that sentence " Worthy of their own ", so she always waiting at the station, but did not see the way back, seemingly towards the homeward, but is to another station.

Like that day and night to build small goldfish Bondia colonel, Xie Hai Union also day and night to exercise her words. Turn off the heavy reality, coax a group of noisy thoughts, attachment to return to the lonely mind, and time running-in, write down the heart of the picture still.