Have you got a little more understanding of the comfort women, grandma, since the song of Reed was released? Behind all this, the efforts of the Women's Relief fund should be seen in addition to thanking the director of Wu Shujiang and the support of the people. Today, I'm interviewing you to the Kang Shuhua CEO of the Women's Aid Council! Let us not only talk about the story of the Women's Aid council, but also talk about the Kang Shuhua of the implementation of the long journey . (A story different from the past: the comfort women are not just three words in the history textbook: "Song of the Reeds" sings the Flexible Life of Grandma )

"The most important thing in history is people, people will fade away but the spirit will not." 」

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"Song of the Reed" will be one months after the release, the story of Grandma, Grandma Spirit is still deep in my mind. The documentary, which grandma in her later years in the body and mind workshop organised by the Women's Rescue Foundation, was filmed in 2013, but because there was no conflict, no accusations and no animosity, it was officially released at the cinema in 2015, when the film dealers were not optimistic. Unexpectedly in the competition intense summer vacation, has set the million box-office success!

Does the stunning performance of the song of Reeds mean that the success of the women's aid in the comfort women issue? The Kang Shuhua CEO thought, in her usual gentle and steady tone, "I think it seems like a very successful result." But compared to the box office results, I was moved by the fact that the women's assistance will be able to adhere to this issue from 1992, and the efforts of all of you and do not give up is to let me proud of the value! 」

A higher perspective on the issue of comfort women in the curriculum

The Kang Shuhua CEO has been in the service for nearly 10 years. Petite figure, simple, refreshing short hair, a trouser suit, body not too much decoration. In a light rain evening came to women's paradise. He spoke softly and tenderly, but with great weight.

"Like the song of the row board" is my first impression of her.

Four years after joining the Women's Social Security Council, Shuhua began to participate in the comfort women related activities. Grandma is a part of her job, and a lovely group of Forget-the-age. Speaking of grandma, Shuhua's tone changed a lot: sometimes perseverance, sometimes relaxed. In the eyes occasionally reveal a little to grandma's and sentimental.

A while ago, the issue of "comfort women" was shuhua by the controversy over the fine-tuning of the curriculum, but there was a different view. (What's the noise of the class?) Why the anti-class adjustment? Street Voice: History should conform to the subjectivity of the Earth

"In our textbooks, we should reopen the discussion and state the issue of the comfort women , rather than simply adding the words" forced "to the end in the previous two. At the international level, the comfort women have been positioned as "military slaves", and it involves a wide range of dimensions: State and sexual relations, women's rights at the expense of patriarchal systems, and the social strata and structure in general. 」

When the subject of the topic of the town, Shuhua as if she was sitting outside the city looking at all the people, choose to use a different angle to interpret the issue. In the face of what we think is absurd, her tone remains calm, trying to inject a clean stream of different views into the hot noise of society.

Many people cannot accept, or even understand why, as a woman who executes long, she will say "forced" is not the word. There are also people who see sex workers and comfort women in the same way, or why sex work cannot be a choice. Shuhua elder sister not angry also not annoyed, and more feeling and hair said: "We are of course of the view that the comfort women are forced, but we do not agree that the argument of" forced "in the curriculum simplifies the complexity and the human rights implications of the question of the comfort women, and that it is also easy to push this issue into question on the motives of the parties, resulting in voluntary, The involuntary two-yuan antithesis theory. Even if someone volunteered, does it mean that they are not worthy of being pitied? Ignoring the inhuman treatment it had suffered in the comfort women. 」

" comfort women are sex slavery and cannot equate sex workers with their situation." But as far as sex workers are concerned, what we should think about is what is wrong with our social structure, which will allow a woman to buy and sell her own body when she has no choice. Whether they are comfort women or sex workers, when we discuss whether they are voluntary or forced, does it mean that volunteers are not worthy of sympathy? Perhaps you would say, "willing to take on behalf of", but is forced by the reality is a "force." "

Why do we feel that volunteers are not worthy of compassion? Is this the same as blaming girls for being raped because they're exposed to the social scene? Boys can shoot naked male photo, girl Xiao Lu breasts is to corrupt social good atmosphere. Our society is always very strict with girls: you cannot wear exposure, you can not show your desires ... the requirements for boys are much more forgiving.

Unlike social disputes, Shuhua elder sister See is the view, see is the social structure under helpless. Nevertheless, unlike the sober reference to sexual exploitation and sexual violence, the Shishuhua of the comfort women, grandma, presents another aspect.

Comfort women are more warm than you think.

Read the song of the Reed, the heart is full of moving. Look at Grandma's smile, I think they are really close to me very close to the existence, as my side of any Taiwan grandma. I can't help wondering if sister Shuhua, who are so close to grandma, have any special good granny? "Every grandmother is lovely!" Grandma will be zhengchong with each other so you can't be eccentric. "But you can secretly share with us her closest two grandma."

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"Show Sister grandma Ah" Shuhua sister paused a moment, the mouth raised a light smile "and the film, is very warm!" After an event, Shuhua's family invited show sister grandma together to the company near the tofu shop to eat tofu. Only briefly, Shuhua's family is every time with the grandmother met when the object was brought up. "Although she always remembers how big my child is, this little move makes me really feel like Grandma is a very thoughtful person!" 」

Speaking of Lotus grandmother, Shuhua elder sister pushed a little glasses, different from just brisk, her tone became very gentle "in fact, and the grandmother to become ripe from filming that time began." "If the show Sister grandma is a vibrant sunflower, the Lotus grandmother is really a leisurely independent of the water on the lotus." "What touched me most was that when Grandma first participated in the body and mind Workshop, she did not want to mention her past experience as a comfort woman, or talk to other grandma, and later she was willing to make a public identity or even film a documentary." Is how many hesitation and struggle to let grandma willing to change themselves and stand out! Shuhua's tone and eyes are full of pride.

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At the outset, she was as surprised as we were by the change of the Lotus grandmother, Grandma said: "If the story is not left behind, no one will know." "I think, this sentence should bring to Shuhua great strength." In addition to the belief that the Women's Council has always insisted on being accepted by her, Grandma began to embrace her past and become a stronger person, and also indirectly affirmed the efforts of the body and mind workshop.

The comfort women are not only three words in the history textbook, but a model of the contemporary feminist movement.

"Many reporters will ask Grandma whether he is still angry with the Japanese government when he is dying in bed, so that you must do justice for them?" But this is definitely not what we want, we hope that grandma can really put down, let life complete. 」

In the end of the life of Grandma, revenge is not the most important thing. "If I can, I hope they will not be tied to the pain, can take happy memories to Another World" originally quiet sister Shuhua, can't help but red eyes, head gently upward, trying to stop tears.

Talking about that part of the show Sister grandma in bed time, like recalling the grandmother's intimate, grandma the courage to try, Grandma open-minded and every time in the window watched the car leave lovely move, let her unbearable excitement choked.

I see the grandmother as a loved one, distressed their life hard Shuhua sister Heart soft side.

In addition to the historical significance of "comfort women", what does Shuhua want to leave to society through this group of grandma?

"Grandma's life experience is too bitter, the community's misunderstanding of the comfort women too deep, from the World War II survivors to the right to move the change has left the community a positive force:" Although the long, but the pain is a chance to recover. ", as a pioneer in the anti-gender violence, Grandma has brought more learning to contemporary women than history textbooks."

The meeting with the Women's Council was accidental and doomed.

Speaking of the meeting with the Women's Aid Association, Shuhua remembers: "The university organization visits" is the first time that she has known the Women's Aid Society in the Department of Social Work. Although the Women's Council was a small group, it was famous for promoting child prostitution relief activities.

To my surprise, Shuhua decided to work as a volunteer at the moment of her visit! The first and only time she was a volunteer, she was in a state of emergency: when she was escorted by her husband and mother-in-law, who was sold as a prostitute to the Cloud Lands Department, he found that the victim was covered with a long-sleeved coat and his arms were full of suicide marks. Shuhua's tone sank, and seemed to regret the helplessness of being a student at the time. This is her only contact with the women's aid, but it also left a great shock in her heart.

After studying for home, I was invited by my friends to join the work of the Women's Social Security Council as another story.

"To be honest, actually very hesitant, also considered for a very long time," Kang Shuhua thought for a moment, like remembering the heart with suspicion and fear of their own, to say that the doubts of the year "small social transport groups in the operation and sound of the road will encounter a lot of difficulties, setbacks, I really want to join? 」

"Perhaps it is the one-woman of the Women's Council: Against sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and the persistence of the positive little things that have made me resolutely devote myself to this worthwhile thing!" 」

Shuhua sister smiled softly, as if laughing at herself with a stupidity peculiar into the community, but the eyes are so firm, full of strength.

Less resources, less manpower, and a 10-year hard road for the women's Social Security Council

Recognizing the reality of the situation: less resources, less manpower, and so many Taiwanese women's groups, Shuhua, nearly 10 years old, tried to find a way out of her predicament: what else can we do that others haven't?

30 years since the founding of the Republic in 76, the Women's Social Security Council has always believed in "combating sexual violence and exploitation". The issues of concern were also from child prostitution, to human trafficking, comfort women, intimate violence and so on. It is the goal of the women's Union to find out where they are from the vast community of social transport groups and to spend the most valuable effort. Shuhua in the tone of the slightest comparison, and no hard to be different from others feel, but is very serious about the current gap in women's groups and try to bring it to a successful conclusion. Thus, " violence prevention " is the most special place for the women's assistance.

Shuhua in a very relaxed tone to promote the prevention of violence on the road encountered difficulties, the kind of ease is not a matter of concern, but believe that the close off of the confidence.

"Prevention is better than cure" is understood by everyone, but in practice it is much harder than expected. The first is money, which, rather than investing in short-term results, is more like investing in a nutritious lunch for poor children than it is to quench their thirst immediately. The second is that, unlike traditional case work, child and adolescent violence prevention education must first transform our knowledge of violence and the ideas we want to convey into educational programs, and in marketing and design to campus, we must have more cooperation across the field.

"Sometimes there are interesting things," he said. "It's like trying to soften a serious atmosphere," like we had a love talk in the country, but it was a school with an "forbidden love order." "Even if you see the contradictions of society and need to change the place, in the eyes of Shuhua sister seems to have no way to pass the threshold." We saw only the big rocks in front of us, but she was able to find order from the rubble and try to carry the stones. Because she believed in the back of the stone heap, there must be a way to continue to go down.

"Although the difficulty is many, but persists must be able to see its value!" 」

Every great woman has a great soul behind her.

It is difficult for the social transport group to go this way. Whether it's for a few voices trying to find a little direction in the middle of the gap, or the frustration that may be encountered in the activity push. Everyone said: "Behind every successful man there is a great woman", the great woman behind it? What is the strength to support Shuhua sister to go all the way to this day.

"It is also an important lesson to know yourself very well, apart from sticking to something worthwhile and rewarding." Social workers have a background, which gives her more opportunities to understand herself than the average person.

"When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you will not be so afraid of the difficulties." 」

Shuhua, who knows she is a perfectionist, often keeps herself in a tight state because of the pursuit of perfect obsession. These years she began to learn to accept 75 points of their own, but also began to learn to let themselves go.

Six years ago, the appointment of the governor, to the public initiative concept, and the media business contact with the nature of the work and the original introverted personality, so that she had to do things to do the best and exclusion of the contradictory mentality to accept this new challenge. Then found that the pursuit of 100 points of obsession and exclusion of the great pressure of work so that she can not breathe, so began to learn to transform the contradiction. The new nature of the work as a study, and then tell yourself because it is learning, do not need to ask for 100 points immediately. Gradually, more and more can be found in the work of happiness and sense of accomplishment.

Know yourself enough to speak the virtues of weakness so honestly, enough honesty to face the naked self, to turn the crisis into a turning point. Listen to Shuhua sister said the original struggle, will find her eyes are clear and firm, is after the traces of the wash.

There are too many opportunities in life to meet setbacks, I feel the Shuhua sister want to through her story to bring the same confused person a little strength. She also shared with us another way to get to know her better: "Don't be afraid to know yourself or get into a dead alley, you can seek help from a counselor!" Don't feel like you're sick to see a doctor, because everyone needs to be honest with themselves. 」

The original seemingly perfect Shuhua sister also has an imperfect place. Shuhua sister embarrassed to bow, and then smiled and said: "In the family this piece I also want more oil" the first time to see Shuhua sister's slightly shy shyness smile, suddenly feel the distance between us is a step closer to the "because in the social transport group work, time is not fixed, coupled with the heavy business of the CEO, so accompany the children less time." Good risk and children are very able to understand and cooperate, let me relaxed a lot! But the future should be to spend more time in the family. 」

Whether it is sister Shuhua, who works for women's rights, or sister Shuhua, who is a stable woman, or who is brave enough to admit that she is deficient and determined to change, she is shining.

I think that every great woman has a huge soul behind them, pushing them towards the ideal future. Whether it is the courage to accept the challenge of the thirst for knowledge, adhere to the concept of faith, the sustenance of the family, understanding and support, each piece of small pieces of puzzle is pieced together into a strong inner element. Did you find the little jigsaw puzzle in your heart?