"25" album single 〈hello〉 revealed, the first week of download exceeded 1 million mark. Only she has such ability, follow Adele 's "19" to "25", singing the days of sadness and beauty, gently compose the story of growth . (Recommended reading: on the road, every step is growing )

In the 2008, a female voice in the United Kingdom was dumb to hum "19" years old, let the youth sorrow Tim years depth. That record in the United Kingdom sold 2.2 million, more than 7.5 million of the world's sales to obtain 7x Platinum sales certification. She's Adele. 19 years old Adele from England to the United States, 21 years old second chapter album "21" took her to the world, held "Love Dai Son Tour", that year, "21" Finally in the United States Billboard album List won a total of 24 weeks champion, in the British album list for a total of 23 weeks champion.

In just three years, she has been a singer loved by the world's fans, and has been happy to comment on Adele's reproduction of the Beatles ' four-era music frenzy. Three years later, November 20, 2015, "25" album single 〈hello〉 revealed that the first week of download volume Breakthrough 1 million mark the staggering number of proof of the Times Adele song weight.

Adele in a i-d interview with the new album: "I often think from the age of 21 to 25 years old, this is how it happened?" "Adele, 27, said that he had spent 20 years of his insolent youth and eventually became a mother, no longer having the excitement and stability of the past days." (Extended reading: as sexy as a child, why can't French moms grow old?) )

I think we all know Adele's metamorphosis, as she understood us in a song. I often feel that women are especially lonely in some age when they are not celebrated for their drinking. A 18-year-old, 20-Year-old, 30-year-old birthday always has to pass more carefully, as if carefully through the growth of the inter-line, after the mountain we are more distinctive. 19, 21, 25, in my heart is particularly lonely, really like the most ordinary days of the balcony in the afternoon, after a sudden shower feel lonely. No longer can you become a teenager, but also do not want to really grow up.

Follow Adele's "19" to "25", aftertaste our life intangible edgy, disease trillion and impermanence.

19 years old, writing to the uncertainty of youth

Should I let go of love? I should move on, even if I don't know where to go. --〈chasing pavements〉

Adele, 19, sings the fear of being hurt and doubting and struggling in love in 〈chasing pavements〉, and in 〈first love〉 gently says good-bye to first love: "Forgive me, my first love, we have parted, I need to taste the kiss from another person." "Youth Just, Love is sweet, real-time taste of the 19-year-old."

Hey, do you remember your 19-year-old? Blowing out a candle seems to proclaim that a child is no longer. You come out of the family system, you go to college for the first time a person over the mid-Autumn Festival, in the work of learning the world, in love practice to be a winner. That quarrel is like a world of good age, ah, you start to miss.

Facing the 20-year-old before always with deep fear, do not want to give up the naïve, and think that the reality of the world, such as the 19-year-old on the girl sprinkled with ambiguous contradictions of incense, unknown, is the most beautiful thing at this age. (Recommended reading:20 years old, confused very well: don't give up for any lost to find the answer )

21 years old, a farewell to his predecessor.

"Sometimes I live by love, and sometimes I get hurt by it." "--〈someone like you〉
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.

Adele said it was a farewell to his predecessor: "I am the only one who has ever sung." Someone like your story is the ex-boyfriend and I broke up immediately after the engagement with another girl. I wrote that song to make myself happy, and to try to convince myself that I would soon meet someone who makes me truly happy. "We, 21 years old, are finally no longer puzzled to leave, convinced that leaving is where you are ready to move to a better place." (Hey Dear: Moving Graduation speech!) Taiwan University graduates speech: When the power is greater, please remember your 22-year-old eyes.

Learn not to let Love lead the day, learn to put the former heart comfortable position, learn to be alone with the dear self. 〈rolling in the deep〉 and 〈set Fire to the rain〉 compose love of the churning hot. I think of the poet Wu pain strokes: "My young Lover/blood came to me with blood in my hand/in order to match him/I wash hot hot water/wash myself out of wrinkles."

Because of the 21-Year-old love so desperate and frightening, so we are willing to leave after careful collection that rare deep.

25 years old, writing his belated forgiveness.

"We were so young and so free. But I have long forgotten how our world felt before it collapsed. "--〈hello〉
When we were the younger and free. I ' ve forgotten how it felt before of the world fell in our feet.

Adele to the 25-year-old 〈hello〉 opening MV cheer old years of cloth, raise dust mites, shake off regret. Compared to the "19" confusion, "21" impulse, this "25" more than a tolerance of their own. Adele said: "If I were to label the new album, I would say it was made up." I'm making up for myself, to make up for the lost time, to make up for all the things I've done and haven't done. Now I have no time like the song of the past, I have all the hard to break. "(Recommended you see: you learn to grow up, parents learn to let go )

25 years old, some of the life of the bureau has been set, some passers-by are settled. Adele to talk about her 25:". I miss all the good and bad things in the past, but they've never come back. Now I start to think that every little thing is important, frivolous and hasty to see things without any results. 」

To get back to yourself from the outside, just like Patti Smith wrote, "We understand that we are asking for too much." We can only give from the angle of "who we are" and "what we have". "From then on, understanding yourself is always more important than caring for others."

25-Year-old Sentimental, is the world always tells us "before the age of 25 must do 30 things", is the psychologist Laverne Antrobus defined the age of real growing up. We are not abandoning the youthful gesture of publicity, but more careful to handle the weight of others heart, not easily crushed, wounding, more willing to forgive themselves after the loss of the blame. (Extended reading: After leaving a relationship, embracing and forgiving yourself at that time )

With Adele from the 19-year-old staggering to 25, step-by-step solid, let the day more weight. Adele once said in a concert: "I never write songs for anyone, I only make music for myself." "I think such pride is the precious gift that I should keep for myself, no matter how old I am, like Adele."