National day, during the day, Hong Xiu pillar and the political figures, the mainstream media to participate in the national Day ceremony; she invited five new media to the vice president's mansion at night. On this day we talked about the disappointment of the people against the Kuomintang, and Hong Xuoju also spoke of her determination to come forward and to the next mile of Taiwan. This time, we should listen to what Hong Xuoju said. (Recommended reading:"exclusive" Flip old politics!) Hong Xuoju: How do we see diversity in the mainstream media monopoly? )

What does Hong Xuoju look like in your heart? From the KMT primary we to "little chili" to know her, we follow the eyes of the media section Flood Show column spicy dare to say dare to do the side, but no one put the spotlight on "she wanted to say." When the media viewed a public figure with a distorted filter, manipulated words and splicing games to "endorse" the hung Sau, she wondered what our young generation thought of her.

So the day of the National Day, the day flood show pillar and the political figures, mainstream media to participate in the national Day ceremony; she invited five new media to the vice president's mansion at night. When others are still wondering "will not change the column, Hong Xuoju How to beat death", she just want to hear more pure voice: What kind of country does the young people need now?

Women fans are the only invited women in the new media, we are curious about the column, I would like to know her views on the future of Taiwan and the media to the official residence. To sit round the table is not so much a serious political exchange as a gossip after dinner. Vice president Hung relaxed, stating that the purpose of today's invitation is only to listen to the young people's desire for the next ten years.

Today, we discuss the Kuomintang in her eyes and the future of Taiwan from three facets, and listen to what the vice president has to say about the country.

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Why Blind Love party! Three reasons to listen to the people's disappointment to the Kuomintang

1. Political ideas are far from the value of "people"

vice-president Hung asked everyone to tell her the understanding and doubt, the participants asking the vice president of Hong How to view the idea of political party, in his view, the current political party in Taiwan more blurred. Hong Xuoju admits that he is constantly seeking a way out of the Kuomintang, saying that she will find ways to listen to new generations of voices as long as she has faith in the party. Vice President of Hong heard the founders said: "The Kuomintang is a party too burdened, this party and" people "is too far away. She agreed with all of you that in her heart the Kuomintang really needed reform to find the original purpose of the party.

At this time, other participants responded to the "No difference between the two parties", saying that it remains to be discussed: "The Kuomintang's encounter this year is proof of the young people's stance." From the historical point of view of the two-party representatives of the image, the appeal of the issue is not the same, I think the young people want is "the value of reform", the Kuomintang's burden is very heavy, from the past to the present transformation of justice, historical issues no one is willing to face, to now how Today we see the largest number of resources in the Kuomintang, but the lead is unfair. This should be explained to the young people, including you just mentioned the young people, this is your gap with the young people. In fact, the young people do not reverse, they are pursuing the liberal and open democratic values, the Communist Party is a centralized system, the young people see in the eyes, will not want to have such a society. (Recommended reading: looking at Taiwan's next step from the London sun-Flower speech: We don't have to eat rotten apples from the government. )

Young people do not just want to "reverse" but to defend the value of democracy. Now every college student sits next to the landing, and our knowledge of the other side no longer comes from history textbooks and prejudices from the Lu Qi. But further understanding, understanding, and communication, when all college students are able to talk about cross-strait issues naturally with the mainland, while the Kuomintang avoided, and in many people's eyes, even they tried to smuggle all the cross-strait laws. I think the difference between the two parties is in view of the harm that people have suffered in history, not against it, but because of the changes in the laws that make people feel undemocratic and open, fearing that the future of the system will be homogeneous.

2. Transformation of justice is difficult to stifle

Many people know that Vice president Hung's father was a victim of white terror, and she felt absolutely clear about the Kuomintang's path of error: "My father sang a green island serenade and he didn't work for 40 years." "On the Kuomintang's reluctance to face up to the historical mistakes, she was equally upset," she once asked Ma Ying-jeou: "You're always apologizing to 228, I never saw you apologize to the white Terror." 」

We propose that the vice president of Hong "face history" is not correctly defined: "Transition Justice in the international definition of a very clear definition, not an apology is enough." 」

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Indeed, transitional justice must clean up and correct past human rights abuses through laws, legal instruments, actions, policies and related systems in order to mend the broken justice system, consolidate democratic government institutions and rebuild mutual trust in society. Mario has said that a party that is not trusted by the people and pushes any idea is stifling the difficult line. Why the transformation of justice, because we do not know the history of the context, we do not know netizens to the future.

"I understand that the first is to face the past of my party, how to conduct a fair and open review and be inspected by the public," the vice president of Hong said. In addition, the practice of transformation justice. I absolutely care, I was born like that, but I also know what you think about the future, I am with you young people, I think I do not care whether my nomination in the end is effective. I touch you like jumping into another world that I've never touched before. As you said, we are too far apart to understand. So now let's go find some questions and find some answers. Whether it's blue or green, we let the society know, health care, medical, housing is now everyone's problem. I have always said that if I had the same political views as Chua's, it would not be bad for great minds alike, and today our election campaign is more like finding out the problem together. 」

We think that the vice President of Hong has given her the purpose of this election not to be elected, but to try to open up more space for dialogue and discussion. I think I know why Hong Xuoju is called chili Peppers and can speak, precisely because she is not afraid of making mistakes and not worrying about finding answers in a collision. (Recommended reading: The campaign is also a gender war: the focus is not to change the column, but the gender can cause much attention )

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3. A rigid old-fashioned image

Among them, participants expressed their views on the campaign: "We knew two or three years ago that Ma was going to step down, so who was it?" I assume that if the Kuomintang were a very subversive person, for example, a 40-year-old person, like that you will have a chance in the Takuya Kimura out of the surprise, now the campaign of Propaganda and network play is still the old generation, the understanding of young people stay long long ago. It is absolute that we are disappointed. The Kuomintang has no impressive impression of youthful vigor. The current campaign is like no way to connect to the second generation of the electronics industry. Recently a nori new book, he looked for TSMC, Shong, Yiu Renro, it feels like Ma Yun has been said before: "When Taiwan or a bunch of white hair people are talking about innovation, these people are not." "This is a very heavy problem, we see the Kuomintang or 80 years of appearance, such a party will not have new generations like." 」

Vice president Hung then asked: "Then you see the DPP?" 」

participants responded: "At least the election will be more understanding of what people are thinking." I carefully went to see Cai's Science and technology policy, in fact, he is similar to Mao Dean. I see the Kuomintang image, the momentum is lost. What I think about is that the Kuomintang is a party with a burden, which is a history that the Kuomintang is unwilling to face. The column of the elder sister today on behalf of the Kuomintang election, you are taking this baggage out of the election, just talk about a means, but the important thing is the Kuomintang dare not face, you just face the new issue is to hit their own face. (extended reading: Cai English Women's Speech Full text: "Failed to stand up again, to find Taiwan's rebellion and toughness")

I think this is the reason why Vice president hung here, in this more than 40 years, the Kuomintang may not have such a person, is willing to sit in front of everyone, frankly her bad, frankly the party's mistake. The election campaign has deputy president of Hong volunteered perhaps more is to save the Kuomintang face, to the old forces did a head, the courage to admit the wrong demonstration. Next We will talk about the path of President Hong Xuoju's political participation and listen to her three hopes for the future of Taiwan.

10/14, you know that little chili Hong Xuoju you've never seen.