In the August, we read Chenxue, immersed in her gentle and pointed to the hearts of the text, understand that each relationship is a unique life experience , September, we can not forget the birth of the classic- Eileen Chang . This is the era of reading, but also the language of the media, the discovery of the era of self. September late reading Salon night, everyone brought an unqualified Zhang ailing works, so that the station writers old and female fans edit Ab become you, you also become their life a fragment of existence. (You will like:"the Soul has the fragrance of the woman" Hu Lancheng love-trick, made Zhang ailing a crawling full of lice Chinese robe )

Before and after the encounter with Eileen Chang

"I think I am a woman's bud to hair, and then try to enter the world of Eileen Chang." 」

When did you start to touch words? Do you remember the first time you opened the page? Reading, like talking about a love, day began to cool early autumn when, we follow Eileen Chang's words alive. When it comes to Eileen Chang, everyone at the scene has a story of their own. Ab says like Zhang ailing's female image, strong in where, soft rib is where. And that's why, whether it is old to share the "love of the Town", "Small Reunion", or in other people mentioned "lust and Precepts", "half of the margin", those who seem to live on the sidelines, but hide her to the world helpless and the disturbance of observation and love dearly. Zhang ailing is not heartless, she just don't tie her feelings. This makes us ask: Zhang Ailing's world, really is Lengran? (Recommended reading: Sylvia talk about life and survival of the way: "The reality again cold, heart also if Hot")

Interestingly, some people did not read any books before they met Eileen Chang. Unlike the elementary school students who joined together and loved reading, she had no reading experience-no poetry, no prose, not to mention the long works of fiction. But by chance, through the words of a woman's obsession, she feels the longing for her heart as a woman. From then on, the construction of the inner world no longer comes from the images given by others, but rather the imagined words of self generation. Zhang Ailing's writing taste is full, and she is looking forward to her reading: Women are beautiful.

Tasting the fruits of life again

"It is good that you are so miserable." "Little Reunion"

But for old age, books are an important companion, and reading is the way to set the tone of values. He smiled and said, childhood asthma is always easy in the middle of the night attack, how can not sleep, although very painful and do not want to wake up the family (since childhood is a caring child), had to hide into the toilet waiting for a gentle breath, bored under, since then opened the opportunity to read, to build awareness of the world.

A reader who uses travel to make a living says that she has always felt that reading is not a free thing, like in the system of education, reading is to please teachers and parents, is "excellent" people do things, you can only follow those requirements. Until the visit to Hualian, met a in the repair of the old man, nail people are always accustomed to forget the past, feel the welling to remind her, only from the book to find the story, can avoid forget track. This is why, the reader back to the book, Zhang ailing's text to her shock: feelings are fragile, over the wind and waves, can't stand the ordinary.

Perhaps, life is always going through a little twists and turns, will understand Zhang ailing "See yourself, see heaven and earth, see sentient beings" realm, she deeply rooted, and people difficult to enter; Ab from Zhang ailing carved characters of the subtle observation to say the voices of the audience: each work has some of their own, whether it is Eileen Chang's own, or "you" yourself. (See more: look for the same in a desolate generation!) Zhu Tianwen talk about transtextuality Niang: "Everyone has their own lonely situation")

Creation may be more real than remembering

From "Love of the Qingcheng" began to read Zhang ailing's old check, reading this honest record writer's life "Small Reunion", dismantling each character, but suddenly found their own experience, see the world into the era of Facebook, with the community back to the past every day, in the end is true or false? When you play the role of all through their own screening, is not all life experience, have become deliberately created bubbles-beautiful, but not true.

The reader who has participated in the second time will naturally continue to share: Eileen Chang is the existence of it, in different stages of life with you, remind you, will feel away from youth, but also close at hand. However, through the film "Lust and Abstinence" to know Zhang ailing's readers are very worried, although he agreed to the existence of Eileen Chang, but the lack of life experience will not cause the anxiety of reading do not understand?

In Ab response to Rocha talk about the network and life, mentioned "magnificent edge" there is such a sentence:

"It's unhealthy to be dramatic in life." People like us who grow in urban culture always see the pictures of the sea first, then see the sea, read the Love novels first, then know the love, our experience of life is often the second round, with the aid of human drama, so it is difficult to demarcate between life and life drama.

Gentle and shallow, Ab said in an interview with the Taipei Arts Festival, understand: People in the creation of their own, live in the present to do their own, learn to take the initiative, to find the real themselves, because the subject of life from their own, that is the most authentic. Lao Cha also said that the film is another level of re-creation, it is different from the original. (Take a look at the interview: Taipei Festival Director Shu Yiwei: "Life is looking, creating who you Are")

All the encounters are reunion

dribs and drabs, no one is in the life of the imprint, and the bloom of the appearance.

Xu fate it, tied with a pretty ponytail woman always think of Eileen Chang did not understand, into the society and the workplace, all the life into the wall, he did not understand what life is looking for, until the thought of Zhang ailing this strong and fragile woman, just gradually understand their own appearance. In addition, with the "Half of the book," The protagonist also has a sister of the woman, simply can not believe the sister complex in the book, read the last sad to tears flow. After settling for a long time, finally understand that only people can overcome the space-time obstacle, even if vicissitudes, the world impermanence.

Times can be passed on, even if it is contradictory or even broken. "Students are not cheap" this is more than almost unrelated works of love, is a mother to open her daughter to contact the legendary writer's beginning, so that she can go from Jin Yong to Zhang ailing. Stumble through the pace of life, step-by-step accumulation until now, only to find that you have read, think and you are irrelevant, has been tightly stabbed in your heart, waiting for a day to earn a stomach, hair pain and can not give up. (same field Gayon: The life scenery in those literature: we read all the way, we reap it )

Reading, imagining and unexpected

So far, Lao Cha has held more than 10 "book curatorial" activities, in order to try a variety of reading possibilities and change over four forms, each time, have different surprises. Who can imagine, we from Eileen Chang talked about life, talk about self, talk about never read to see Zhang ailing.

In Zhang ailing, we see the pattern of generations, causing people to read, so that the tentacles of life extension. The Sparks and collisions that every reader feels, need a place to listen to their true feelings. There may not be a place in this world, and women fans are the ones who can make people hear their voices. Invite you, whether you are new friends or old friends, let us use words and reading with you. :)

The next select literary writer, here secretly let you glimpse one or two:

Her writing came from "anger". The rage has never been, because "the desire for freedom is violated", she tried to "get everything, but feel not free" mood into the novel.

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