Women's fans are preempted! < Malala: Before the release of the world's forces, Emma Watson as the interviewer and Malala broadcast live, and they sat down to talk about education and women's rights.Malala first openly stated that she was a feminist, working with Emma Watson for equal rights!This day, we are feminists (Homematting: A 17-year-old girl who was shot in education was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize: "Kill me, make me stronger" )

the screening of the documentary film, Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai were broadcast live on the film after the film premiere last night, tens of thousands of teachers watched in the movie theaters and participated in the dialogue of the century.Two inspirational young women lead the global gender equality movement. Tonight, Emma Watson, the world's goodwill ambassador to UN Women, and Malala, who defended the right to education for girls, sat down to talk about education and women's rights, and to talk about Malala from a tilting gender system.This day, we are feminists.

Malala with Emma Watson #HeForShe

My goal is to see all children go to school, and this is about the future of the 66 million girls, and every girl should have the right to realize the potential and contribute to the world, " Marra."

The film also introduced a father who influenced her life: "My father built a model image, and I think he's a model for all parents."If we ask for equal rights for women, men will have to step up, whereas most men only feel that feminists and women in the workplace are radical, crazy.In order to change this, we must work together.Malala called on men to join the change, like Emma Watson's #HeForShe: "To fight for the freedom of the sexes."I hope men can take up this burden together, so that their daughters, sisters and mothers can be exempt from gender discrimination.(Recommended reading: The full text of the speech by Emma Watson's speech at the United Nations: "Not just for women's rights, but for both men and women!"" )

Emma Watson is asking how Malala is about sex?Marra, who works for girls' right to education, believes that gender is not antagonism: " I think fairness to one person is because we are all human beings.The difference in gender does not mean that you have to be treated differently."

addition to the right to education, Malala is more active in fighting for the right to education, and she tells the children: " Whatever you want to do in the future, you need to recognize yourself through education.We need education, because we need the future, and I believe that education will make Pakistan's children a better tomorrow."

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Malala: I am a feminist

Feminism became a very difficult word for feminism, and when I first heard of it, I had a negative and positive evaluation.So I hesitate to say I'm a feminist."

point that Emma Watson agrees is that feminism is treated as a “ tricky word ” dilemma, and perhaps she can understand it again.Malala then said, "I listened to your speech," If it wasn't me, who would it be?If it wasn't for now, then when?" Now I'm going to say I'm a feminist, and everyone should, I believe this word is equal.Emma Watson took a deep breath, and she said she could hear what Malala said, and it's an honor. (Extended Read: Feminism always requires privilege?When feminist becomes a negative label .. )

The two girls occasionally exposed a little bit shy in the conversation, one from the UK, one from Pakistan, a gender dilemma in the world, and a loved one for Malala. Feminism is also about the pink of Marra's love."I look forward to this day, and we can be proud to say that I am a feminist," Rebecca Oliver said. "I am not ashamed."I am very proud of this film."Malala and Emma Watson are doing the best demonstration of our feminist nature," said one of the netizens."

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Emma Watson: Please, join me with Malala

After the meeting, Emma Watson ended up writing in the face:

" I met Malala tonight, and she was so graceful and smart that she had a nice, graceful gesture.She made me deeply impressed, including her doing a lot of good work in NGOs.If I had to spend my money to save the planet, I would hand the money to her (the Malala Foundation).Malala did not take her hostage in the world of the world, which was one of the reasons I love her. Her strong conviction and decisiveness came from her environment, and her surroundings always revolved around her.

Today is the most moving moment for me to talk about feminism. Let me give you a background. The reason I talk about women's rights is because I found that she never declared herself a feminist, so I decided that I had to ask this question.I was shocked by the fact that Malala himself mentioned this, although feminism was not an easy word, but she was willing to make a name for it.She also asked me to talk about my own ideas at the end of the visit, but she did not have to do so.Malala and her are on the feminist issue, and feminism is a controversial word, and I am learning on that path.We are heading towards the same goal in the same direction: say, "I am a feminist," and I want it to be a welcome, inclusive movement.Let us have a change in the hands of our hands before we can pull together.Malala and I saw this very seriously, and this is a matter that needs you."

If it wasn't you, who would that be?If it wasn't for now, then when?

Women Outside!Marra

Don't think you're too young to be able to do it; don't think your age will prevent you from doing anything; don't let your youth stop you from thinking.As long as you are willing, age can break through all restrictions.If you want to wait until the stage comes, it's too late.— — Malala
Don't think you are young that you can do something. Don't think your age can stop you from doing things, Don't think you are young so your idea don't work. Age can not put limit to what you want to do.Don't wait for the stage, if would be too late.

I hope this film is not just a movie, but a movement.— — Malala
I want this movie not just to be a movie, but the movement.

I am a feminist, and you should be.Feminism is synonymous with equality.
I ’ m a feminist and we all should be a feminist because feminism is another word for equality.

I am one of the 66 million missing girls, and I am not alone, and I am a crowd.
I'm 6,600 million girl from deactivated of education, I'm many voice, I'm many.