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Justin, turning from a pop star to an actor is almost impossible, but in the last few years, from The Social Network, Friends With Beneefits) The whole thing seems to be easy to say to you, "In Time", in the context of the future.The first time I realized that you started to play in the film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006, you were almost the only part of the whole film that didn't give booing to the viewer.

Justin: No matter how it is, it will not be the first time I've been boasted.When I was young, I was very often boasted.When I participated in the charity performance of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), I was once hit by an AC/DC fan with a treasure bottle.There were Rolling Stons, AC/DC, the Guess Who, Rush, and Justin Timberlake, and I was thinking, " One of them is different from the others.And then I quickly found out, different places, that these giant stars were mixed with a little tiny, stinking little cook.I started singing, and I was constantly attacked by beer cans and bottles.Then I learned to downplay the situation on the ground.

Are you at the Cannes Film Festival when it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival?

No, I wasn't there.For me, the "Legends of South Nations" is a performance art, and I still don't know what the film is doing. (Laughter)

I remember your role in that piece of blood with blood, and why would you be attracted to such a dark role?In your early movies, you played the opposite role in the face of you, the mainstream image. Are you on purpose?

In the movie, I don't need the fans' expectations (their concerns have been limited to my music), I'm not audition, and I'm really not good at doing that.In the early days, I made films like "Alpha Dog" and "Black Snake", because the directors didn't call me first.

I think the turning point of your career is to start hosting the Saturday Night Live > (Saturday Night Live) in 2003.

Yes, I think so.The host is what I always wanted to do, and the show made me play -- mixing comedy and music together is a way to make a program.When I was hosting the second time, I had a digital short unit.

“ Dick in a Box ”?(Laughter)

I know David Fincher appreciated your performance at the Saturday Night Live, and that's one of the reasons why he was looking for you to perform

Sean Parker in the Social Network.You're a villian in that movie. Do you like to be villian?

I can absolutely prove that the role is not evil, but I admit that the character is actually heinous, and that it is very interesting.Sean Parker was the cleverness of the entire film, because he could recognize thousands of rims.

You also have the ability to analyze -- you seem to look at the situation, and you don't expect to do anything.

That's because the situation is different now, and of course many accidents have happened before.I think all of this is because I've been a citizen of the public since childhood, and all the strange manifestations are recorded.Why didn't anyone ever tell me how bad the clothes I was wearing?

(Friends With Benefits)

You have been very careful not to perform a similar role again, from Sean Parker, romantic man of Friends, to heroes of Bell >.

Perhaps, after

Wars >, there are two or three anti-socialists who speak for me.I don't want to play like that anymore, and that feels like being a musician -- once a big symphony has been written, then you have to write some little pieces.And I don't want two albums to sound like me, and I want my role to be clearly distinguishes.

So what is the next role?A country or a cowboy?

Who knows?Ray Charles wrote village music, and he was famous.

The rural route and boldly singing “ bringing-sexy back. ” are two different matters, and the conversion of the runway requires courage.Did someone try to define you with that line?

The line does seem bold, but in fact, I don't see myself in that line of words, and I want people to feel and interpret it themselves.I had imagined that boys and girls, boys and girls, girls and girls would sing that song on an island, in a nightclub in Manhattan, or at a large open space, and I hope that this song is familiar to people.My own experience with music is that I hide myself in my heart, but what does it look like?I don't think Michael Jackson bad ("Bad"), but when you sing that song, you feel as if you're really bad.

This self-awareness is romantic.So, which films are romantic to you?

For me, romance is not just to describe love.I recently read the "Lust, Caution," which is both tragic and romantic, and I don't know how those sex scenes were filmed, and it looked crazy.

is bold.The film also showed "dangerous action do not mimic" subtitles when it was shown in Asia, apparently not as soft as everyone else.

You're right.Broadly speaking, a performance like a movie is romantic for me.One of my favorite shows is Donald O ’ Connor singing “ Make ’ Em Laugh ” in the " Singin ’ in the Rain.The humor and dance and props are already the vanishing art form, and his acting is both a bulgist and a minor-and this is also a sign of romance.

I think that performance requires talent and courage.It is very difficult to make a bluff in performance.

So, you are stubborn.What's going on?

< Hours War > (In Time) plays

Armanda, in < clock Warfare >, the role of a wealthy girl was kidnapped by Justin's role as a role.

Yamanta Caffrey: The story is set in the future, where people buy their lives in exchange for money.My character was in love with Justin's role, and she wanted to give Justin all the time he needed to save the world, and it was romantic.I have always lost my way in the love of a character.

About Love Scenarios?

The sex scene is great.Many of the actors who worked together had already had experience at my age. So, how could I not?I'm not going to pretend that it's not funny.And Justin's really great -- he's a guy who's in his he's a guy who happens to have relationships with people every day -- so this is a very simple scenario for both of us.Everything was going well, and we enjoyed it, too.

This year is 25 years old.Did the "Super Boy" (’ N Sync " " N Sync) " song ever been on the dance party?

I've been at a lot of different parties during the middle school period, and I'm addicted to all the stuff in the dance floor.It was awkward to be a fan of a super boy, but I was really fasciners, so I jumped for a couple of hours at a friend's basement for the first album of a couple of hours.

Is this the beginning of the middle school performing arts?

No, but in middle school, I played two serials -- one was when I was 15, and the other was 17-year-old All My Children.I ran two heads between New York and Allen and I went to school while I was filming, but no one cared about whether I was on TV.At that time, everyone cared only about having sex with people, drinking, and boys.My first boyfriend was filming All My Children, and it was like the story of a fairy tale, and he was my boyfriend in the play, and the first time we kissed it was when it was shooting.

Wow, isn't it the way that we can always see the first kiss of the beginning of this?

I know.My mother had already recorded the whole show, and then the whole family would read it over and over again.The act of kissing is a classic.

But the most famous kissing was with Megan Fox at Jennifer ’ s Body.

Jennifer ’ s Body is one of the most favorite movies I've ever played.It was ignored when it was in the upper file, but later on the DVD was released.I can't believe nobody wants to see Megan Fox and me starring me in the movie, and the movie writes my tongue, and that's the real sexy.If a young girl took the initiative to bring up her own sexy lens-it was definitely because it was very special.I think the kiss was very good, because it was like the two of us kissed.We made that sacrifice, but the audience did not appreciate it.

may have been the result of a kiss-in-the-film, which provides the film company free of charge for the kissing.

The company has their marketing strategy, and the content of the contract is written to: "The Heat-in scene will be broadcast in the teaser."I think I probably struggled for a minute, and then I thought about it.

< Mommy

A successful change in image, at the mamma Mia!She played a perfect girl.

It's true-and that's a big responsibility.Because of < Mommy, there are a lot of girls who want to become like me.And I had to do some extra work for the role of "Mamma," and it was really, really, really, very simple.I had to audition twice, and then went to Vegas to see the musical.I think that musical was really amazing, and I almost had to shed tears.And my boyfriend then said, " These men are terrible.He did not enjoy it very much, but he was very similar to the men in the musical." They are very similar to you.I said, " They are you." The mommy and mummy changed my life.

This is an interesting point in the film industry.

I like the way I'm in love, because it's a very positive energy.Broadly speaking, making a movie is romantic, because it's very special, it makes people close, and that's why the actors are all together.When I was a rookie, it was hard not to be together with an actor in the same film, but now I know it's not the best way.

Ryden is good at depicting dancers.It looks like a ballet actress.

Really?I just started to learn ballet, and now I'm putting my garage into a ballet practice room.I'm going to dance privately now, because it's embarrassing to practice with others.I studied ballet in a dance studio in Portland, where I was filming, and there was a little girl who came to see me dance every time, so I didn't want to embarrass them in front of them. Ten years ago, I wanted to be a hero too.

After watching the interviews of these two screen lovers, apart from understanding their background to the performing arts, we also know that success is definitely not a quick success. We must not be afraid of the obstacles and make a lot of efforts!

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