This month we talked about the image of a witch in the film together with the authors kelsebear , KangHao , firewood , and female editor Aubrey .The last film to be shared with you is the revolutionary "Lady's Seniors" of the women's revolution. The heart of the history and instability of the turmoil is the thermometer, and see who pushed the women's sky show.

They ignore you first, then laugh at you, and then you attack you, and then you win."

The women's film festival Free the Nipple, adapted real-life social movements to bring the scene to the scene of the struggle behind the scenes.The story was made by a New York reporter for the social system, Wisand Wes, who lost their jobs after the release of the social activist Liv Liberation Movement. The owner of the newspaper thought it was "unvalued news" and an opportunity to become part of the campaign to liberate the nipples.

Free nipple?Why us

We remember when Icelandic teenager Adda Smaradottir was photographed over a Facebook review mechanism, and a "#FreeTheNipple" event was burned on the Internet, and many women expressed support for gender equality. Why Now we want to pursue equality in a nudity manner? The social and religious system of this world has oppressed women for thousands of years, not to change overnight. Things that have never changed in history? Why now?Why us?You can't help but think.

The film is a good answer: " Don't forget people and animals, even insects , are deep in DNA of deep desire to be free.We live in a social media era, the range that we can reach in the week of our week, far more than the generation the Buddha, the Buddha, and the Moses, that thousands of years to reach!

This is the era of widespread information networks, the burgeon of speech, and the age of this shift, so that we are so special.At that time, the generation allowed us more expression of space, and we should have a relative right of expression.Culture is a vector that must be inclusive of all kinds of colors. Otherwise, our freedom is just a hollow shell.(Extended reading: Anheather, Juliamore, Kylie Mexican!Four girls' gender counterattack on Hollywood

Every time I think of Emma Watson's speech at the United Nations, " If it wasn't me, who would that be?If not now, when will it be?"This is not to treat the world as your own, but to break away from gender and see the many issues that occur in contemporary society, not others, but our own things," he said. " — many actions are only one of the most simple reasons. —

Out of the history of the women's sugar sweater

In 1907, French designer Paul Beauly designed the brassiere, replacing the waist of Europe at the time, and the women's bodies began to have freer elasticity.Nearly 100 years now, we are beginning to break free of the clothing that wraps up the expression of women's rights.Instead of resisting, it's not the right thing to do, it's that our bodies must have the right to ideologies and voices other than sex.

Women are often just a historical frame of clothing, each of us being a standard, a fashion that is allowed to be considered for adoption.In the case of the Chinese system, the ancient times never liked women who were too touch-screen, and women had to pass a test of their own.The crease on the skirt is used to achieve "Little Chia-yu", and the walking is so small that it does not allow a flickering by a flickering; the three-inch golden lotus is to crumble, and to create a male beauty and a desire to protect her.(Recommended reading: Large size models and black women's proofs: New York Fashion Week, you shouldn't be focused on beauty and fashion )

Now we no longer have to take off clothes to find out who you are, and are no longer willing to passively be covered by the social layer of sugar.When we argue about the nude photos of women, Poka and Wang Lang, we want to think more about what the meaning of a woman's representation in contemporary society is.

As a taboo of a woman

" We are not born and are women, we are women.' — — Simonpova

"You're wearing such a short skirt, live that rape," and Facebook is imposing strict rules on the sharing of pornographic content.We also have a limit on the size of the nudity."," You don't check the body so it's been picked up "," You are naked in public, and this is a criminal behavior."Who wants us to be a woman, and the nature of women is full of absurdity.

Women's nipples are simplified into a symbol of pornography, shyness, and content that is more inappropriate than violence, killing, and damaging content, and it is not more appropriate to be frank in the light of the day of the day, the media reports.What makes us look at the nipples at the same time?Who made the nipple a social taboo?Film director Lina.Escoe said that the original intent of the film was to resist the multiple standards of the New York government's physical condition.The study says that a child can at least see more than 16,000 murders stories and stories from American television before the age of the child.Woman star Janet Jackson was only fined $550,000 for overt milk in a live broadcast.(Siblings: Gender Divergence No Blue Green: Women politicians, why can't you be "single" in the right way?)

The body is a personal story, not a legend.

" When my film rode naked breast passes through Times Square in New York, what they actually crossed is the crossroads of the world, and this is the story of the society, and it's a victory for the individual.If one is free, how much fear can it defeat?" — — Lina.Escoe

I think it's more like the self-revolution of women than to say it's a declaration of war on the system.We are trying to clear the unclean feeling of the unconscious body of the body, the hemorrhage of the blood, the clothing of the cultural religion, the breasts of clothing, and the brassiere that burst upon the night of the burst.

This age requires a new story, a new hero version.In the movie, the women shouted, as if they were saying, "Don't put my body in your shame, this is my body."

"A person dreams, dreams are just a fantasy," "
group of people dream, dreams come true."

Visas predict John Lennon's prediction. A story that always happens in the most unbridled corner of the New York apartment, where two women are naked and free, and the wind shatles their hair, and the skin is thoroughly soaked in the sun, with the speckles and fine lines.

This month we sing the song of