The Arctic and the Antarctic are the furthest distances in the world. Because of global warming, a polar bear who wants to drink the world's finest coffee meets a lone penguin who wants to learn to fly. So they became partners in each other's dreams and formally embarked on their adventures . Every week, we follow their footsteps to know the world. (Classic review:"World Adventure Week" Decides that we are happy, only ourselves )

October 26 Lishilari Happy Birthday to women

The first time you know her, or because of her husband's surname after marriage, you know her later, is her in the field of American politics, a few red in the green bush in the deep impression.

She has many "first" titles: the first woman to hold office, the first first lady to be the president's cabinet, and the first female senator in New York.

Hillary Clinton's first lady career is very different from other first ladies, she has an idea of politics, a voice, understand the pros and cons, to win for themselves. Although her assessment is mixed, it is undeniable that she has indeed opened a new watershed in the age of women.

"People can always talk about me, but I have a clear conscience about what I want to do," she said. 」

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Penguin Rice pulp: Even the owl's head can only turn 270 degrees, we certainly can not always look back!
Polar Bear Alpha: But just turn the body is not good?

October 27--The 75 anniversary of the release of the Charlie Chaplin, the "dictator" of comedian Charlie

Charlie Chaplin is deeply rooted in a bowler hat, a cane, and a small beard. In the early years, he became a world-famous comedian by filming a large number of short films with superb pantomime skills.

Charlie Chaplin's first sound film, "The Great Dictator", was made for Hitler and Nazism and published a year before the United States abandoned isolationism. Without fear of Germany's aggressive ambitions, he made direct use of the film to make sharp irony and criticism. ( the common pain of the world: War is not a man, but love . )

The classic quote in the movie: "Knowledge makes us cynical, we have clever ingenuity that makes us lose our gentleness and kindness, we always think too much but don't feel it attentively." ", also preached the Charlie Chaplin anti-war thought.

"Woman fan Extended reading"
This year, the Kaohsiung Film Festival (10/23-11/8) salutes the Masters and Charlie Chaplin the classic works of the king of comedy to the Restoration! Interested in you, do not forget to see Oh!

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: black and white movies are the best for me! Full rendering!
Penguin Rice Pulp: ...

October 28 Julia. Happy Birthday, Roberts.

Four degrees on the "People" magazine, was selected as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. But Julia Llaroboz has her own opinion about beauty.

Last month she released a Genzhao of her own in her Instagram account, calling on people not to simply pursue external perfection, but to ignore something more important--the soul. She said: "If even you do not love yourself, how can you ask others to like you?" 」

Learn to love the most authentic self, fully accept their own kind of appearance, beauty will eventually old, but the inner spirit and soul is truly immortal.

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: You know what people say about Julia Llaroboz's fascinating place is big eyes and big mouth?
Penguin Rice pulp: Then I am also very attractive, because my mouth can be very big (AH)

October 29 0 Negative review goddess Ariel Happy Birthday

A lot of people say she is red inexplicable, but I think her glow is inevitable.

She may not be the most beautiful, but definitely the most attractive, she may not be the smartest, but the most serious. The director, who had read her script notes, praised her script, which she had never seen before. She took the role and real life of their differences in 108,000, but still perfect deduction Xiaciotong, Fan Xiaomin, Shing, Cheng and green, Yang Snow dance. (Ariel's Seven Life Intelligence:"I am just an ordinary girl, want to do meaningful things in a limited life")

We not only love her acting, but also love her intelligence: "For the things you hate, don't be impatient to resist." 」

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: The morning God once said to learn to do yourself!
Penguin rice pulp: Good! Then I want to be like her! Conquer the sky with little wings

October 30 The Gymnastics princess Nas Jia Liukin Happy Birthday

Born in a Russian gymnastics family, although the 3-year-old immigrants with their parents in the United States, in the Olympic Games to interview, still do not forget their country, with a very fluent Russian and reporters to talk about.

The outside world always sees the Liukin good appearance stature, the same for the athlete parents ' halo, but Liukin pays the effort, as well as the extremely high pressure resistance and the determination is lets win 2008 Olympic Games one gold three silver, the year best female athlete's reason.

He had been questioned and given up when he was injured in his ankle, but she said: "I will never give up the fight." "Even if you're afraid, try different treatments like acupuncture, just to get better."

"Because my parents are my motivation, so I have to continue to work hard." 」

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: Rice pulp you can't take part in the gymnastics competition.
Penguin Rice pulp: why!
Polar Bear Alpha: Because your feet don't fit together, you can't stand on the balance beam!
Penguin Rice Pulp: ...

October 31 Halloween & Gay Parade

Today is the adults and children are happy Halloween, more correctly is "Halloween." Europe has traditionally considered Halloween to be the closest human time in the world to ghosts, and they believe it is the end of summer and the beginning of winter, so wear masks and frighten away ghosts.

The custom of "trick-or-treating" comes from the UK and Ireland, where people go door-to-door to ask for bread and "soul cakes" and pray for the dead, which symbolizes good luck and soul emancipation.

Today, is also the 13th session of Taiwan's gay parade "age not set limits-the liberation of the Dark Ark, youth autonomy." Comrades often because of the shackles of reality, so that they can not show the most authentic self. In this day, let us go to the street together, shouting "Liberation of the Dark Ark · Youth autonomy", hoping that the rainbow will eventually break through the shackles, in the sun free breathing.

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Penguin rice Pulp and Polar bear alpha: We all want to be a "happy ghost"!

November 1--Apple CEO Tim. Happy Birthday, Cook.

"No one is successful without hardship, frustration and regret." 」

From engineering to management, from IBM to Apple, if Jobs is a legendary creator, then Cook is a talented industrialist. In 2014 he was openly out of the closet, for sexual direction, he did not conceal, also did not disclose. But he wants to bring support and warmth to people in the same lonely corner through his own sacrifice of privacy, and to be more powerful in the struggle for gay rights. (Apple CEO Tim Cook out of the full declaration: proud to be gay, this is life to give me the best gift )

"We are a long way from a fairer and more just world." We must slowly brick on the floor to build up this road together. This piece, is my brick. 」

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: I don't use a tablet computer, where is the instruction book?
Penguin Rice Pulp: No, follow other people's formula, you will only be the same as others!