Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream . The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics, so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's take a look at the Shangshang with the flexibility to overcome the crisis, how to tell her story! (Recommended to you: growing rice is his second dream!) He puts down his high salary and finds the sweetness of life again.

Malala said: "Books than bullets, is a good investment!" A book, not a bullet, can pave the way for us to peace and prosperity. 」

Taiwan also has a struggle for the popularization of education of women, she is Shangshang, the creation of a "culture of the World", only want to let every child has a book to see the woman. (Struggle for Feminism: Open the educational revolution with books!) Malala: "Children all over the world deserve a better future")

The Guardian who opens the door to knowledge for children

The Republic of China 40几 years of Taiwan, because of the lack of living materials, education and books are not universal, although there are many direct sales books, but most expensive, can not meet the needs of every child of knowledge. Home from the printing factory of the Shangshang, and the job in the bookstore, Mr. Think: "If you can make reading universal, so that more people to buy the price of a child can acquire knowledge of books, is a very meaningful thing!" 」

So, in 1974, they resolutely left the printing plant and bookstore, the creation of a Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd., hoping to "world first" love through the book publishing, spread to all over.

Hard study distance, let Shangshang and Mr. decided from the "children" reading began to start, to children's books, Word dictionary, but also in the 69 into the kindergarten teaching materials publishing research and development business.

Speaking of his work, Shangshang jokingly called himself "help young children seed knowledge seeds farmers, for children to open the door to the guardian of knowledge", and their efforts, it is true that many children's childhood, have the world a companion.

The ebb of life is like a ruthless fire.

In addition to the Government's less subsidies and support in the area of cultural education, Shangshang and his husband also faced the biggest crisis. It was the plight of a 80 fire in the Republic of China, and she almost gave up the knowledge farmland she had built. "I will never forget the day of October 8, 80," The Bright flames of the night, Shangshang vividly: The next door factory wire fire caused by fires, the flames down the wind to the company's warehouse. Relentless fire burning all over the sky, warehouse windows can not withstand the raging heat, a sound burst, swallowed up the storage is all books warehouse, also swallowed the husband and wife operating for many years of painstaking effort.

At that time, they are ready to expand the plant, enlarge the dream territory, but was a fire cornered. Whether it's bank loans, reminders from suppliers and inventory of books due to the fire, they face a flames predicament, the world's most serious business crisis ever encountered.

"That moment really want to give up, perhaps by virtue of the early start of the dream, will and faith, to go through the low tide at that time." 」

Friends of the campaign to help, Mr. Tireless and banks, manufacturers to negotiate, and finally wait until the timely rain, so that they can have a bit of breathing space. In the face of the most difficult time in life a pair of warm hands, Shangshang is full of emotion and Thanksgiving: "Who said there is no warmth in the world, banks are not necessarily a rainy day to accept the umbrella." This is a lifelong need to remember the kindness. "(Recommended to you:Eat Love Budapest: Learn to like a stranger )

With a few years of bitter, for the afterlife a culture out of the low tide, a steady pace to start again.

It is the moral insistence of the leader's daughter not to change the society at heart

Experience the bitterness of entrepreneurship, experience the size of this road twists and turns, speaking of leadership, Shangshang with time for understanding.

"Entrepreneurship is a one-way road, but with a strong intention to support the heart, how hard, can survive." 」

From the salaried class, who has fixed income every month, to the entrepreneur who can only shoulder the success or failure, the intention and determination are the biggest factor that decides all the starting point and supports the enterprise all the way. When you start to understand: "Money" to find their own way, success or failure to carry out their own, you have to go through the next step of chess must be repeated thinking, uphold the right values and clear logic to grasp the ability to achieve the greatest success rate and the minimum risk.

Although the survival of enterprises must rely on profit, but Shangshang stick to the correct values and social feedback. Compared to a lot of unscrupulous businessmen, her insistence in this era more remarkable.

"For me, not only entrepreneurs, but everyone has the right values. Only the right values make sure that what you say is done morally, and that you can do the right thing and not endanger yourself and others. 」

Make good use of women's toughness: not in front of you is not gender, but their

Asked about women's discrimination in social roles, Shangshang was positive, she said: "Identity and role are the definition of their own." When you tell others in your own words and deeds, because I am a woman, so I can't, and naturally you will be discriminated against by sex. But if you tell yourself what men in the workplace can do, and I do, it's natural that you'll get more opportunities. 」

In the past social concept, "male outside, female Lord inside" stereotype makes women have no space. But with the development of the economy and the expansion of higher education, the opportunities for women will follow. The intention and ability, perseverance, integration into the woman's innate softness and carefulness, in addition to themselves there is nothing to stop you. (Female power Practice: from girls to women!) Michelle-au-Bama: Don't let anyone stop you from moving forward .

"I think women's power is to use a woman's flexible charm to change the social structure." 」

Still, Shangshang admits that he is too tied up in his family and career. No one is perfect, stumbled on the operating road, after setbacks, but still with the strength of tenacity over five, hurdles. From her, I saw the strong vitality of Taiwan women, the integration of modern women's autonomy and pride, the achievement of those who look at the dream, shiny eyes.

"Shi Yi Culture Enterprise Co., Ltd., make your child become the world first-class talent"

The world culture takes the next generation as the main axis, research and development of infant teaching products, children's excellent extracurricular reading and word (words) of the canon of educational tools, and the career map to the teaching materials, pre-school potential development of teaching aids, social books, and stationery and daily necessities, diversified goods more show the company multiple creative value. Access also from the traditional bookstore roots, to expand to the network bookstore, electronic shopping malls and other channels, through a strong research and development team, a year about 8 million books into the market, and marketing to about 40 countries around the world, expect the next generation to ingest the Chinese fine culture, in the future become a "world" sector A "flow of outstanding talent, so that Chinese cultural talents in the global arena."

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