Xiaomei to Cheng , from the time she was young, she was a young girl to a wife. In the era of pop music, she made a beautiful, beautiful vase, and she would rather have a long stream of roles and audiences. In the upcoming > , Lin has turned from the fish's female angle to the bando, and has a beautiful turn in the workplace and the emotional scene. Seven phrases of Lin Yichen share her life's zero-negative assessment.(Recommended reading: Fourth person in acting love!)Lin Yichen: All Love and Solitude are Self-Self-Supported )

Zero negative number, this is the new title of the Taiwanese entertainment circle recently. When all applause is encouraging and the spotlight has focused on her life after marriage, she doesn't panic on the eyes of her private life, and is even more hard to make a good act of the continuous act.Lin was a girl like Lin Chen-chen. When she was still her Yuan Xiangqin, she had faded away from her to work. When Cheng Ching started a lively discussion, she returned to school and used the exam to fulfill the dream of a British study that had not been completed in the past.

A lot of people say that Lin was in fact red in the morning, and in fact she never burst into red.Lin Chen-chen, a longtime red forest, speaks with strength and depth, and always speaks in front of the camera, and always speaks the philosophy of rethinking.Lin Yichen's charm is that although she was in the era of the auditorium, she made a beautiful vase, and she would rather spend her time with her characters and audiences.The seven sentences of Lin Yi-chen's life make us share her zero-negative assessment.

" I value the scale of mind, not the physical yardstick."

In the film TV, the media asks Lin's views on the "scale."When the media gossip detects "My husband doesn't mind," Lin begins by thanking her husband for trusting her with the professional of the actors, and then saying, I'm not a physical yardstick."

As a matter of fact, Lin's clinical dramas are visible from the "The Two Kiss" of the "The Two Kiss"!Do you still remember the passion and kissing of Lin Yichen and Cheng Yuan's smooth return from the Yang-to-Taiwan bed?At that time, Qu Yu-ning was afraid of the embarrassment of the scene. He didn't think of the scene of that scene. He worked very seriously in the morning, and he considered it a serious matter to make the film a serious one.(You would like to: Yi Ya-yan: Use your body strength to play, to be called an actor )

" I am not allowed to have a middle-quality friend.The two people decided to be together, together, and also talked about it. In their own words, they could only share it with each other, and they could not share it with other members of the opposite sex."

Everyone knows that Lin is very good at acting in the morning show, "she says." she put on a sham, she suggested that the groom would like to love you, "she sang songs singing:" Forgive me for not to be in your dress, but I'll miss you."Many people have a good relationship with the good people who have eaten by men and women in the morning.The key is she is not black or white with respect to emotions.(Extended reading: After ambiguous: If it's just loneliness, don't love me )

I don't have a male friend, "she says," I don't have a male friend.For me, my other half is the best solution to my people. I'm not going to let the other opposite sex know that I am close to the other half of my level. This may be a very different place for me to follow.It's no wonder that she likes it.

I asked myself to score 95 points, and I was dejected to 92, and I'd like to live in five minutes of my life.

Lin Yichen

(Picture Source: Lam Yearly Weibo)

Many people forget Lin Yichen's 18-year-old young age, and from home to paying a million debt to help his family buy houses and buy cars, she was carrying them all on their shoulders.She was busy running between her academic and academic career, and she insisted on being able to attend classes without a class. "Serious, Engaged, Self-demanding" was an assessment of her by all.The 26-year-old Lin has seen more changes in human life after undergoing brain surgery. She has been in hospital for seven years, and has been hospitalized for a period of time with the loss of puberty.She decided to forgive those who were too stubborn to work hard, and to return to their own space of life.

She wants to swing the actors who don't sleep for six days and six nights from two days and nights, and then go to eight days and eight nights.From now on, Lin will no longer be hard on the record of performing arts circles. Instead, he starts to ask himself what kind of life he likes.The study was not so perfect, and she had to share 60 points with everyone in her life. She said, "Look at the beauty in life. Otherwise, we will always be jealous of other people's lives."" (Hey! Dear: From girl to woman, refalling in love with six imperfect perfection )

Don't be eager to resist what you hate.

Lin Yichen

age of 30, Lin Yichen, who took two of the two Admiralty at the age of 30, said in an interview that "many of my gifts in my life have been given to me by my loathing.""From his childhood home, she thought more about her children than the children of the same age; an illness flirting her with her excessive devotion to her life; encounting a lot of injustice made her learn to accept it."

In Lin's life, life should not only have imperfect courage, but also courage to accept annoying things.Because frustrations always bring her a turn, "resistance" in life gives her more possibilities.

"You will get a lot of unexpected gains regardless of the distance, the number of days, and the opportunities to leave yourself and yourself alone.""

(Picture Source: Lam Yearly Weibo)

This statement comes from the London travel book of Lin Yichen's "The Good Travel."In this way, it is particularly suitable for the controversy surrounding her in 2014.In the same year, when the film was sneezing, Lin Chun-tung was infected with the virus, and when many artists were busy cutting, Lin Chen-chen sent out this article: " We are a partner of cooperation, and know that this news will be sad, but he has to pay for his own behavior, and there are many follow-up questions to be dealt with.I only hope that after this incident, he can understand what is really important in his life, and his family and friends are waiting for him. Come on!"

Later, she married in the morning, and she actively invited Ko to attend the meeting, hoping to help him out of the storm.Lin Yichen's good fate is that she always misses her feelings, and she never avoids.She is full of philosophers and philosophers of life, and last year Kaohsiung was bombed, and she wrote a message calling for action by the host.Lin's wisdom was not limited to her role as an artist. She was a friend of her own. She was an artist, and she played an active role in the good of the audience.

People are living in the present, as long as they are alive and in a difficult situation, they have the opportunity to overcome them."

last year, Lin personally wrapped up a wedding cake from a wedding banquet, and she never responded positively to the wedding cakes.Lin Yichen's good is not a good idea. She once talked about the impact of Hsu Wei-lun's death, giving her a better understanding of how to live happily ever after.In addition to having a major illness, she specially cared for the sick children. After a netizen came to the media to ask her about this, she said that she would visit every organization two to three times in a year, and that she could not do so much, just to listen to them.

I was just a normal girl who wanted to do something meaningful in my limited life, " said Lin, who was then embarrassed by Lin's beauty." I think the good things that Lin didn't want to explain to me in the morning and not to explain it, not to mention it, has always been her best response.(You'll like: Reborn after the fire!)Not only Princess Selina: Better Value than Beautiful )

In a marriage, both of them want to take away some of them before they can achieve a happy and happy family.

year, Lin's wedding to the new wedding friend Nic gave a saying: "In marriage, both of them will be willing to put away some of them before they can achieve a happy and happy family. The pleasure, calm and satisfaction will be greater than the self who you are willing to put down!""

Lin Yearly-chen, who kept a long distance from her husband, didn't shy away from talking about how he had to get along with him. She said that the good news is that both of them are people who need to be self-space, and of course videos are not limited every day.Although newly married, the two have already become familiar with the lifestyle of Lao husband's old wife and walk through the distance with trust.Lin's relationship with Lin Chen-chen was also full of protection, and when the marriage attracted too much attention, she asked the media to return to the public life space of non-public figures.The balance between the young woman and the big woman is the love wisdom of Lin Yichen!(Recommended reading: Only after marriage is known, Lin Yichen: "Put a little bit away, and have a happier relationship" )

Seven Lin Chen-chen's philosophy of life is given to you who love life.I hope that we can all live like Lin Yichen.She was so emotional that she knew how trivial. She didn't resist setbacks, so she looked more successful than anyone; she didn't want to hang out in love, so she deserved better happiness.

In the recent

Diary of the Chance, Lin Yichen changed from the fish's hue to the bando.Lin Yichen had three medium-range targets for himself: a series of successful performances, study abroad, a soul mate, and the of all three of these goals on the eve of their birthday.Lin Yichen, who just became his wife, that could not love you for her role in the "Golden Bell" , but ran away from her career to study in the United . this year, she has been a good year for her. In the "Diary Diary", she has won the most of her life, interpreting 30 or more of the new challenges of the job, and the choice of …

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