The 2015 Taipei Poetry Festival, "The Revolution of poetry" is about to be unveiled, we visited the curator Yang Jia teacher, talk about the poetry of the youth, talk about the graceful poet, talk about the author's not abuse, the teacher finally told us the poem Let A Moment of eternity: " can regret for love, but can not regret the poem." (Extended reading: you are not a book read less, you are not a classic read enough )

"There are five days ..." You said on the phone.
Hear the whole world for us
The day is a book
Beautiful book.
--Excerpts to travel rehearsal

The first time to read the teacher's poem is from the "travel rehearsal". Pages linked to the book, but also day to day flipping, at that time I always think in this easy to lose the taste of life, good risk we have poetry, but also good risk we can read poetry.

Jia-Xian teacher's poems always pay tribute to the classics, by refining the text, wandering between the traditional and avantgarde, writing the feelings of the blind date and can be greasy, contradictions and hurt, to spectrum those in the life of the melody of the dark.

I see Jia-Xian teacher, just as its poems, not all of its poetry. When the teacher mentions the poem and the life, sometimes laughs, sometimes seriously puts forward the opinion, always brings some free and the paranoid temperament, just like her pen writing, will never have only one kind of fixed atmosphere. But the teacher is also far more than the "poet" of the title, those who can not jump the details of the manuscript, are quietly hidden in the reality, "the reader is not just me reading, but also their own." "There is no solution and shortcut, the teacher waits for everyone to approach and interpret the teacher's life aesthetics."

Youth and youth after the meeting with poems

The teacher reads the poem The starting point is from Xi Murong, Zheng worries and so on can hit the juvenile heart overflows the desire the poem to begin. "At that time I was deeply affectionate to the extreme." "She smiled and said that she had never forgotten the middle school, in addition to those lingering verses, but also immersed in the song Ci, Chenyichi with classical flavor of the early poems."

The language of puberty, perhaps now always read a kind of "to give new words strong say worry" of shame shyness. But Jia-Xian's teacher has made another annotation: "But from the Woolf definition of the" ordinary reader "that innocent eyes, was touched is touched, at that time and space point, the tremor of the poem, is unique. 」

Perhaps such a whisper of youth left Behind, the achievement of the teacher now in the exquisite poetry and soft. But after the teacher gradually grew, bring more impact to the teacher is the reality of rough, but no longer just praise love and pain pure. "Poetry is not only the text of youth, but also with age aging." "The teacher looked at my open eyes filled with doubt, and continue to explain:" Just as I read Zheng Sorrow in the early years, but also for the clatter of the horseshoe and moved, but later I found that there are many 90 years after the poem to write better, but the fame is not as loud as the early years. " 」

Into the youth, with the years of the bundle, once that can not be suppressed romance began to low-key up, wandering and waiting became the life of this round one of the corner. "Once I did not understand Luo Zhicheng, do not understand Yang Ze, but after growing up, like" The Book of the Baby "in that line of poetry-time does not pay attention to our beautiful, but found written in the heart. "Jia-Xian teacher so described himself with the poem growth process, after the romantic," The poem's appetite has been raised. 」

Poetry is not a precise narrative, is a kind of understanding, poetry has its own answers, see their own do not understand the poem, as in the dark and transparent between, fill in their own imagination. Different age reading feelings are not the same, and the best teacher let me understand that the beauty of poetry is that its time is not accurate. (same field Gayon: You read the word, decide what kind of person you are: 20,30,40 Life book list )

What is a female poet's "graceful"? Unwilling to be defined by the sex temperament

Zhang ailing once wrote: "These invisible fibers make up our living past." The tradition itself strengthens the power, because it is constantly being cited to new people, new things and situations. "The romance and the slender of those poems did, after many years, affect the tendency of the good teacher to write poetry," he said.

The days of the trivial after transformation, to exercise the magnificent place into the poem, good at quoting classical is a lot of people to the first impression of the teacher's poem. However, the teacher's verses with other kind of special temperament, obviously not so easy to be touched, not only satisfied with an elegant posture. From Kaohsiung Qian Xian, the teacher has been so described himself: "Because of the character of the reason, there are always some crude fiber, soft in the still can hear thunder." 」

So the lark had analyzed the masculine and graceful image of the teacher in the poem of Jia Xian, the teacher himself also said: "I really have a lot of such sex mixed examples in my poems." "The teacher was conscious of his own masculine and feminine qualities early on, female poets are not necessarily in the words are gentle to stay, also not necessarily can not show the gas of Lady, graceful also does not mean that she is subordinate:" Even in the expression of the injury of waiting in the poem, there is still a hard strange excavation of the imagination. " 」

"How much our bodies feel, how heavy they are, and finally how to replace the sex in the Invisible Flame."

In the rain Chang Xiang, Jia-Xian teacher said "I" was a woman, also said that "I" was a man, a child, a mother, this type of degeneration in the poem, let people feel that women do not have only a role, men and women in the teacher's verse is not a clear, but the flow of their own.

"Just as few people know I like monster literature, some readers may feel a drop feeling when they know me." "Good-Mr. Sandy laughs and lifts another example. Our imagination of women poets and poetess tend to be in the narrow sense of the established impression, Lin Daiyu is not only the easy injury of burial flowers, Li Qingzhao is not only the stick of the boudoir resentment, "big spicy spicy and slender sharp, can be a state of coexistence." "The front of the good teacher sometimes open a joke, sometimes revealing cheerful and forthright smile, all confirmed that the poem cut after the life should be three-dimensional, and not the plane has only one interpretation." (Extended reading: small S in the literary world of the Song Dynasty: Li Qingzhao actually bet good wine and lust?) )

"Real" takes time to exercise.

Not just the stereotype of a poetess, Mr. Jia-Xian said: "It is a kind of criticism to use words to compare with actual life." "Jia-Xian teacher describes the reader's entry, sometimes the opposite of the writer's life in the Army."

"Just as Sanmao committed suicide at the time, many readers felt cheated, and when I always believed that she was with" true "to write those words full of courage and strength. "Blink," said Jia-Xian's teacher added: "But the text is part of the author, not overlapping relationship, the words and life experience all together, is the complete person." 」

For Mr. Jia-Xian, such "truth" takes time to exercise, rather than being "real" like a child without modification. Jia-Xian teacher began to write poetry because of senior sophomore as president of the school magazine, because of doing the literature prize had to oneself also "to fall" to write a poem, she bluntly at that time the understanding of the poem is still very superficial, mostly from a variety of poems reluctantly patchwork, imitation and get, and finally create a one-sided, artificial and at first glance like the product of poetry.

Wait until sophomore, junior, on BBS cat empty Row Museum poem edition, Jia-Xian teacher only a large number of poetry. At that time, the teacher's poetry is more inclined to strong intuition, such as decay, 腥臊 and other words in the teacher's creation, and teachers often do not play drafts, writing is coherent. "Such a poem, I now also can not write, write out just a kind of break from the original intention." "Once the teacher with a kind of creative instinct reaction, let the mind of all the natural emerging with the nib of freedom to walk, but now the good teacher more emphasis on the" force "of restraint, and constantly modify.

What kind of work can become "true"? "The creation must start from the life experience which oneself is touched." "Jia-Xian teacher for his heart" true "under the definition. The so-called "true" has nothing to do with the use of obscure methods, not for repeated changes, with a view to accurately find the swaying vague existence-frank and tailoring has not always been a conflict between the two things.

"The writer is a certain degree of exposure to madness. "Jia-Xian's teacher smiled and endorsed it. Straightforward description or implicit metaphor, writers are in the moment of writing, their part of life exchange to the reader himself to interpret, in order to that thousands of miles away from the resonance. Because the personal experience of those works, often can be in the reader body, and soothe the unknown another heart.

So "true" is when you capture the emotional touch of the moment, drawing the contours of the world with your own words. So even if one day, your life is going in different directions, but that text is your right now, that you will never repeat the absolute existence, let a moment become eternal. (Recommended reading:"People should have edges and corners!") Don't be so tactful that you don't recognize it. "An interview with Hong Kong female writer Denethor poem )

"No abuse" can be a great sadness juchongruoqing

Love is the eternal proposition of Jia-Xian teacher's pen bottom, and also the perfect material for the exercise process. Love occupies the territory of the teacher's poetry, but Jia-Xian teacher's poem, is not the romantic whisper of literary girl, nor is it xiaojiabiyu sad.

Love is life, but can it always be as good as the first time? In Jia-Xian teacher's pen, love is not only the romance of human fireworks, but also get along and live. As a teacher in the poem "Earth", she and her lover in the same room, this room is everywhere dangerous: cheap bookcases may collapse at any time, cooking utensils and manuscripts scattered everywhere. This small room, sometimes for our tedious life to add some sweet from the ground, but also can be bitter overflowing, such as the fate of the fate of the Earth, the mixed emotions is the world.

Because of the reality of the end, Jia-Xian in the interview to describe a good author: "In Deep sadness, in a way of not abusive writing." "I was curious to ask the teacher what is the standard of abuse?" The teacher gave me this explanation: "The greater the sorrow the more juchongruoqing." 」

"It's like a flat road. "The road of the world " in that topped taste, for me this feeling is deep weight. " that's what good Mr. Sandy says. " on the road " to Sun Yat-sen and Soong Ching Ling, the age of 30-year-old husband and wife as the protagonist. Ching Ling, who is in sight, has made an independent choice in her life--under the blessing of no family, to marry Sun Yat-sen.

" she thought of the towel husband topped taste, after marriage, wash a lot of clean no use, that is some kind of wrapping not go of breath. "

The entire novel has not been bare straight write Soong Ching Ling's passionate feelings, but in the moment of encounter with Sun Yat-sen, she sniffed the smell of hair oil, in the heart of the figure to care for this man, the only way is to his own, to taste to the way she can no longer from "Mrs. Sun" identity fled fate.

For Jia-Xian teacher, creation to know the retreat, true June engraved heart sadness is not every day in the life of performativity, in a hurry to share the face book era, more can see a person's lower limit: "The writer will not every day in the Face Book report to everyone now and tears, so unrestrained, not Shen, but like a public performance." "(Would you like: do you know them?) Three women writers who have elevated their love to higher realms

"My story is not important, you like this poem, the poem is yours." 」

Besides being an assistant professor at the Chinese department of Tsinghua University, Mr. Jia-Xian has been working as the Taipei Poetry Festival co-curator since 2011. At the same time, in the research, creation, and the transfer between the exhibition, the teacher smiled and said he was: "Can not only focus on one thing, but the life of this cut let me have the imagination." 」

However, in any role, Mr. Jia-Xian remembers: "Do not despise the reader." 」

For teachers, literature is a performance of life posture, do not need to deliberately to the reader to dissect every detail and the context behind the creation, the reader himself has the ability to pick from the work of the feeling of the part, and after chewing, to find and their own experience in the same place. "As many readers meet me, they ask me where these poems come from, and I always think my story doesn't matter." 」

"You like this poem, and the poem is yours." "Jia-Xian's teacher never thought that his work is a model, can teach the reader to copy life, so the teacher always with the reader standing together," and the reader's relationship is more like communication. The teacher counted the past and said. our real life, all should find a belong to their own country, the life of the most pure, most joy, the most sad part of the extraction, otherwise it is all the reality of the killing.

Why do you read poetry? Mr. Jia-Xian gave us the answer: "I often see people sliding their phones across the road, and the times need to be slower." "Reading poetry makes us see imperfections, not taking stock of what we have." For example, secular values always take money, fame, power, status, prestige as the standard, but no one will say: "I have poetry." So, poetry is not about what you have, it just tells you what is missing. (Reading Poems for you: Forget me, I will always be in your heart )

What we have can only explain our material level, and poetry belongs to the quality of life "beauty". As Jia-Xian teacher in PostScript "to the lonely brilliant do not regret those" said: "Poetry is my most precious, not worthy of love is not worth writing poetry." But once written, never regret. Can regret the love, but not to regret the poem. 」

(A poem: Reading poetry and reading Poets )