On the day of the National Day, Hong Xiu pillar and the political figures, the mainstream media to participate in the national Day ceremony; she invited five new media to the vice president's mansion at night. On this day we talked about the disappointment of the people against the Kuomintang, and Hong Xuoju also spoke of her determination to come forward and to the next mile of Taiwan. This time, we should listen to what Hong Xuoju said. (is now hot:"exclusive" face failure, frankly do not understand the courage: Hong Xuoju Love Party not blind three questions )

on The table of the new media and the Vice dean of Hong we saw hung Sau pillar to face the party's mistakes, vice president hung to share her why the Kuomintang situation at the most difficult moment to stand up, then let us listen to Hong Xuoju talk about the president's political participation in this way.

Flip the old politics! Hong Xuoju on three reasons for president's political participation

1. Flip the scars of history

Vice president hung into a Kuomintang who had persecuted her family. "My father wrote his crucifixion half a year before his death," she said. The last paragraph reads: ' The Kuomintang is an organized and idealistic national Party, because a few corrupt Party and framed loyal. In the future, if you have the opportunity to work for the country, you can be faithful to your duty, but remember to stay and not to clung. ' He wrote these things to tell his children, and I recently thought of it with a sigh of emotion, much like our present situation. ”

Hong Vice President Yu Guoqing a day before the face writing on the Kuomintang idea value tilt, she is a minority love party also dares to express indignation of people: "I first election December 78 elected legislators, in a few months he died." The first thing I chose was to send my certificate of election to his grave to show him the second time I sent him the certificate of Vice President, and the third time I took the certificate of Vice chairman of the Kuomintang from Ma Ying-jeou. He did not think of her daughter or a vice president who had persecuted his party. For me, the history of the past to learn, but to put aside, is my view of the Kuomintang history. ”

2. Take back the right of speech

Johong vice president of the "Party" so love and hate, why she run for president? Vice dean of Hong said: "I think of last November 29 Kuomintang defeat election looks very sad, the whole morale has collapsed, in fact, I am glad that the Kuomintang this time the primary mechanism." At that time, the KMT's right to speak in the layout is disappeared, the use of the primaries to grasp the right to speak, I was just simply want to set a model, Yi Let and rise, under and lead, its contention is also a gentleman. We fully support the political views of the Kuomintang, regardless of who you are. ”

Perhaps many people think that vice president Hung's motives are weak and still start with the party, but the woman fans especially admire her perseverance and her head. She suffered Neving and did not bow to the old forces. The so-called "fight to death" is the establishment of a model of government, regardless of the work of the female elite, or political atmosphere are very positive force. (Recommended reading: The campaign is also a gender war: the focus is not to change the column, but the gender can cause much attention )

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3. Changing Taiwan's old politics

Many people doubt that she does not have the background of Cai English for eight years, the halo of the star politician, what exactly is it that wants to rely on to win the hearts and minds?

"I want to change the traditional Taiwanese campaign in this election," he said. In my background, I admit that people criticized me for not being very qualified. The question is, can we not flip something through this election? Contacts, gold veins, administrative qualifications, government officials, political stars I do not have, I do not care if these conditions are not yet able to win the hearts of people? Did you say Obama administrative qualifications? He has only been a senator and has no party leadership. I am a representative of public opinion and I know how to listen to public opinion. ”

The Vice president of Hong said that she knew how to listen to public opinion, but I really agree with it. Otherwise there would be no such night, equally seated at the same round table, with the new media closer to the younger generation to seek answers. Would it be possible to run without traditional political conditions? Vice president hung at least broke the political myth of Taiwan. Take part in this campaign with a candidate who is willing to sit down and talk to the people.

A healthier political environment! Hong Xuoju three expectations for the future

After talking about the expectations of the party and the original intention of political participation, we better Chihong the situation of the vice President in the internal and external attack how to take Taiwan's next decade, we extended the foreword to the "closed" discussion of the Kuomintang. Vice dean of Hong said: "From the sun Flower counter trade, anti-class outline, again early ECFA, direct flights, Lu was born in Taiwan three methods, are all the way fight out." What do they look like in the eyes of the people? Only three words--anti-black box. I'm in there myself. I know this is not a black box, before everyone in the opposite time, the public and the opposition have been three meetings, as well as the minutes of the meeting. ”

We think that the key is not yuhong I know whether the vice president of the black box, but why people do not have the resources to see procedural justice and the real message? Vice President Yu Shiti and the Congress of mutual restraint, the party also has a caucus, many bills all parties are like mutual push ball, do not let the bill when the responsibility passed. Media reports are another reason that today's mainstream media only report damaging political party interests. (Extended reading: written in the anti-class student suicide: Before and after the big two presidents, why become a nasty adult?) )

What is the right worldview if all the mainstream media are politically incorrect? In the new media we can not help but throw this question.

1. Changing the mainstream media-shrouded Congress

Vice Dean of Hong: "Do you know how the three laws in the Legislative Yuan?" The interests of the system industry, the interests of the boss, the interests of the channel, each member has its own object of support, forming a complex wrestling relationship. The leader is also important if the leaders in the court have a position of imbalance. It's hard to be transparent. I'm not saying I can't change, but this kind of evil has been inherited for decades, and that's why I think you're important? Because there is the power to balance the public opinion. ”

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The participants asked: "What is your idea of an opposing court?" The young people most dislike is the present legislator, g0v Taiwan when the government just set up their first goal is the Congress reform. What do you think of media reform? ”

This contemporary mainstream media only reported that the news, vice president hung at the core of the system, whether can build a healthier congressional environment? She said: "In politics, consultation is a necessary evil, the Legislative Yuan three people a political group, mutual restraint." The other is that you have just talked about the Chamber of Secrets, whether we are objective. So it is very important for the legislature to be neutral, and if the Dean opposes transparency, it will be very difficult for us to achieve it. But if it is me, I let everyone put the interests of the dispute clearly, this matter can not rely on mainstream media, the mainstream media itself also have interest. We cannot expect mainstream media to lead the reform of radio and television three laws. (Extended reading: Everyone is the media age, what is your media principles?) )

We do not expect the mainstream media to change the country, I think the vice President of Hong is the biggest consensus here, because she is the mainstream media lens distorted political figures.

2. Competition unrelated to gender social ecology

I was curious as to how the vice president of Hong had seen her in the "demonizing" of the mainstream media in this election, and she was so blunt that she was not even accepting the media interviews recently. One out of context, and then malicious splicing, let Hung vice president in front of the electorate is just a broken page, filtered image, never really willing to listen to her views.

However, in this campaign, Mr Chua and vice president of Hong, who were often placed on the same day, were not only portrayed by the media as a two-woman war, but also criticized by the pro-China party network news station, "How can two single women understand a country's needs"?

The Vice president of Hong said that the ability is not related to gender: "Two women's war this argument I disagree, just met, our party no one out, just i this 250 run out, how this will be positioned as two women of the war." Why two men when no one said the war is two men, has always been a man in the election, which has nothing to do with gender. In Taiwan, even if you say that men and women have equal rights, many of them have failed to do so, and we do not recognize that women have outstanding performance in political circles and in all walks of life. (Recommended reading: Gender discrimination does not discriminate between blue and green: female politicians, why can not justly "single"? )

Look forward to a more fair and open competition environment, the hope that women will not be malicious label, this is Hong Xuoju and women fans of the Taiwan Media common hope.

at the same time, the vice president of Hong declined many media reports of high exposure, while women fans are deeply gender-aware and reporting the right website, it is an honor to invite Vice president hung in " Women's Times Salon: female force not compromise, hung Xiu pillar and your private words "There is a a democracy without distance meets. We asked her to share the true story of the mainstream media not focusing , real frustration, real growth, and how she hoped to build a more authentic Taiwan.

3. An opportunity to move closer to the new generation

The whole meeting raised many reasons for the Kuomintang's loss of popular sentiment: historical baggage, reluctance to listen to public opinion and distrust of young people. I further asked Mr Hung how to see the next step in the campaign and how to get closer to the new generation that the Kuomintang did not understand.

Vice president Hung bluntly replied: "Then you teach me." ”

The participant responded: "That's what we're worried about, we don't understand, but if the presidential candidate keeps asking people, I'm afraid the country is going to have to hand it to him." ”

Others said: "I am full of recognition that I do not understand the column, if I interview a person he pretend to know, I will not use him." The biggest goal today is to let the pillars know what the future is, it is a good way to say what we want to change through a channel. ”

I think it is very valuable for a candidate who is a political president to say that she does not understand and is willing to use such a night to invite new media to be outspoken . If no one in the Kuomintang would say: "I don't understand, what do you teach me?" "It's also a big problem. "I now feel that our hope for the vice president is that she has the pattern of facing the masses, admitting that she really does not understand and that she is not afraid of the gap between us and her age," Mr Hung said. ”

Vice Dean of Hong finally said: "Change not to change column, participate in the election is already something, no matter what, please come today, let me harvest a lot, in my to this party still have expectations, I will use various ways to make it change." There are many ways to change, this does not work, and then try on the line. ”

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I really think that this is a time to carve in the history of the calendar on a night, a democratic moment full of civic discussion, a party to cut the presidential candidates, defying the old forces, not afraid of their ignorance, is willing to further understand the "people." I think we see Hong Xuoju's next step is still in sight, because her view of Taiwan is not only the presidential election, but also the next mile of Taiwan.

What do you think of Hong Xuoju? We want to be able to have more dimensions and discussion views, no matter which public figure we are looking at. Instead of catching up on the little problems and chasing the political wrestling as a game of interest exchange. Therefore, Hong Xuoju invited the new media, as a no interest interference, the new generation that is willing to tell the truth, we all have a period of time for a Taiwanese leader to lead this land for the next decade, and although the structure of politics is complex, I think this section of the road is still worth looking forward to if it can be a pure country and justice.

Before parting, the Vice dean of Hong gave me a hug, she said thank you for coming today, this is a great night. I whispered to her to cheer, and I believe she will continue to work for the future of Taiwan.