women are obsessed with politics , and we believe that everyone has the right and responsibility to "manage politics," and we believe in the power of communication . From online to offline, invite you to join us in the women's paradise to create an equal, open platform to talk about politics. You will find that politics is quite different from what you think. 8/19 on this day, we invited the youth to participate in politics and Mioboya and Lu Xinjie and we have a beer, Taiwan talk about politics! (You never want to miss: "exclusive" CAI English female Power speech Full text: "Failed to stand up again, find Taiwan's rebellion and strong")

Politics is quite different from what you might think, politics is actually interesting. It is not an ethereal, irrelevant textbook content, it is a real existence and closely related to our lives. It is a state of flux and change.

8/19 This day is a woman obsessed with the first political hall, we invited the SPD's legislators candidates Mioboya and Lu Xinjie to the women's paradise, and we talk about politics, sex, talk about Taiwan. (Classic review: One mouthful of Taiwan Beer!) 8/19 Miao Boya x Lu Xinjie Talk about youth participation in politics this way )

A piece of beer and a Taiwanese night

Women are obsessed with politics, saying that Taiwan believes that politics is actually a part of life. Last year's election of the mayor of Taipei, we created a page of the mystery of political interest; this year, we took root in the offline lectures, believing that politics is for the better of everyone.

Why don't we talk about politics? Why should we be complacent about not touching politics? What kind of existence does politics have for us? Women fans believe that politics is not the right toys, politics is the interaction between people and life, hope that through women's obsession with political activities, so that more people with practical action to care about the land we love.

At seven o'clock in the evening, there are participants to continue to enter the land, everyone is holding a little excited eyes came to the woman fan paradise. Unlike the previous participants, it is that the group of participants has a little more composure, just as reassuring as the timpani in the symphony orchestra.

Amiao (Mioboya) and Lu Xinjie came to Paradise, took a beer to sit on the green sofa, with a very relaxed attitude to meet this and everyone easy to talk about political night.

"What is politics to you?" "Are you involved in politics?" Lu Xinjie used these two questions to uncover the prelude to the whole event.

In contrast to the imagination, more than half of the participants raised their hands excitedly, daring, and even a bit of a sign of urgency to prove that they were concerned about politics. Taiwan is extremely distrustful of politics, or more precisely: political figures. Or that politics is a small part of the game, we ordinary people do not need special care or participation. You may think this is the older generation thinking, but this idea is really common in society. (Recommended to you: "do not touch the political" era: from the anti-curriculum to see the lack of Taiwan family discussion )

Youth participation in politics: Why should we listen to what you say?

I believe that many people's first impression of the Miao and Yan Jie is their obvious "gay label" and "Third force" political participation background. Surprisingly, today's participants were almost all small fans of two guests, and the motivation for participation came from another label: "Youth Politics".

We distrust politicians: pessimistic about old politics, but don't think new people can change the status quo. In a society that generally suppresses the consciousness of young people, how can we convince people that the young man is capable of fulfilling what he wants to do?

So you shouldn't talk to your constituents about your policies in the first minute. If I don't know you, why should I listen to you? If I don't know who you are, why should I believe you?

Amiao The example of the preacher and said the same thing. Although the party's predecessors will say: "Voters pay attention to the small eyebrow angle of the vote: there is no kind smile?" Shaking hands is not strong enough sincerity? is the angle 30 degrees or 90 degrees when bowing? "It was as if the audience in the TV station had laughed at the sight of the tickets on the television," he recalls.

But is this really the most important thing?

In the way of youth politics, the most common problem for Miao and Xin Jie is how to seek the same from the different, and let the other party be willing to listen to their voices.

Amiao said that the biggest difference between the election and the social movement is: the social movement is to summon a group of like-minded people, political participation is to make a group of people who disagree with different ways to believe you this person, believe that this value is worth pursuing! (For the same goal: five questions, anti-Chinese citizens say what is democracy!) )

The essence of politics is the relationship between people, and in the face of voters, the orientation of Miao and Xin Jie is very different. "Communication is the value I believe in, and under the premise of equality, we share the most sincere thoughts in each other's hearts." Amiao wants us to experience another way to talk about politics, to change the electorate's vision of "politics": The original politics can be discussed and communicated!

"If we are elected because of the title of the north and Taiwan, it is because of the long beauty that we have a long way to reach a consensus with the electorate and become a political agent." "In the market to worship the ticket when there is often a woman with Yan Jie's hand said don't worry you long so beautiful, and read Tai North A female must be selected!" Xin Jie's heart can not help but a big question mark: "So I am elected only because of beautiful and high education?" "(High education is not a guarantee of success: The New Yorker's survival white paper: not higher than the education, can only work harder than anyone )

We also believe in the importance of communication, because we believe that the purpose of politics is to make life better, and if politics is not the yiyantang of discussion, how do we communicate with each other's voices? "When you find out that politics is different from what you think, is there a time when you're frustrated," said Audrey, the host? 」

Amiao that the true meaning of communication should be to open a "platform to discuss" so that everyone can share their views, even if they disagree with each other and will not be disappointed. But if the opportunity to provide a platform is not willing to give, is the most frustrating place. For young people, Amiao seems to have a little more anticipation, that "youth participation" supporters should be the majority of young people, meet the young voters to Taiwan disappointed, the political cold, do not care more often than regret can not convince the elderly uncle and aunt still come to regret.

Test the values of society towards women

Regardless of the role of the female candidate or the gay identity, the Miao and Yan Jie are in some way testing the values of society for women.

"Taiwan is a very beautiful country, and few people will rationalizations different opinions with you, but you will be very polite to say" comrade "this matter does not need to speak openly so much, and will not openly talk about gay or gender equality. Just as gay friends, they are still very tactful to speak. 」

How much should we say about gay questions? Yan Jie, who once served on the Taiwan Gay Counseling Hotline Association, has not been allowed to talk about the line after becoming a political figure. We all think that the more we speak and the more we see, the more popular and acceptable it will be. As well as defending minority interests, Yuamin legislators can say loudly, "We are Aborigines, we must respect our rights!" , but the side from the assistant to the market, uncles and aunts, we will hope that Yan Jie to "gay issues" less, especially "comrade" and "multiple families" these keywords. Yan Jie reflection: This is not on behalf of Taiwan is not ready to meet the gay issues, to meet the gay legislators? (Extended reading:"God is not afraid of new things!" "The Pope's prescription is gay love."

On the other hand, the more neutral appearance of a seedling more often encountered the question is "is he a boy or a girl?" "Society seems to be accustomed to knowing your sex first and then deciding on the boundaries and patterns of getting along." "I don't want to speak directly about my gender, I want to let everyone observe and discover the process of cognitive wavering from the interaction." "Amiao again" but a lot of uncle did not find, but also praised my handshake is very powerful! At this time, Hin Jie jokingly response: "Probably because it is gay!" The whole audience laughed in a group.

Language and gender can be constructed. Who says girls can't be in politics? Who says comrades cannot come out and elect legislators? Who says neutral dress, strong handshake is a boy? Establish a gender awareness through the process of discussion and develop a value for communication. How to provide sufficient, correct information, so that people focus on the topic of concern, rather than simply discussing male women, negative positive binary is the future we should all strive to target. In the test of social values for women at the same time, we are also testing ourselves in the end is not ready.

Let's embrace a new political imagination.

Amiao and Jerusha are serious about trying to change the current political situation in Taiwan: Why is politics the right one? Politics why is a minority of the game the General people do not care? Why is politics dirty and cannot be discussed?

Understanding does not mean approval, understanding represents acceptance. Through the process of communication, there can be a feeling that we are one and one side.

"You'd better remember what you said today," the voter said in a grim tone when it came to the vote. This is because the people have been constantly disappointed and feel cheated, so we need to pay more and more sincerity to be able to close to the people. Xin Jie in a slightly heavy tone to share with him in the sweep of the street to see the ticket.

The participants at the stage raised their hands and asked, "can youth political participation be able to arouse more youthful strength, and how can we get more support from young voters in the case of the former KO P election?" 」

The election of new recruits and the background of the third force, so that Amiao and Yan Jie's road to the election more difficult to go. "This is a problem for our generation, and sometimes even I think it is not a good thing to talk about politics," said Yan Jie. "Heard here, the next part of the people nodded their approval." What I want to change is the state of "political squalor" and the attitude of young people. Let political canvassing become a normal thing. 」

As long as voters are willing to open up the bridge of communication, it is the impetus that Amiao and Jerusha are willing to continue their efforts. At this point, Yan Jie is a bit excited: "Everyone should be together to control politics, no need for wealth, no need for power, as long as Taiwan has a little dream." "," We are all the same people, why some people can be high, decide our life? 」

Finally, the host Audrey take us back to the original starting point: The original purpose of politics is to hope that society returns to a good life, is a mobility of variability. Even if we hold different beliefs and propositions, we can still raise our hands to raise questions and speak our position, as long as each of us is willing to provide a space for discussion, which is the power of Taiwan's progress.

When we know that there are so many people who are willing to talk openly about politics and politics, we are going to take one small step from everyone to the ideal Taiwan. When everyone is willing to participate in politics and politics, politics will not just be a minority game, but a product of common communication and coordination.