Lin Mi-shou in Taiwan's heart is a human face next door aunt, is every family have so long-winded mother , is the vegetable market live life taste of 38 Ajie. This day, let us know the comedy outside the Lin Mi-shou, that she walked on the road of life down-to-earth. (Recommended you see: life, responsible for their own is enough )

What is the Lin Mi-shou in your mind?

I often think she is the most versatile actor in showbiz, she "natural sunglass fierce good" crying down the Great Wall of advertising, a song "Gold Scold No ㄤ" dance out of Taiwan middle-aged women's momentum, such as Rainbow. No one like her has such a good appetite and ability to do all of the advertising TV movie drama.

It is not too important to say that she is the most evergreen and irreplaceable heroine of the idol play. From "Destined I love You" to "I may not love You", Mei Xiu elder sister plays the full mother role. In addition to the cheerful crowd impression, in "Your Eyes my Hand" more see her play breast cancer want to give up treatment of Xu Tao, layered finish endless soul. (You will like:"I may not love you" writer Xu Xian Court: Collar 22K Okay, tomorrow to have the ability to double )

She is our Taiwan's most humane aunt next door, is every family have so long-winded mother, is the vegetable market live life taste of 38 Ajie.

This day we at the Women's Film festival press conference scene, and irreplaceable Lin Mi-shou together for 20 minutes, said short, but like a half of life that full, like beauty show Sister is always hidden wisdom and life fine extract.

The existence of Lin Mi-shou is a real adventure.

Mei Xiu sister to participate in the Women's Film festival, she is willing to platform for women. "Women play a lot of flexibility and space, they have to contain too many stories, said a year also can not finish." Women's film festivals are all about women's stories, with many different brackets and faces. As we speak of women's tolerance also has too much emotion, is the tolerance of hate, or love tolerance? I think this is a very wonderful place for women. (last year Women's Film Festival Ambassador looked here: unwilling to do only after the day, He Yi poem: "In Showbiz to be a chivalrous woman, in fact, not easy")

Mei Xiu's eyes woman is a great creature, she also said that the women's Film festival is the focus of the spirit of adventure and conflict, their own body with such characteristics. I was in the interview before I wondered how the women's Film festival to find Obermicho sister? They say that because Mei Xiu is a very groundbreaking representative, in the showbiz never rigidly to create an image, very in line with this female film festival adventure and break the spirit of breaking the rules, even if she is not in the eyes of the Taiwanese standard beauty value, but still live brilliantly wonderful, have irreplaceable audience margin. Indeed, we like her not only because of her appearance, but also for her generosity and willingness to challenge the hard spirit of adventure.

Kim Jong, who was shortlisted for this year's show, talked about her adventures in the show, and said that it was often the whole team taking the risk of running from Taiwan to the end of Taiwan and living a life of blood and excitement every day. To talk about the first location program to host the son of Taiwan is more exciting, a group of people in the paddy field Somersault, in the Sea Dart swordfish, it is interesting that the men and women were divided into two ships, one of the boat overturned, and finally only left the beauty show sister of the ship is still idle.

Beauty Show Sister said this is the woman is very incredible place, our strength is not necessarily a place, more like slowly multiply, steady.

Outside the Lin Mi-shou: Take off the joy and enjoy yourself

Most people find Misho always play the role of comedy, she is also very happy to say that the secular society has too much unhappiness, if her a little bit funny can bring the audience a bit of hearty laughter he le?

"We all know that media public figures should bring us positive energy and hope that happiness can infect one!" Mei Xiu elder sister to "media responsibility" on the body, a shoulder to carry up the burden of happy communicators. So there is "doomed I love You" strong domineering Linsisch, with the "Master shop" of the funny mother.

I think she has a great sense of conflict, a willing to share her actress, a routine idol, a seemingly large, but very delicate woman. Beauty show elder sister said oneself in private is glossy, she used to send happy to everyone, oneself but often in mind what, compared to go out of the blood more willing to stay at home, she also occasionally like to buy a diary, draw some illustrations, express mood. (You'll like it: Buy a diary!) Research shows: Writing makes you feel better and less likely to get sick .

You see this kind of Lin Mi-shou, it must be difficult to imagine her a person from the quiet picture of the illustration. The conflict in Lin Mi-shou is absolutely fascinating, a woman with an older soul and a girlish mind, a comedian who accepts the grief of life.

Not just comedians, but the soul of a woman.

I wonder how Mei Xiu has played so many roles, what is the deepest woman in her mind? Mei Xiu sister slowly talk about winning the 46th Admiralty mini series/TV film actress award of the "Human crossing"-Your eyes my hand.

"The drama of the sister Xu Tao is no longer, she was alive we have spoken to her." I was thinking about how many secrets and worries women can hide in their lives. The sister is not too talkative person, play her feelings let me feel that women are selfish or tolerant, or sacrifice, or to fulfill, are all for a love. What did you say she was after all her life? In fact, there is nothing, just equality and love. 」

Beauty show elder sister often bear the husband's violence, they divorced, when the husband is sick is also the elder sister to take care of him. This is the selflessness of women. In the sister sister Mei Xiu deeper exploration of life, she in the "Your eyes my Hand" accept Xu Tao life ruthless blow, cancer pain, through the abstruse after a brand-new life. Mei Xiu said: "Women to bear the role of too much, so I think the role of women than men more fun, more flexible and more interesting." 」

Beauty show Sister also said that in the male and female director of the "expression" of the way to observe the male director of the role of the imagination is often very direct, such as met my child today is gay, male director may feel that this mother should be on the spot outbreak. And beauty show sister thought but is hundred turn back, after more emotional transition and Shen, perhaps just a faint pretend nothing.

I think women's meticulous, not a male director Bilim more understand, she said all women role taught her: "Life is to face, or what?" "A free and easy also way out of the beauty show sister life in the end, she used a broader heart to accept, to achieve their own body hundred Nahaihai tolerance." (You would like: to extend the comfort women with tenderness life Memory: An interview with the CEO of Kang Shuhua )

There's only one word in acting: cool.

Many people say that Lin Mi-shou in the theater is the green leaves to red flowers, I think she just has been in bud, where in fact all vaguely wrapped in flowers, just destined to smell her, like Mei Xiu sister regardless of love or career are middle-aged flowering, but not withered. I asked Mei Xiu to talk about how can you go into play like this without hesitation? The meaning of her talk of acting was a bold answer: "Cool." 」

"Acting can express a lot of feelings. I was in one of the plays, and I was under a lot of pressure. As an actor, we watch the director slowly write out the story, release, and laugh gradually back. It's really just one word, it's cool, the director is cool, the actors are cool. How to cry, how to hate, how to love, all with the best. 」

I think the essence of an actor is a sensitive, magnified five-feeling creature. Mei Xiu elder sister in life in pursuit of insipid live, on the stage experience countless deep-rooted joys and sorrows. (Recommended reading: Rayya: Acting with all the strength of the body, can be called an actor )

Don't share the sad comedy characters

Many people think this kind of Lin Mi-shou performance on the road smooth sailing, in fact, she has a good eight years of time to do the dancers, endure many do not know where the next meal, even the bus is reluctant to sit on the day. Always under the spotlight lamp not stingy smile Lin Mi-shou, talk about the life of the only the most difficult moments, she said it is probably the mother went away at that time.

We vaguely remember the 46th annual Admiralty Lin Mi-shou won the mini drama heroine in the stage with tears: "I want to thank my father and mother in the sky." "At that moment, many artists shed tears, because Lin Mi-shou into the showbiz dozens of years they see in the eye, is not the beauty show elder sister of the person before joyful, alone endure sadness." "I pelting can only always work, smile, as long as the life of" mother "two words I can not. These days passed very long, slowly peace to spend. I put her in my heart, not my mouth. Occasionally see a mother memories of the corner, think of her, it is so. (Extended reading: every day is a practice of letting go: to put down sadness and accept love )

Mei Xiu's habit closes the door, self heals, she says such thing and others say just put the burden to throw out, so choose a person to adjust, digest.

Through the river of the Spirit: peace is good

In the drama through the years of commuting, Mei Xiu sister to their own life only one request, that is peace.

"Nothing is safe, nothing is required." Love I also have a marriage, the cause is also very satisfied, all hope to safely go to the end. Tomorrow will also have to live, the day after tomorrow will also live, worry too much useless. 」

Mei Xiu sister said that peace two words particularly heavy, especially reassuring, like she gave her great sadness of life to take a relief pill. She said that it is better to live in the moment than to worry about where it will explode tomorrow.

Mei Xiu sister with a walk through the river, not looking back, also not sad, only to forget the unhappy. She is a small number of younger and more active showbiz model, I wonder how the beauty show sister how to look at age? She smiled and said that young of course is good, but the old heart is bad. (Hey dear: Be A lovely old woman, why not )

Old has the taste: more than 60 years old still want to play!

"Young we say is a sister, old to say flavor." But really want me to choose the flavor of my choice. Because appearances can be changed, but the inner intelligence is not. 」

Mei Xiu never felt that youth was the only value, and she lived more and more well before and after the fluorescent screen. "The age is measured by yourself, you can dress outwardly, you can cultivate the inner." I am now just living in the watershed of life, the envy of young and accept the future mentality is also constantly in balance. 」

Mei Xiu sister and her dialogue, she often forget that she is more than 40 years old, to beauty show elder sister is a game of their own with their own, see you and how you say, how you accept.

I asked her if she ever imagined her old age. "More than 60 years old, I still want to act. "Mei Xiu elder sister said Young have young soul, old have old taste, live to old, play to old, is her like aging way."

Finally, I asked Mei Xiu to give a woman to the reader a word, encouraging us in the face of the passage of time, in the age of the seesaw between the move forward.

"Don't be confused, do it right, do the right to go bravely, not brave to refuse." 」

Do right, according to Lin Mi-shou philosophy of life, perhaps we will have the courage to life a little bit more brave. (Recommended reading:"Try to please everyone, you will not progress" 12 female leaders talk about love, growth and the workplace )