What can you do after you graduate from college? more than 20-year-old young man's confusion , Yu Zhiwei very understand, at the age of 22 years, she found her life stuck . She chose to walk out of the world and see another landscape, and see more possibilities than the immediate options. To see India, especially in India as a journalist, there are tears of laughter story! (same field Gayon: She went to India to start a business, let life from scratch )

"The important thing in life is that your decision is not necessarily right." You can fail, or you can make the wrong decision, because after the choice of controllable, uncontrollable factors too much, as long as each decision is considered, for their own decision to take responsibility. 」

A little bit of Kaka's video screen, is a dark round glasses of mushroom head girl, chatting about the confusion of Taiwanese young people, she said seriously, met with confusion, must be afraid, but also represents the loss of thinking, that is, we began to think about the things encountered in the eyes, for the life has no help. Alone in India for 3 years, this year, the 25-year-old "India," Yu Zhiwei, in their own way to walk in the path of the breakthrough confusion. (Extended reading:When you are 30 years old, do you dare to face your 20-year-old dream?) )

"The unknown does not frighten me, and I fear that I cannot move."

Zhi Wei Read is the government, in Taiwan employment environment, is a good school halo, at that time all the relatives and friends think, she should directly read the institute to find a job, life will shun smoothly, will not encounter any problems. "At the time of graduation, there was a clear road ahead, but it made me more confused," he said. Taiwan's employment environment is very unfriendly to young people, even if they graduate from a prestigious university, 22K? 28K? 32K? All the same to me, is not too much hope, but also will not die, as if in any case can be a "not too miserable", "small indeed lucky" way to live. I think this is a terrible thing for young people who have just come out of school and are very enthusiastic. "Not outstanding, nor hungry to die, facing a probable stagnation of the future, she was afraid."

" unknown does not make me afraid, I fear is unable to move " This sentence from Zhi Wei 's book " Go to India to fight, into another World center ", in the interview Zhi Wei , I carefully read this book, I was very impressed by this remark. This is Zhi Wei 's philosophy of life, even if the present is full of unknown challenges, she will get up to go, because the card lives, than anything is terrible. I said to Zhi Wei , in fact, her graduation at that time to the future of the confusion, almost all young people will face the problem, and then she was how to break through the dilemma, determined to leave Taiwan?

"At that time I thought about applying for Marketing Research Institute, looking for a lot of data to find" Marketing "is very broad, I know very vague, I do not imagine the rise of the middle and high school in the country blindly ascend. I also know that I have no enthusiasm and expectation for the environment in Taiwan, so I want to give myself a year to find the answer. I had two options, one was to go to Germany to exchange students, the other was to practice in India, I chose India is very simple, because I like novelty, like challenges, like progress, and I do not want to spend money, India more than Germany to meet these conditions. 」

Video screen, Zhi Wei said easy, but she wrote this paragraph in the Book of India's process, but very vigorous. Originally used to let the children go to the parents, one heard Zhi Wei to go to India, Dad angry Roar "I did not say don't go to India!" ", the mother is in the delivery machine stop tears, the result, have failed to quench Zhi Wei want to break through the comfort circle of determination. Zhi wei strokes faint write , oneself is not a gentle child, but these words, but can't hide her gentleness. I think, this decision, really need a lot of courage.

In India, it turns out that life can be so simple

To India full of imagination and enthusiasm of Zhi Wei , to the local only found that a remote people into the new environment to face the challenge, far more than she thought. "I was in a travel agency, one months salary about 8,000 NT dollars, work 9 hours a day, live in the village, really poor, summer heat to 48 degrees also no air-conditioning, a lot of mosquitoes, once bitten to the thigh are festering." A lot of things really difficult to speak clearly, such as buying vegetables or hitchhiking by Indians cheat, be bullied, these are the challenges of life, to find a way to solve their own. "Strangers, Living environment difference is big, just to India that period of time, she suffered enough."

"But now I think back to the time, I feel very grateful." If I had a driver and a maid in the first, like all the people I sent out, I would never have realized the real Indian life. I found that the original life can be so simple. "I didn't want to help her at home, and poor life forced her to change her role. Bitten by mosquitoes to the thigh ulcer, find a way to buy a good iodine to rub, in fact, life is not too complex, difficult things encounter many, naturally feel nothing. (Share with you: Go to the countryside for farming, gourmet hands, a return to the simple food revolution )

Living in India for 3 years, Zhi Wei face all kinds of absurd things in life, has been able to see easily. "A few days ago something happened, I still use the mobile phone number, incredibly by the telephone company to sell someone else." That's ridiculous, isn't it? Zhi Wei to share this matter with me, I smiled and said it was absurd, but she went on to tell me things, let me laugh more exaggerated. "Everyone would feel that way, but you didn't think my solution was more than that, I've been calling the person who used my number now," I gave him money, asked him to eat, begged him to give me that number. "On the screen that head, Zhi Wei talk about herself also smiled crooked."

When we have been living in the system for a long time, the head seems to be easy to follow rigid. In the face of unreasonable things, we will always be jump, but in India, which does not play cards, it is better to turn a corner and deal with the crisis with flexibility and humor than to look at these absurd things in a high way. When we are full of "things are going to be like this" idea, encountered not according to the script to go things are easy to panic, I in zhi Wei see belong to her soft, and in the remote life of intelligence.

Incredible india! A contradictory and fascinating developing country

"Rape, dirty, deceitful, poor, Ganges floating corpse ..." Before I came to India, and all the data that we collected were the same, when I was really here, all these data appeared in front of me. But I was surprised, because those who did not have the data, also all appear in front of me. India, the country, how poor, how much money, how backward there will be more development, how disgusting hateful how good enthusiasm, India, is a very contradictory but fascinating country. 」

"It was such a place, but before we came here, we had judged it." Not to listen, not to see, there has been a framework, when I recognize this matter, I feel very terrible. When we always feel that we are superior, in fact, may be stupid, ignorant, backward. Zhi Wei in front of the camera expression seriously, she said, she came to this country before, also think of doing a lot of homework, but mostly only see negative information. (Extended reading: Why the rape of India spate?) The world behind the understanding is more important than the fear of the individual.

If you want to imagine the appearance of the "Developing country", what is the picture that emerges in your mind? It's a big world, huh? Standing in Taiwan such a small island country, to look at the whole Earth, if you do not try to take off the frame of the glasses, the world will be easy for us to see small, and when we see the world small, over time, it is easy to narrow their horizons. Zhi Wei in India see the real appearance of developing countries, there is no absolute, no answer, only change, only flexibility.

"It turns out that this is the developing world!" There are high-grade cars in the road, there are toot car, cart, cart, and camels and elephants, shopping mall than the new three more advanced, rich people living in the castle, there is a servant is very normal things. "We imagine that the lag is really there, but that is only the tip of India, the constant evolution of the country is also the international pharmaceutical, information power, who said that backward and advanced can not be linked together?" Zhi Wei said, there have been people in the old school, but also has been someone in the innovation, she learned in India, is not one-sided to judge, conclusion, because every day there are new possible in the occurrence.

"Walking on the road will be dragged to the grass rape?" "Taiwanese gender imagination in India

"Oh, my God, you girls go to India by yourself?" "," is not just walk on the road may be dragged to the grass rape? "This is Zhi Wei alone to work in India, often face the challenge." Because we often link India and rape together, I asked Zhi Wei, India is not really as we think, there is such a serious gender problem?

"India has always been a gender issue, and as a girl, I think I was lucky to be born in Taiwan," she said. The women here, especially the rural women, live in the gender framework, their life is to have children, and teachers, they are not supposed to grasp what rights, but not the right to speak. Many women are not accepted by their families after divorce, raped and punished, and the whole life seems to belong to the husband. "Zhi Wei said to this, India and we want to talk about not far, but if you do not forget how she just described India, you will understand that things are not absolute."

Zhi Wei said that over the past 20 or 30 years, more and more Indian women to receive higher education, with economic empowerment, and slowly bring women to different realms, these new Indian women also pursue free free, for women to fight for discourse, security, freedom and so on due to human rights, and many women even choose not to enter marriage. I think that any change will take time, we are happy to grow in Taiwan, but there are still many social justice yet to be realized, just like the women's rights in the Land of India, what we can do is not just to look at the country with tinted glasses, but also to see and bless, and to understand and support the changes that are taking place. (Together:"she should shut up and let us sexually invade" "daughter of India" documentary to uncover the truth of the Indian round of violence )

Perhaps, many people think that the rise of women's rights should be entirely a woman's responsibility, but Zhi Wei cited the 2012 New Delhi bus sexual assault [note] As an example, said that year on the street protest, there are many men. "They think women have a right, they think their mother, sister and sister should have rights, Indian men are not completely bad, in the rise of women at the same time, men also because of the economy, education and change." "The social and cultural context is a dense and sticky existence, but India is not the only one we think of as" bad people ", there are many see things wrong, get up to pursue justice, in the life of themselves and others struggling.

She said that when Taiwanese think of India, they think of rape, and she once asked Indian friends: "What do you think of Taiwan?" "The answer is" you will fight in the Legislative Yuan. " She said, when we are accustomed to using simple words to judge others, in fact, others will also judge us so. Only put down the sense of superiority, can see the real appearance of things, for Yu Chiwei, than "unknown","ignorance" more make her feel afraid.

The story of India is not finished 〉〉 India as a journalist, learn to do the news! Interview with India in particular: "Taiwan is not without talent, is not the environment."