[chew weekly chew] is our new attempt!We know that time is always fragmented, so the [chew-chewing weekly] unit seeks to make it easy for you to take a deep, deep, but deep, and easy way to take away; a topic that lets you chew slowly.Today we are exploring potential gender gaps by visiting the Dalai Lama in the UK.(Recommended reading: Eranobanosis, the most notorious wound )

This is a busy week.In addition to the pope's visit to the United States, the Dalai Lama's nine-day visit to London, the Dalai Lama told EU countries not to deny safe havens to refugees because of their Muslim identity.(Recommended reading: Hidden name under European refugee tide!)Alan's Alert for the World )

an interview with the BBC, the Dalai Lama mentioned that the purpose of his visit was to promote the importance of empathy, and to treat others well into the essence of others' ability to value happiness.But while promoting human rights issues, the Dalai Lama has made a poor gender speech, and when asked about his thoughts if the Dalai Lama is reincardin, he says

The Dalai Lama certainly may have become a woman, but she must have a good look." “ If Female Dalai Lama Come, the face must be very, very-should be very attractive. ”

Faced with the host's face of doubt, the Dalai Lama reiterated that "if the Dalai Lama becomes a woman, and he's not good at seeing it, what's the point?"" “ If a female Dalai comes comes, then that female must be attractive, otherwise not much use. ”

In fact, the Dalai Lama to himself as a "feminist" in the interview, wanted to see more female leaders, and said, "If the leaders of most countries are women, we may be safer, because women have a peace-loving heart."" don't believe in the laughter of the Dalai Lama," he said, "I don't believe it."(Recommended to you: Joseph Gordon LI, who embracs feminism: "Don't make gender define who we are" )

This has not only reflected the Dalai Lama's stereotypes about women (for example, the key words of peace and the appearance of beauty, etc.), and also reflect the misrepresentation of women in the language and behaviour that may be borne by women at all levels of life.Small to everyday life can be deeply rooted in the circumstances of religion.

What do you think about this issue?Do you think the Dalai Lama only flippin, or is there an undiscovered virgour plot that he hasn't even found?Leave a message, write down your thoughts, and let's discuss it together.

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