Last Sylvia for us to open to "gorgeous office" of the beautiful door, the Eason Chan, talk about life, saying that we will be more relieved of setbacks . Listen to E god from the music scene, with the play pondering himself, the work of the Law of Survival , also find his life annotation, he now more frankly said: "I want Eason's life has a sense of frustration." "(Recommended reading: Sylvia talk about life and survival of the way:" The reality again cold, heart also if Hot "(the end of the movie Gift ticket))

He is the king of 〈k songs to lay the status of E God; a singer's career that sang for dozens of years of red life; a "pompous" shock to the Chinese pop music. Whose youth has not been his gentle stroke pain, sings the injury to hum the broken, Eason Chan's aversion, Eason Chan's Madness, Eason Chan's bigotry, about Eason Chan, we always think of his voice first.

The song into the film, the Eason Chan in the "gorgeous office" with a good voice staged a ridicule of the workplace musical. "Gorgeous office worker" is Sylvia's stage play, Johnnie looked a few years ago, feel interesting, so 26 years later, "The story of the Alang" Duki, Sylvia, Chow Yun-Fat, Luo reunion, plus a Lin Xi write words, Tang Eason with Taiwan, so that the current Chinese film quite experimental character of social satire.

The true sad textbook: the Compromise of life and survival

About "Gorgeous office", Eason Chan said that talk about is lost, look back to find their own. "Zhang Sister's script is very touching heart, I think this movie talk about a kind of lost, said my role David, he is a self-confident, very personal charm, have taste, eloquence good, very sociable office workers." Appearance is positive and optimistic, but there is a lot of anxiety in mind. He came to work in the city from the countryside and was infected by the society. People will be affected by the group, he used to be simple and simple, to the city has changed, the film is some of the lost plot, can reflect many have such encounters of the office workers. 」

Eason Chan said that our generation, too easy to lose themselves in the city, he has not less to look for the so-called ideal starting point. In the movie The Great Wei is the social middle order the Office family. Squint looked up and looked at the big city by the building covered the day, into the door, but also into a rush to the small make, all the same position, desperate to climb up. "David is very much connected with the ideal, and his predecessor is like an ideal symbol." And his interpretation is the ideal of deformation. Maybe his experience is a bit sad, but this is a bad example. "(now the heat is reflected:"read the poet "tomorrow to continue fighting courage! Interview Hong: You have a pen, you need to write for people who can't speak.

Sadness is also a kind of textbook, he is so wide with life difficult, let us intervene in the film of cold-blooded madness, with experience to accompany their own secular. "No matter life, the most afraid is not clear, clear, even if you know what the result is, not afraid of." Eason Chan talked clearly, I think is back to the ideal starting point, back to the heart of longing, is naked to see the reality has not been packaged himself.

Eason Chan has a song, but also this resistance to the growth of sorrow: "I will tell you the lie to you first to apologize, when you find that black and white is not so clear; the world, not so fair, don't be too disappointed, I speak is a dream." Don't listen to what we say, don't let anyone tell you how you treat the world, or what it does to you. "He dedicated his daughter to the 〈baby song〉, singing back to the heart of the infinite universe of lightness and freedom, on the reality, we miss the smile of childhood, but also know how to forgive."

Man, wrap a piece of cloth when you come, cover a piece of cloth when walking

About the slick character in the movie, he said he even hated the character, David has a kind of despicable and pitiful "he is in the film is Zhang elder sister role Zhangwei influence, constantly want to become zhangwei so wrist good, can play the survival of the game of the people, to a certain stage, David began to feel that I can not be a puppet forever." With inferiority, there is the story behind. "The drama of David always reminiscent of Lin Xi wrote the " Sunset Ordinary things 〉:" Good scenery is, sunset Ordinary things , but every day seeing, is never the same. " in the time we are powerless, but seldom understand that every day is no longer coming."

Everyone has the story of the back of life, Eason Chan talked about the fate is open-minded, it is good, the defeat also can see open: "His decision is for his destiny, David to the end is not to who, can only blame themselves." We have setbacks like blaming, you think, when people come wrapped in a cloth cover, walk is a cloth cover, fate finally return to their body. He waved his hand, and his face showed a playful absence, and the look seemed to come to a certain level of life, no longer complaining of the worldly, but trying to understand. (Extended reading: maturity is not worldly, but no matter how bad the world is, you still believe in goodness )

No longer in the music, low down humble look at the bleak life

Return to their own, he mysteriously narrowed the smile, the words of the Xuan, as if the big child of his at this time like carrying a lot of profound stories come, it is a solid through many roads big boy heart of sadness innocence, generously and let go. As he said, "I am also looking for", is no longer a young lad, but still do not give up the search for the heat, you said Eason in the performing arts industry mixed sophistication, I think that the sophisticated under a kind of real kindness.

Such kindness is his compassion for a tragic character: "Even if David had done anything, I knew he was not a bad man." You think, when you can't swim in the sea, you see a small jar that wants to hold it. When people encounter situations, there are selfish selfishness, then a bit of the dark side of human nature out, some people will struggle, some people calm. People are all that way, they will think, just relax, have come to the back of my life. 」

Said at the same time his eyes as if there is a deep ocean, deeply want to hug something, I understand that is no longer the same music, but low down the bend waist, entrenched in the lowest life position, look at those yanliang. I think of a scene in the movie David let go of the steering wheel, open his arms and stand up against the wind. That moment also like to put off the control of life, is a kind of destruction to the deepest soothing. Perhaps these two kinds of release, are somewhat similar. (You will like: "bird Man" applause again: we are afraid of the stage of the discontent field )

Happiness is doing stupid things: not taboo, only happy

Once Hong Kong media visit Eason Chan What is the most enjoyable thing for you, he replied: "Stupid." The greater the more sober, the greater the more taboo, it will be difficult to be happy. 」

The Eason Chan, who met the play, plays a deliberate career, loses his happiness and lives only for survival. The workplace is not a game, happiness is no longer so simple, friends seem to have all the purpose of the exchanges. Such a road, perhaps Eason Chan also passed. A few years ago the news reported his perverse domineering, his manic melancholy. He said that those years he gave himself a lot of pressure, many old-timers said to him, "Hong Kong music depends on you." After listening to this for a long time, gradually put pressure on themselves, into a negative mood.

However, these years of Eason's eyes no longer have bully spirit, but when he talked about the fun of the play let you think that the original is a kind of valuable child gas, the storm of the years past, Eason Chan and a bit more stable, steadfast.

(Photo source: BBC)

I want Eason's life to have a sense of frustration.

Talking about life, Eason Chan said: "After all, I was really a long song singing people, when a singer, it is easy to leave life, acting is to live with the synchronization." Closer to life, you see life more. 」

Singing is certainly his starting point, he to the end of the good company, Eason Chan also said in the play there are several songs of singing he is always more relaxed and confident, and acting for him is like developing a new self: "The play made me a bit of a hit, I think it is good, I finished the play I think I have too much to learn as an actor." Have a special impulse to go to an acting-related course. The play was a bit frustrating for Eason's whole life. "(You will like: Shei Xinying talk about" Transtextuality Niang "!) Juhu only two lines, but the most frustrating role in the play .

"After this film I found that no matter the acting music life I have a lot of room for improvement, so I cherish this opportunity." 」

The original has a sense of frustration, but also one of the purposes of living a good life, it makes you feel that you can exert the space, let you feel life is still long.

Life, Love will win

The movie puts the character into the alley of the struggle for life, and does not forget to leave some love to the character. The Big Wei and Sophie (Tang play) has ambiguous, Eason Chan said: "David and Sophie are some feelings, is not the pure use of the workplace, David is opportunistic, he just in the life of the downhill encounter Sophie, like to encounter a rebirth opportunity." At first the goodwill was scheming to use, grinding the feelings, has not developed no chance, even if there is a chance, it is not possible. 」

A play in the Tang and Eason Chan sang Lin Xi's words: "Once ideal is very attractive, the day is very clean, as long as the mood." Carefree two of people see Clouds light wind, now without you, and no rely on me, better put all the worries about the storm. 」

They sang the smile of the eyes of the two in the chaotic wilderness, that greed only a little fragrant ambiguous, that looting business thinking of the businessman there is a little not capitalist love color, I think love, in every "gorgeous office" in the mind, there are still some can be treated.

"As long as I believe, with a friend to operate together, Love will win." "Gorgeous office workers", "Why?"

Eason Chan in the play of this song, singing a wave of life tension, a scene of the most realistic scene of the brutal release, lyrics also left a surreal end of the curtain. If the play has a bit of sadness, I think it is best to use the "Fight love to win" as a good endorsement of the workplace survival rules. (Would you like: Why do you work?) Give the work meaning back to yourself )

Spell Love will win, ideals can not be without temperature, as Eason Chan said this drama talk about ideals, the film also gathered a group of similar ideals. For a few years he found himself left behind is always those people, now these excellent film, music workers together, talking about music he said Lin Xi, Chen Huiyang and his personality is different, the imagination of music is the same.

Speaking of drama, hair brother, Zhang Xi, Tang and are all acting predecessors, Eason Chan said they do not have predecessors shelf: "Hair brother Kai said to me," Hey, Eason, you are my idol. "He is always smiling, he later also told me really like to listen to my singing, I am happy to die, he in the filming process regardless of the play is very comfortable, not at all nervous, although he is a super cosmic superstar, he is a very kind of mortal." 」

Eason Chan talking about these same stage of the actor, always humble, for acting he always carry on learning to forge ahead, follow Zhang elder sister read script touch heart, follow du Daozheng view of life, follow the soul of the actor, with Tang Yun-fat, and then send out his perception.

The freshest, most gorgeous cast.

Eason said this is aimed at the lineup: "The most attractive to me is definitely a team, I have been the director of the fans, Zhang elder sister fan, this time finally have a chance to cooperate." And Chow Yun-Fat, Sylvia, Tang, in addition to the main actors, art Zhang Shuping, Luo Song, Lin Xi's words, this combination is very interesting. The play made me feel sure I was an actress and it was a new milestone for Chinese movies. 」

"Gorgeous office workers" not only play in the drama of human vanity brilliant, play outside the team is more beautiful. He looked so du Daozheng's play: "Du Daozheng's play used to give me a masculine feeling, I finished filming the film," said the gorgeous office workers think this is the director of the breakthrough, may be said to be the Johnnie Peak new series. It is also a new kind of play for the film industry. 」

Eason Chan, like a small fan in the "gorgeous Office" film and predecessors enjoy acting, Hong Kong media love to say he is "grups", means not want to grow up people. Today's Eason is still with a kind of momentum and innocence, but also a few years of gentleness. Talk about the film, Eason Chan said "The movie is about life will always encounter a lot of choice questions, you would choose to live, or survive." It's important, and I'm looking for the answer. 」

Shedding the baggage of E God, du Daozheng said: "He has got rid of the singer's feeling." The film he is a very qualified actor, is a relatively large change in the acting aspect. Certainly not very wonderful, but he is to do great Wei this role, I saw him always see David, not see Eason Chan, not see the song God. 」

A generation of God, never stop setbacks, singing in the song Life, in the play to find themselves, Eason Chan said can and such a group of people acting much better, alive, learn, is to survive.

"Workplace revelation" "Gorgeous Office" trailer

"Movie Gift ticket: With Eason Chan, as a" gorgeous office "

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