We read the little Prince together, quietly looked up at the stars, think that proud rose, domesticated fox; Next we read a few meters, to practice the adult fairy tale, to embrace the pain of growing up, a few meters inside the original said a lot of the story grew up. (Recommended reading: a few meters, "The Moon Forgot": The Most lonely time, the warmest companionship)

"I often a person, walk a long way, in the wind when I feel like a leaf." "---the Stars

A few meters of work, said is to learn to grow up and grow up after the story, when you are young, you look forward to grow up quickly, but no one seriously warned you grow up is difficult. And a few meters, in the smile can not have the world of fairy tales, to image as a path to tell another stubborn and gentle language, to face the mentality of resistance to grow up, to understand the helplessness and the choice of growing up, to the existing cold world to propose another set of solutions.

We, as adults, have probably run away a few times in his paintings.

When you think of the Dark World in the moon's forgotten book, The Little Boy and the moon uphold hair light; you think of "go to the left, go right" this city makes it very impressive to miss, each encounter has an absolute reason; Do you think that the girl named Mishi in "I am not the perfect child" is like you? You think of yourself, standing in front of the world, you probably don't need to live so lonely and helpless.

Many people looked at a few meters, while crying. A few meters of such warm work, but from the beginning of pain. 1995 that year, a few meters suffering from leukemia, stopped in the advertising company 12 work hard, at home for three years, began to draw their own illustrations. That calm three years, like reign and then born, bred a lot of kindness to the world and people. (With the factory Gayon: The story behind a few meters: blood cancer after, draw the most beautiful spring scenery )

Looking back on several meters of work, from the first "secrets in the Forest" and then to 2015 of the "Forget to kiss", a few meters of 41 works is the bedside story of adults, to tell us those about growing up, about the loss, about love, about the balance of truth.

About growing up: writing to a child who has broken with the world

"Looking up at the stars, I wonder: is someone coming towards me from somewhere in the world?" Like the light, reach another star from one star. "---the Stars"

The child in the moon's forgotten is surrounded by the moon, he closed his ears and looked coldly at the world, except for the moon beside him, and there seemed to be no one else in the world to understand him; the two children of the stars defected from the "other life expectancy" and learned not to resist growing up in the stars.

Many times, I believe that a few meters of work is painting to and the world unknowingly broken contact with the children, in a moment to become adults, we finally accidentally let the young himself to pass out, indulge in the innocent of their own drifting on the sea, looking at the stars without answers. We looked at the picture book before we remembered it.

People are born to desire to build relationships, the lost people especially, we use rebellious posture to escape, but we still have to work with ourselves, with people, and the world to establish relations, only to find their own place of existence. To the children who have broken up with the world, we can maintain their own drifting coordinates, we still occasionally believe that there is no absolute goal of progress, and occasionally to let the heart hot, to do a silly and happy, like a child. (Recommended reading: in love, Keep childlike innocence: Charlie Brown )

About missing: Adapting to urban apathy is not a part of growing up

"The maze of cities, people are accustomed to see the same scenery, go the same route, to the same destination, habits make people's life no longer change." Habits make people have a sense of security, but also a kind of inexplicable loneliness. And you never know what your habits will make you miss. "---go left, go right"

The story of a few meters has a strong sense of the city, people from the jungle to the cement jungle life, convenient traffic pointers, rapid movement of the body, the regular pace of life, we are more and more accustomed to a single path forward. A road that never ventured, often pointing to the same result, in the city, missed how natural. We have always thought that to adapt to the city's indifference and rapid nomadic, is a part of growth, and then how many people with sharp and angular, and finally by the crowd grinding smooth, only in order to change more shelter place. (Recommended reading:"People should have edges and corners, do not be tactful to their own do not recognize the" interview with Hong Kong mouth female writer Denethor poetry )

But do you believe that there is a destiny in the world? A fork in the road, a rain, a sudden decision, can let you see the different scenery, meet the different people, to reconsider their way forward. A few meters with "go to the left, go right" for Miss and reunion thrown out the doubt, everything is absolute it? In the process of growing up, you want to live in absolute or relative world? Is it possible that the call also believes in "how precious is the meeting?"

About love: the elimination, insecurity and hope inside

"Everyone has a love like the moon, because this lover, we have the ability to protect." "---the Moon has forgotten"

I have always felt that "the moon has forgotten" is a very cruel story, the moon disappeared, people first sentimental, and then the factory made one after another beautiful public version of the moon, it sends a slight light, just fill the hearts of people vacancy. Then there is the new moon, updated the moon, and then updated the moon appears, the moon has been eliminated again and again. (Not much like the iPhone?) )

And this time, temporarily lost memory of the moon, and boys meet, they went to a lot of places together, do a lot of dreams, so free. Until one day, the moon think of who they are, become more and more big, can no longer go home with the boy, finally to the parting, the boy smell the fragrance of lilies, is his last memory of this relationship.

The moon and the boy talk about a short love, "The Moon forgot" in less sensational way to tell the story of love. Love is not just omnipotent, love is also very cruel, will be forgotten will be eliminated, there will be helpless and uneasy, never just love love is good. But if you have loved the moon as love, you will have the ability to protect, even if only the distance, not together, are the way of love. (Recommended to you: embrace love book list: Six books, for the Lost in Love you )

About the balance: still remember to cry

"Always in the time of happiness, feel a slight fear." When laughing, I shed tears of emotion. I can't believe in pure happiness. The ups and downs of life, both calm and uneasy. "I have a flower in my heart every day."

A few meters just began to write "My heart every day out a flower" in mind, to write an inspirational short story set, write and feel inspirational philosophy good plane, so have a little boy, little girl, and a bunch of lush flowers.

Life is not just a one-sided of good and bad, in the happiest of times, sadness lurking in the most shining time, you remember the dark side, you do not really just think that the world only goodness, but ugly enough to scare you to go forward. Only laugh will cry adults know, the balance of the world is actually more difficult, but in fear, I want to send you a flower, and you, to send yourself a flower.

The so-called balance, is in the process of growing up to know that happiness is not the whole of life, sadness and tears how valuable, you do not just laugh, or to remember to cry, you have to give yourself the time to hurt, and then to restore the time of the wound, where the scab, later is your strongest place. (Recommended reading: The story of the Girl and the Red Rose: the tears flowing through, will be strung into a woman's taste )

Why grow up afraid of growing up instead? Perhaps we are just too afraid to admit that we unconsciously become the old hated adults. We fear our indifferent faces, fearing that we will do anything for some purpose, fearing that we will no longer ask why, fearing that we no longer believe in the ability to make changes. Fear, is our last line of defense, and then a few meters appeared, like a lamp lit, lit up the line of defense, there are many friends.

Growth is painful, but never as lonely as you think.