Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the Dream . The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics, so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, Love science also love children, always people-oriented Chennai, is how to say her entrepreneurial story! (Recommended reading: from the heart and practice are diverse, people-oriented!) Woman obsessed content guidelines guideline)

Chennai is interested in science from an early age, the most popular extracurricular reading is a biography of scientists. I would like to do experiments like scientists, she majored in chemical engineering, but also in the university began to contact with children's science education, teaching children simple scientific knowledge.

The use of spare time to engage in tutoring her, found that as long as the fun way to teach science, students will be interested in physical and chemical production! Therefore, after graduating from the institute, the love of science and education Chennai, on the determination, and a number of like-minded students to start a business together.

With its expertise in the field of science and technology, Chennai, together with its pioneering partners, has developed a series of scientifically themed courses and activities dedicated to promoting diversity education.

"Life is science everywhere!" I want to let the children contact with science from an early age, do not fear or reject it. 」

This is the original intention of Chennai entrepreneurship.

Every bit moved, in the "person" body

Entrepreneurship all the way, Chennai said the process of the most moved her, always in the "people" body.

Chennai recalls that on one occasion, the team had to prepare for class at a Taoyuan elementary school, and the other executives hoped that their partners ' superiors would come at the opening. At that time, the officer was in mourning in his hometown, but the unwitting Chennai the request, he immediately agreed!

"I still remember clearly on the opening day that he was full of filial piety on his warm smile. 」

"I am very moved, looking at the partner of the officer so attached to our team, always with us, let me feel, I must be more mission to complete every task before the line!" 」

Is her sincerity and earnest, touched by all the people around. With the move from others, we are also curious in the face of setbacks and low tide, Chennai is how to inspire their own?

"I'm lucky to have a lot of classes like the senior intern in the movie--the seniors who always cheer me up," he said. 」

These elders were the good fortune that she had forged before she started her career in the International Coaching Association ICFT. Even if the elders have been the leader of the international enterprise, dealing with the affairs are a great case, in the face of Chennai relatively small business problems, they can still stand in her perspective, accompany her through all kinds of life low and unhappy, with her to see their own value.

They always tell me: "You are better than you think!" "," This is only a momentary setback, is to test whether you can take a greater responsibility! 」

Therefore, for Chennai, in addition to constantly maintain a positive attitude, to find a company with their own coaches, at the critical moment of their company to find direction, is her way to the most valuable assets.

Female entrepreneurship, both soft and just

When it comes to female entrepreneurship, the female force in Chennai's eyes is: "Women do their best to show the special strength, soft and just." "(also recommend you: Lin heart such as: Velvet Glove, is a woman the most beautiful power!" )

I think I am such a person, I have a majority of women's proprietary characteristics, so in the process of entrepreneurship, can be both gentle and maintain their own unique.

Like she likes cute things, interest is to do scientific experiments, so she created a culture is always full of vivid lovely characters, which often make the children at a glance love. Also because she likes the lovely thing and the child is similar, lets her and the child have many common topic, when launches the plan and the product, often can from the child's angle launches the most suitable for them, compared with the same type product can let the child really like.

However, because of the role of women, Chennai in the early days of entrepreneurship has been a lot of questioning and discrimination. "In the early days of entrepreneurship, most of the family told me that girls should quickly find a good destination is the focus of life!" "Just, for her at that time, suitable for her partner is not by hard work can be achieved, the fate is also very important." In contrast, the cause is as long as the unremitting efforts, even if the short-term did not see the results, the cumulative capacity will be in, will be the most precious treasures.

Yes, who says that being a woman must follow the SOP of "finding a good home and getting married"? Every woman has the right to make the best choice for her life as long as we can follow our heart and move forward. (Recommended reading: The so-called dream: follow the way you like, you will find the light )

Mutual cooperation and create a culture of shared business

With love education, want to promote science to more children's heart, Chennai believe that a good corporate culture, is absolutely the company to go forward with the important key.

"I think that if a company fails to assist its staff in balancing work and family, it is inevitable that employees will not be able to glow on the job market, which is an intangible loss to long-term manpower development," he said. So we always pay special attention to the employees who have children, if the family need to help us more generous help. 」

Because, every employee's life experience, are the most valuable part of the company, when each other can share, can produce a kind of a boat on the heart, to go out of the road of feeling. For Chennai, she wants to build the corporate culture, is to let everyone feel that this place can accompany each other through life, is a mutual support, grow together team. (Guess what you like: The team is the most important asset!) Silicon Valley's top venture capital Andreessen Horowitz's three people-consciousness method )

From the Chennai story, we can see that every bit of her life has a little story about "people." This is the "people-oriented" spirit, so that she can meet in the life of the noble, can move around all the people, to create such a warm corporate culture.

In our life, every day, each stage met many people, carefully think about, is not everyone, have brought to their own some what? May be learning, is growing, is a new story, and this little by little, are slowly building our own now. Therefore, cherish the life and everyone meet for a moment! Just like Chennai's story, perhaps the noble in your life is in the middle of a conversation.

"Shang Shang Culture Enterprise Co., Ltd.: It is our duty to let our children fall in love with learning."

The still culture hopes to use the education to move the life, uses the science dissemination study spirit, will the science integrate into the campus, becomes the fascinating interesting physics and chemistry curriculum, brings the science into the life, lets the people discover the science trace; the introduction of science into television programs, parent-child activities and book publishing, many innovative On the culture of the diversity of science courses are not only favored by the national niche, the annual number of people involved in attendance, TV ratings reached 300,000 per week. Rely on a group of like-minded young partners, do not forget the career, entrepreneurship has gone through 70 of the rural primary school, far to Nepal to promote scientific public welfare activities! Because I believe in the mission, science will be extended to every corner of the township, so that everyone knows the original science everywhere!

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