Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's take a look at how the Lin Mei, facing the big flip of the role, continues to "break through" at different stages. (Recommended reading: Shujie: Every day I go beyond the limit )

and Kang medical equipment, integrated in various fields of relevant professionals, to promote the promotion of community health education, long photo grant assistance, medical equipment and depleting material distribution and other integrated services, is Lin Mei and two mothers to protect more people's health, together the dream of creation.

Lin Mei from the mainland, formerly a senior cadre of the textile group and Secretary general of the Mainland Taiwanese association, is not familiar with the medical equipment industry. However, after the advent of special children in 2007, due to long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation with special children, slowly aware of the health care equipment industry deficiencies and business opportunities.

Also because of the two and she experienced a similar mother, each other to understand the care of physically and mentally handicapped children, often in and out of the hospital to take care of the old man's hard work, to understand that there are people with disabilities do not know how to seek support, so, determined to do a little change in Taiwan Lin Mei with two like-minded sisters to set up and Kang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

"For me, though, the process is full of challenges, but it's fun!" 」

In the hard work to meet the moving

Starting a business is hard. Lin Mei and her entrepreneurial partners from the micro-entrepreneurial Phoenix Entrepreneurship classes began, followed by the care of the attendant C-level technical license examination, and continuously improve their medical related professional. Promotion period, they will every day to the market, community, hospitals, clinics, parks, a release of DM, only to let more people understand this information, to help more people in need.

"In order to save every start-up fund, the electric bed moved itself and the diaper itself." Every day door-to-door, there is no elevator in the old district, to move from the 1 floor to the 6 floor have. Also met the Australian guests, the demand returns. When employees leave, they often have to work 12 hours a day. 」

In these days of their founding, they struggled almost day and night. Lin Mei described himself as the most difficult place to start a business is "less effort," the beginning of their, do a lot of things, but can help people are still very limited.

Although the process is laborious, but actually touched and happy part also many! Lin Mei said the latest Soudilleux typhoon, the wind heavy rain, let them Chungli shop one or two floors are flooded, her partner four U is not afraid of difficulties, with her husband, two children braved heavy rain to help! She also often and Chen Xia together to deliver, move electric bed, imagine, two women to carry under 1000 kilograms of electric bed from four or five floors how hard. In some cases, it is always a bento box for two people to eat.

Lin Mei Sensibility said: "When there are difficulties, there are people through thick and thin, really is timely." That moment is very touching. 」

Maybe it's the way to start a business. In the beginning, the expansion of the company will encounter a lot of setbacks, but know that there is always someone to accompany you together, know that their own products and services really help some people, the kind from "people" moved, can let themselves walk a few miles more. (also recommended you: always "people"-oriented, Cai Changki: "We publish is not a book, is a dream!" ")

The problem is the challenge, the breakthrough is good!

After countless hardships in the initial period, we are also curious about how Lin Mei face the low tide and predicament in the process. She says that in fact, since experiencing the desperate and rebirth of nurturing a special child, the difficulties associated with entrepreneurial processes can be solved, not as difficult as they might be.

is to treat every problem as one challenge after another. Just think of ways to break it! Solving problems and difficulties is the biggest mission of the operators.

In addition to the optimistic attitude of frustration, Lin Mei also has the habit of sticking to sports and attending various lectures. From sports, participation in lectures, she can let herself relax and absorb different aspects of knowledge, that is her best way to relieve pressure. "Rest is to take a more long-term road", fully charged, Lin Mei is also a tail alive dragon. (Guess you like:"Ding Juan Column" work must rest!) Give yourself "comma leave" every 5-10 years

The role of the big Flip also still break the self

From the 15 career women to the full-time mother, and then back to the workplace to continue entrepreneurship, for Lin Mei, her role in life over time, with the stage of life constantly flipping changes several times. Asked how she adjusted all this, she said: "Is to do a good job of time management!" 」

"Time management is so important that I can improve my productivity in one day," he said. Monday to Friday In addition to fixed working hours, the rest of the time I will leave the family, every day I will insist on sending children to school, with children Sports, and family cooking dinner. Night with the child to sleep, is exclusive to my own time, you can plan thinking work. 」

Lin Mei likes to feel busy, so even if it is 6th, she will take the time to stay with the child rehabilitation or family outings. For her, as long as she cherished, want to hold, she will be a good deployment of their own, in the work and family to try to do both. (Recommended reading: are you tired?) The law of balance between work and life )

Constantly surpass each stage of their own, never give up learning, "the courage to Breakthrough" is Lin Mei attitude to life. In the journey of life, although the role of life is constantly changing, constantly increasing, she does not stagnate, feel that it can, but, constantly for their own to create the next peak!

Perhaps just like Lin Mei, in the face of the changing stage of life, we actually do not use fear-as long as we can always keep learning, constantly surpass their attitude, I believe that everyone can in different stages of life, find the most comfortable balance point, live their most wanted life.

"Come and Kang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.: To solve the long photo problem, to meet the needs of long-term"

Lin Mei from the mainland, in the process of taking special children to seek medical treatment and rehabilitation, to detect the business opportunities. After more than three years of market study and feasibility assessment, decided that with two of the same family with physical and mental disorders, the sister of the elderly can not work together to create and Kang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., but also because of this empathy, service customers when the terminus in the customer position, to provide intimate service in place. Taiwan is also facing the age of aging, and Kang companies under this trend, the locking of physical and mental disorders and the elderly in the long photo, in the Long Medical equipment field research refined novelty, continuous improvement, every guest as a family to take care of.

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