Taiwan musical "Lonely Madge", singing the city people in the fast life behind the lonely story . We invite to the "lonely Madge" in the three brothers Quandong, Chu Jun-ru and Lu Xue, and we talk about the role of the theater, and their respective look like the shadow of the general loneliness. (You will want to know: The Play field is a game, life is the stage!) Zhang Xipei: "A good thing in life, Perfect")

Welcome to Madge, the first floor of an old apartment.
Espresso of fresh milk
The macchiato of careful and special tune
A warm smile, a sincere greeting

A little cloudy afternoon, the woman fan paradise came to such a song, Three big boys singing their joy and sadness, they are Quandong, Chu Jun-ru (Chuchu) and Lu Xue (Mei), musical in the three brothers of the Madge Café.

Lonely, welcome to a cup of "lonely Madge"

"Lonely Madge" is this year's perfect match theater launched in the end of the warm city musicals, with the old apartment in different floors of the story, telling the urban men and women between the different flavors of "loneliness." Café Shop long Pony (Quandong), is the eldest brother of three, have the emotion into the magic of coffee; Archie (Chu Jun-ru) is the coffee industry's master milk Killer, bad expression and cynical attitude, has a very good opposite edge; old Lu Xue is the store's pistachio, without the purity of social wash, Always brings joy to everyone. Three of people, three personalities, in the same stage of the interpretation of their own lonely story. (You'll want to know:"What those movies teach Me" is that you're not afraid of loneliness, but you don't know how to get along with yourself )

Like the characters in the play, Chuchu, Anton and Mei three each have their own distinctive image of the actor, while appearing, but can skillfully fusion. Like a fragrant tiramisu: Anton is the first to attract eyes, sweet and not greasy cheese stuffing; Amy is a finger biscuit that adds taste and improves level, Chuchu is the first to see, need to savor, the finishing touches of the coffee wine.

Nevertheless, they have to face the same topic in the play: loneliness. In fact, not only in the play, this theme as a modern people we must be not unfamiliar, because loneliness is also each of us in life have been in the mood.

Shakespeare said: "The purpose of drama is always to reflect life." 」

Lonely Special, is that this is a kind of everyone has had, but not too will be explicit emotions. Even, we do not often talk about their loneliness. is a kind of sensed, indescribable, and hidden in the sun feeling.

The reason for loneliness may not be the same, but in fact, when lonely, everyone is the same. So when loneliness is paraded on the stage, we watch the play at the same time, is also looking at their own story, trying to find a little comfort, a solution.

The delicate soul behind directness: the intimate of entertaining people

Vague emotions always hide in the subtle, personality, life story will affect a person's emotional expression. I wonder how a musical actor can present a character's innermost feelings?

"We have music!" Melody and lyrics can help the emotional expression. Anton, who specializes in musical expression, points out the biggest feature of musicals. Musicals and stage plays and musicals are different places where the proportion of music is heavier. In addition to limbs, lines, but also add a large number of music elements into which, the interaction of the three, stirring out the sparks different from the drama. Anton said of course not straightforward singing: "I ~ now ~ very lonely ~" but through the melody, through the lyrics, let the audience into the mood of the actor. " (Telling stories in music: making you believe that there are Shangri-La musicians in the World: Huang )

As a relatively calm role, I wonder what the "pony" lonely attitude is.

And Anton was straightforward, forgetful characteristics of different, pony is the Big Brother in the shop, is the standard "glossy" personality, accustomed to suppress their emotions. Without words, the feelings are projected in every move and in the coffee brewed, because each emotion is reflected in the behavior.

Quandong thinking time is usually more than Chuchu and small beautiful, Taiwan-American hybrid of his, can not accurately send "two sound" speech tone, is the other two brothers imitate giggle object. Even Anton often jokes on his own. I wise to know, originally "amuse oneself entertaining person" is his characteristic.

"I have too much self-confidence!" It's okay to share a little bit. "Blink the charming eye, Anton Two hands a booth, say of time also bring a little fart of joke tone." In the candid personality behind, is a very delicate, optimistic soul. I think the person with strong mind is enough to amuse others.

Drunk side know wine strong: on the stage every gestures are learned

Compared with Anton's pony, Chuchu's role--Archie--was a sunny, always-accompanied role. When you think about these behaviors, you will find that they actually represent deeper meanings. "Archie's loneliness is to think about it before they understand that the original motive behind these actions is" lonely "

Perhaps in the drama of rich experience, Chuchu words not long, but very refined, profound, always can quickly catch the character of the fine with, give a person's feeling is the tail strong coffee wine.

Chuchu, who once took a similar character, said the biggest challenge was how to get along with the girls in the role of "Archie". "It's very different from me, it's really hard to pick up girls ' skills, you have to talk about some irrelevant rubbish, but it's hard to make them laugh," he said. "In addition to the mood of the lines themselves, the small details of acting will start to hone in life." Just found: A place in the eyes behind, may be after countless times the girl's eye, spit after the groove, only to be acquired. (The courage to pursue the dream: when the actor did not want to be comfortable!) Lin Weishui: "Have not tried to die, with what success?" ")

One person in the speech, the other two people will always talk about their own feelings, a slight nod of approval, in the hearing of the difficulties encountered each other, a playful look at each other, for each other to supplement the details. I think it's a trust from the team! Is the way to support each other brother, saw each other most embarrassed, helpless green, just understand now hand a gestures precious.

Innocent boy is not naïve: the emotional level of the stack of time

"A lot of very optimistic innocence, his loneliness is probably from the family, friendship, love can not find their own sense of belonging to it." But he is the kind that will directly express "I need someone to accompany, need to clap" people, so it is better to express. "Mei changed a turn" but next time I would like to challenge the role of a lot of inner play like Archie. In fact, besides a lot of that role outside play I want to try! 」

All along, because of the appearance and screen image restrictions, the role of the most of the characters are like a lot of pure, optimistic role, as I remember that always with a smile singing love song Lu Xue, and I saw his first impression today. But in the process of chatting, Mei is the most description of each detail of the person, the more he knew him, will find that in addition to cheerful optimism, in fact he has a lot of exquisite observation and unique ideas, is accumulated through the emotional level of experience.

If a lot is a piece of white paper, that little beauty is a piece of gray papers. Mei said that he had just made his fortune from the Avenue of Starlight, but as the experience of the rich, saw more of the life, after the washing he began to understand that many things are not black or white, but in the middle of the gray.

Three people, three characters, three different kinds of loneliness.

Originally, The Lonely "say" and "do not say", can be a choice, but as long as the intention, you can find it quietly left traces. Zhang ailing once said: "In this city, I believe there will be a person, thinking about the same thing, with similar frequency, at a certain station lonely exit, arranged to meet with me." 」

Life is like a play, a play is like life. The person who is watching the play, most expect to see, is to find a bit of their own shadow in the play. In addition to watching other people's lives, is in the pursuit of "Yes!" That's me! The most enjoyable place for an actor is to be on the stage and interpret the second life that belongs to you. (You'll want to know:"Danish Girl" Addiry de Man dress up!) Three new generation actors for drama breakthrough

Every single moment in a musical that can't be repeated is the most fascinating place.

Uphold the same love for musicals, so that three people from different backgrounds, in the "Lonely Madge" a play in the encounter.

"If drama is a hand-punch coffee, then the musical is hand-mixed and bean coffee!" he said. "The Chuchu of coffee is a metaphor for the difference between the two. Hua Gang art School came from him, because yearning for Broadway, and played a lot of musicals, such as "underground Iron", "The Prodigal son's small airplane diary." "In addition to the lines, expressions, limbs, you have to practice singing and dance, training and partnership between the tacit understanding, this is the most fascinating challenge!" 」

"I like the performance of the present, and the feeling of interaction with the audience." The same performance, in the face of different audiences, the chemical changes will vary, this is the most fascinating place in musicals. "Although everyone's first impression of Quandong is the singer from the avenue of Stars, he has two faculties of psychology and Drama, and he has a musical experience during his college years," he said. Whether it's the practice of synchronized breathing between partners, or the interaction with the audience at the stage, Anton's sense of achievement is the source.

By contrast, it was late for her to touch the musical, "the first time it seemed to be a Yuamin musical!" I am competitive heart is very strong, can accept others say I play poorly, limb uncoordinated, but I can not accept the singing is not good! "The first real sense of the importance of the penetration of music is the valuable experience gained from musical dramas." "I like to sing r&b song, but it is often said not to be contagious." "It was not until we came into contact with the musical show that I began to practice the penetrating force."

At first don't want to act, just want to sing good little beauty, is often said singing skills very good, but lack of feelings. The first time he challenged the musical, he began to practise the art of "music transmission." "I used to sing the songs I knew before, and then I finished singing." But you have to let the scene hundreds of thousands of people immediately feel the character mood, this and singing is very different. "Group life in the play, practice and a partner to breathe a pat on the same point, delve into the lines, the lyrics of each word in the mood, also allows him to enter the role of emotion, and then the voice as a medium to pass." The shocking education of musical drama, Let Mei love this stage deeply.

For musicals, although the actual harvest is not the same, but the three people are interested in falling in love with the musical scene. Each line, movement, and location need to be designed, if not through the role of digestion, the appearance of the show will be too pompous, artificial. The same repertoire, each breath of the stage, and the response of the audience, will make the show the only thing that will never come again. And this "only" is the most fascinating part of musicals.

"If my friend asks me which game to buy, I will tell them all!" "In other people may be a joke, but really experience, only to know the exquisite music drama small beauty, the most sincere voice."

When loneliness becomes the driving force of action: What can we do?

We talked about the challenges of roles and the fun of musicals, but didn't ask themselves what they thought about the "loneliness" that runs through the whole stage. To me, I feel lonely is a song, a song in the night Will swoop in. It may be loud and loud to the whole world, and silently and silently, the melody can only reverberate in your heart. If you can, I hope to let the lonely song, Through the "lonely Madge" was how the sung? (Recommended to you: In fact, everyone is lonely!) Crowded and lonely in the underground iron

"I want them to know the behavior of loneliness. Anton thought for a long time the answer, but again because of our puzzled eyes, the words back. Chuchu in the side jokingly explain, Anton now mind should be constantly in the "English turn".

"I want everyone to know:" Oh! Because of loneliness, will produce these behavior ". "Loneliness is actually a force that drives behavior, there is no good or bad, but we often don't realize it." Anton wants to make people aware of the existence of loneliness, only consciousness, understanding, you will be able to accept, embrace it.

Mei jokes to share that everyone is lonely, otherwise there will be no to the text of the film! Exaggerated expression and intonation, people can not help but smile, but he then said, "but really, people have to learn to complain, in the mind will" Sue Hi "(sound like" comfortable "Taiwanese language). "In the face of Amy's passion, the other two have always been cold treatment." is not crowding out or cold, but small beautiful interesting and intense reaction, become that everyone likes to tease the object.

With the interview on the March, the three individual role image in my eyes more and more vivid. But their private chemical changes are unpredictable. Who would have thought that a warm alcoholic coffee would sometimes be as playful and lively as a cola, and that finger cookies would sometimes become as soft and elastic as jelly, and that the stuffing in the cheese would be as relaxation as chewing gum. Whether they are in front of the screen, they are sincere to share with us, or they play like big boys, the diversity of the face has narrowed the distance between us.

Every one of us is going to be the catchy song of the Lonely Song.

Back to "loneliness", Chuchu has a different view.

For him, loneliness is like "brain teasers Inside out" in the worry, very important, is an indispensable emotion, "so you have to face it, face your loneliness, learn to live with it." "Chuchu said earnestly," even after watching the play, in addition to let you think outside, can also do something more, like calling you miss friends, to talk to someone. 」

"Sometimes it is not necessary to really talk about what is deep in the heart, but" say "this matter, itself is a good way to express the pipeline. "Amy added," It's nice to have someone to talk to when you're around. Like I said Ah, people have to learn to complain, the heart Will "Sue Hi"! "Mei's own famous sayings, full of grass-roots and a trace of funny ingredients, but intelligence and experience of the assembly."

"it ' nice to be needed. (" Being needed "is really important). Anton says if you feel lonely, you can also be the one who is in charge of the company. People seem to be like this, we need to be with people, we need to be "needed", because it makes us feel that we are really important. Loneliness seems to be a little far away when you feel that you are important. (Recommended to you: Care and Care Practice: When "refueling" does not change the status quo, what do we need? )

Whether it is through sports, people chatting, or chatting, three big boys seem to find their own and lonely way of coexistence. Forget who started first, in the end of the interview, a person began to sing "Hakuna Matata", the other two followed and. One lap to sing, unexpectedly in the laughing and joking between the impromptu completion of a chorus without accompaniment.

Hakuna Matata in Swahili means "Don't worry, everything is OK", this beautiful chance and three-bit song, Bring me a courage. Sometimes even in the face of the vast sea of people, still feel lonely: I feel insignificant, think there will be no one for me to stop, feel that the world is no longer my place. But this courage, I began to believe that the Prophet Gibran said: "Loneliness, is a sad companion, is also a close friend of spiritual activities." 」

I feel lonely is a song, a song in the night Will swoop in. But when we become the chant of this song, learning to Live with it, "loneliness" seems not so terrible.

Hope "Lonely Madge" also can bring you courage, let you face yourself, become lonely catchy song Bard.