The cool film festival shows Lin Chih-chieh who once said, "The cupboard is honest with itself, but not just to show it to itself."Perhaps gay issues are no longer a strange, undiscussed taboo subject for most of us.However, the film "When Mom Visits" directed by the director of the United States, Chang Chiung-wen, describes many of the most fearful issues of nonheterosexual love : to confess to their parents that they come out of the closet.For the first time, a gender lecture was held in 10/7 to focus on the warmest balance the "" and the "Family".

first sex talk of women's fans invited the film at the 2nd International Film Festival this year. When Wen-Mom Visits's Taiwan director Zhang Qiongwen and the film actress were invited, she was also a charming writer and a beautiful woman.), Lin Microyi , together with everyone discussing the ordeal, courage, and bravery of "confess to parents", and talk about the "women of the East" role in the overseas film and film industry!

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Director Chang Chiung-wen, who will talk to you about his coming out of the closet on the same day, says that was described as the moment when the mother confessed to the gay sexuality of his mother two years ago.The secret of 15 years of secret, fear, the gentle appeasement by the other mother of the phone, and the "original, I never understood you", which were immediately dissolved, were the same.
that moment,
Chiung-wen found that she had always underestimated his mother's love for herself, and that she was able to contain all of her prejudices.As a result, she photographed When Mom Visits, she hoped to encourage more comrades to stop viewing their families as a heavy burden, but rather to try to confront, communicate, and make their families aware of their true self.(You still want to read: Chua's loneliness in show business circles )

We are all dependent on the vision of someone closest to us, and when they are in conflict with each other's expectations, how can we find a balance in this conflict: neither oppression nor harming the other.Therefore, apart from hoping that this film can encourage people to bravely try and find out what they want, they also hope that everyone can understand, accept the true self, establish good relations with the people you love, and truly be able to be happy with love.

When Mem Visits Chinese trailer : A Taiwanese lawyer, Li Ting, who has lived in the United States, has been in New York and her girlfriend, Janet, in her own life. Up until a day, Li Ting's mother suddenly came to visit, and her mother and daughter have long avoided the problems that they face, gradually floating out of the table.

Since February, When Mem Visits has won the United States Asian On Films Best Film, the Los Angeles Film Awards, and the Taiwan Film Festival at the 2nd International Film Festival in Taiwan.Director
Chiung-wen admits that communication with the previous generation is not a new story in the gay film industry.But even so, she still hopes to share this film with the most realistic of her film.It is hoped that the family members who are not members of the opposite sex at home or at home will be able to put aside prejudices and try to use the more open heart of the heart to accept that they are not a single choice.(Extended reading: Anna Hathaway's brother manifesto manifesto manifesto )

Perhaps the spirit of Qiongwen manifesto is like the film's curator, Lin Chih-chieh:

In the closet, if you can change family relationships, maybe I can do an example of giving other people more courage to do it.

Microyi, won the Los Angeles Film Award for Best Actress in the Los Angeles Film Awards, is also sharing her personal experience and impersonating her friends' through her own personal experience.

[Eastern Women in the United States of America, TELA] is my advantage.

After discussing the topics of communication between comrades and parents in the film, Chang Chiung-wen and Lin Microyi will also share the "women of the Orient" who are willing to talk about the US film and film industry in the United States.

This is now the target of the "" feature, the Microstar , the "Microstar of the U.S.-based American actress, and" The Microplay " the recent role of the video. More than nine million of them have been viewed by the Chinese people.At the same , is the only Taiwanese actress to have been invited to the workshop in 33 years since the creation of the "Soundance Institute Lab" in the 33 years.

Just recently when the Los Angeles Film Award for Best Actress was won by When Mom Visits, the latest song of Lady Gaga's latest song: “ Till It Happens ” MV.

report published by the University of South California in August of this year showed that from 2007 to 2014, there was a serious imbalance in the top 100 grossing movies of the United States.

  • Women are only 30.2 % of official roles
  • only 19.9 % of women aged 40 to 64
  • only 1.9 % of films directed by women

Chang Chiung-wen was a student from Southern California who had just graduated from the University of Southern California when he was filming the When Mom Visits.As a result, in addition to the multiple roles of women, comrades, directors, etc. in the United States with less than 1 % of the film, Chang Chiung-wen added a student to a non-native English writing script, finding funds, and writing a proposal to make a producer for producer.Under such multiple identities, how did she overcome all the difficulties and spread the "When Mom Visits" to every film festival in the United States?

addition to sex, the actors' micro-cruise will further share their own "non-mainstream" experience in TELA.After graduating from the drama department, Lin came to New York to study at Columbia University's drama department six years ago. Looks like an attempted actor's career is actually not easy.

At the beginning of the United States, only 2 to 30 % of teachers were initially taught.In addition to the hard work of English, she also tried to shine in the entertainment circle in New York.

" In New York, there are more than 130,000 registered professional actors, plus low-key actors who are not registered or diving: at least 150,000 actors are floating in New York.High and short, white black, yellow, red, disability, and especially, with a female face of the Orient, the market in the US film and television circle is very limited.Once, Lin has spent the entire week of the prostitute, prostitute, audition audition.
if there are reasons to give up,
Asian women face a very small number of women's faces in the United States, Lin has never given up the pursuit of "professional actors" in the United States.(You have to see: "They were holding the first Taiwanese actress who went through a day-to-day-day-dance-on-the-street" film )

In the case of the words:

Because when I have a chance to shine, I will use 200 percent of my strength to illuminate the darkness that often exists.

10/7 Let's take an open mind and break through the secular restrictions together!

[About Speaker]

Zhang Qiongwen

Changhua Man.He graduated in the drama series.The University of Southern California (USC) has a master's degree in the productionHe was a former advertising producer, documentary filmmaker, and performance training.She hopes that she can integrate her own life experiences into his creative work, and she can also create various types of films and contribute to the film industry in Taiwan.

Lin Microyi

Taiwan in Taiwan.In Changhua, the mother is a Hakka, and it is not the same as that of the whole.After graduating from the Taiwan Theater in Taiwan, he went to the Taiwan Theater for two years, and then went to the United States to study.The Ivy League is located in New York after graduating from the University of Gorean, a theater in New York, and is located in front of the American dance platform and the lens.It has deep body theatre energy, dance background and classic performance system training.China and the United States have a smooth and smooth relationship, and can be at risk in both places.He has collaborated with famous actors Wu Nien-chen, Wu Dingzhen, Wang Juan, Song Shaoqing, and Yao Kujun.

The famous director Lai Songchon, the winner of the American Donnie Award for the playwright, and the philosophone of the Nobel laureate, praise his acting skills and energy.Chinese writer Zhao Binghao said, "I will write my script for the primary and the world."(You would also like to know: The actor's real confession in New York )