gender parity has been a big step forward in recent years, but in fact it seems less desirable than expected. Jennifer. in a recent interview with the media, Lawrence mentioned the difference between men and women in Hollywood, and she confessed that there was a part of it that she was " afraid to fight ", in addition to social factors. Now she decided to step forward and use her experience to make some changes to the subject. (gender dilemma does not divide men and women: Both sexes must come forward!) Workplace moms and Super Milk Dad's gender dilemma )

14-Year-old debut, 22-Year-old with "Pat's happy Script", won the 85th Annual Academy Award for Best Actress award, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer. Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) not only became the front line actress in Hollywood, but also used her influence to voice women's rights more often. Recently, Sony Pictures data was stolen and leaked, only to find out that the Hollywood male and female star "equal pay" is still difficult to block in front of the gate of equality. To this end, she used her experience to try to inject a bit of her strength into "gender equality".

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Why is my salary lower than the same male star?

As the Oscar-winning actress, Hollywood's first-line female star, and won this year's richest Shi star income, after Sony's data leaked, Jennifer. Lawrence found that, although she has been the first of many female star income, her pay is still more than the "cheat big scam" with a lot lower than the male star.

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When the Sony data leaked out, I realized that my salary was much less than those of the "lucky ones". When the Sony hack happened and I found out how much less I am being paid than the lucky people with dicks.

except Jennifer. Lawrence, Gorney, who plays the little Chili Posy in the Iron Man trilogy. Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), has also revealed the brutal fact of the work of men and women in showbiz: Hollywood Women's 12th place in the list of Gorney silk. Paltrow, the income of 9 million U.S. dollars, the same film performance of the small Raubertoni is based on a movie income, to 80 million U.S. dollars to the male star pay list champion.

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In recent years "feminism" has gradually been raised, Emma. Watson (Emma Watson) at the United Nations: "The same pay, the same effort, women are supposed to get the same respect" speech; this year's Oscar ceremony, Patricia. Equit (Patricia Arquette) shouted: "Now is the time for women to have equal pay and equal rights!" "Get Melissa. Streep (Meryl Streep) loudly applauded the speech, the women's rights and interests not only slogans, but rely on everyone to come forward to implement equality. (Step forward: let Aunt Mei stand and applaud the winning speech!) Patrick Sia Aquit: "Woman, it is time for their own struggle!" ")

Jennifer Laurence: Compared to the gas society, I am more angry with my own "dare not fight"

When I learned about it, I was not angry with the company, but angry with myself. I am angry with myself for giving up early and not defending my own power. When the Sony hack happened, I didn ' t get mad at Sony. I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early.

When the same film of the male star Jeremy. Pepe Reina (Jeremy Renner), Christine. Bell (Christian Bale) and Bradley. Cooper, Bradley Cooper, is talking about his rights and interests, and Jennifer Laurence admits that she is more concerned with other people's assessment and vision than her rights. She refused to fight because she didn't want to look "tough" or "spoiled child".

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There are a lot of tricks on the web to teach women how to fight for their rights and to be good negotiators, but maybe we should think about why this society makes women "must" negotiate to get the rewards they deserve. Or, why men fight for rights and interests is a natural, full of momentum, and women fight for rights and interests will be said to be "difficult", "spoiled", and even be labeled "domineering", "Number of orders" label? (Recommended to you:"Tired of the female disease" to hinder women, whether it is gender or ability? )

In addition to revealing the difference in wages between men and women, the figures from the Sony Exodus show that the female star is "hard to get" because it is too good to fight. Society's dislike female phenomenon lets the female only "well-behaved", can only obey, but why the woman has no choice, only has a kind of appearance?

Learn not to please society, for "change" to stand up

I have now passed the stage of trying to express my opinion and making people feel "cute". I ' m over trying to find the "adorable" way to state my opinion and still be likable!

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Social injustice, so that women must stand up and strive for the rights that should belong to them. But why is it that when we express our opinions, we must pay attention to the social vision and worry that we are not cute enough and likable? We have more or less been limited by the framework of society, in order not to let others feel that they are "difficult to do", do not dare to come out, in order not to be labeled "strong" label, choose 噤 Mouth, in order to make themselves appear "approachable", become "good miss". The gentle women under the society, really good? (Recommended to you:"sick" of all people, there are signs of disgust )

Jennifer Lawrence once said: "Before, when it comes to feminist issues, I always keep silent or have little voice." When it comes to the subject of feminism, I ' ve remained ever-so-slightly quiet."but now, she understands," nothing, inequality will not change, and my voice can To bring change, "Jennifer. Lawrence decided to stand up.

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More or less, we have experienced unequal treatment because of sex. "If we don't stand up, the world won't change," he said. We have to fight in all levels or we'll never be equal."hope Jennifer. Lawrence's experience can bring us a little strength, although in the process, we may be in line with the society in the "clever image" and not dare to say no, but their own rights escort, let us all brave, for their own that part of "respect." (For their own voice: Emmahuasen-Stirring United Nations speech: "Not only for women's rights, but both sexes can be free!" ")