Jennifer Lawrence, who plays The hunger game, Kenis her to become a new global hero ! "I never really felt like I was saying good-bye to her," Jennifer said at a press conference. "Kenis's resolute image will always accompany us!" Follow the game of hunger to see the three meanings of the movie series in the Shadow history. (Recommended reading:"I blame myself for not being able to fight for"─ Jennifer Lawrence learns to confront the smart image and stand up for women's rights )

Blockbuster movie "Hunger Game" (The Hunger Games) will be released soon (November 18 to 20th, the global release), Jennifer Laurence in the public press would give a farewell. The "Hunger Game" trilogy made Jennifer Laurence the world's heroine as Kenis, holding her in the first stage of a heavyweight Hollywood actress.

Jennifer in the Los Angeles media preview will say to Kenis: "The thought of when the film finally released, all will be a period, I am very uncomfortable." All these years, this series of movies has been my life. 」

"I never really felt myself saying goodbye to her," she said of Kenis. 」

About Kenis in the history of the heroine left the image of women, exquisite compose a woman's strong and soft. Jennifer is not ready to say goodbye to Keni, and we will never. Follow the "Hunger game" to see the series of movies in the history of the three meaning, but also to practice Keni to teach us perseverance. (You will like: The hero movie is no longer just a man world!) The six heroine in the X-Men.

Women's power not only exists in fairy tales

"Such a brave man should not be bound in that stupid costume." 」

"This is not a fairy tale, it's a war," Susan Collins, author of The hunger game, said very early on. "When people around me suggest that she should not let Kenis kill loved ones when writing stories," she answered softly.

Kenisai Fording is a fictional character, the author hopes that by her inspiration to contemporary women in society, courageous political participation, not afraid to fight for rights. When we think of the heroic image, we will never ignore Kenis, she represents a revolution, striving for is no longer "protected" right, but fighting for their own spirit. Her heroic image finally no longer involve sexy code, and her beauty does not have to Prince and Princess fairy tale fantasy to achieve. (Recommended you see:"Fairy Love" film review: Not always fantasy, Cinderella is never a princess )

Outside the Jennifer Laurence also recently for pay rights, when she got up to uncover the Hollywood female discrimination, the film big Guy accused her like a fart to eat sugar. Jennifer said: "Yes, I just want you to see that when a woman comes out to pay for the salary, it will be said not cute." Women come forward and argue, and they will be called "Brats." I don't think anyone would describe a man like that. (Extended reading: What men take more?) Bladley Coupery, Jennifer's sex manifesto.

She is Kenis, the woman who never bows in the war.

Woman, please rest assured fragile

"Even if I die, I want to die for my true self," he said. 」

Kenis's perseverance was not the ruthless, murderous machine that used to be the killer movie. Her ruthlessness is for and for the loved ones, when close friends are killed, she needs time to mourn, not to seek revenge immediately. We often think that such a "strong role" must conform to the masculine trait, but Kenis still retains the feminine sensitivity and the slender. In war she respects all her enemies, does not kill them, and only if necessary she does, for it is the only way home.

Breaking through gender stereotypes, men and women can flow between negative positive traits, Kenis teaches us. "She was so powerful, fragile, so beautiful and unforgivable," was the author's first glimpse of Jennifer's Susan Collins at the audition. A woman can also be a weak woman, even if she is really Superman, there will also be weak and helpless moment .

After the first stimulus fight, the film focuses on what challenges women face when they gain a strong position and dominate the discourse. So we saw Kenis's hesitation, indecision, helpless feeling, even saw her in love longing to rely on the appearance.

Love is the reason for all existence

"Good people are dangerous, they always have ways to get in my heart." 」

"I don't want them to change me, to be the kind of monster that's completely different from me," said Peter, the film's leading actor. "He's like playing a waiting role in the movie, always quietly waiting for Kenis to turn back." Kenis Love in movies has always been a tactic and a way to survive. Kenis became the helm of Love, even the use of Peter, is no longer our memory is always a weak female role in love.

However, her law of survival only for a good and live, through life and death at war, addicted to the evil. No she stepped into the war zone to protect her sister's original intention, no small non-success, no bread from the 11 district, there is no survival of the Kenis. The total uprising is for peace. (now hot: Anne Hathaway, Julie Ammole, Kelly Mo Reagan!) Four female stars against Hollywood sex counterattack )

In the 13th district, which is so hard to live in, I think of the story, saying, "Only in love with your opponents is there a chance of survival." "We love differences, love different, love tomorrow, in spite of tossing and going, love will eventually take us to the right place."