Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the Dream . The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let us take a look at the soft and loving Xu Jiazuo, how to do their favorite things, to find their own meaning of life. (Recommended reading: Why do you work?) Give the work meaning back to yourself )

"Why do people live?" What is the value and meaning of life? This is the question that Xu Jiazuo to ask oneself unceasingly from childhood.

In order to find the answer, Xu soft her husband from the city of the Madding crowd began, with children in the Tainan Alley, stitch to do both their favorite hand as a bag. Thought: "Is this it?" The next life is like this to live a prosaic. 」

But emperor after all do not bear painstaking people, all the way they continue to do their own love things, the things you like to do the best, so silently sincere and intentions with the time elongated, slowly discovered by the world. They designed the bag, from the beginning of several genius to sell one, and later because the guests have been recommended, not only the domestic and foreign media to visit, and even let the two-meter-wide ordinary alley, more and more lively, become a stream of scenic spots.

If you describe your work in one sentence, I would say, "Just do what you like, and do the best you like." Xu Jia Rou said so.

Every encounter is a chance! "We cherish all the way, thank you all the way"

Before the creation of La Yoo to Yo, Xu Jiazuo never thought of the ordinary to do bag small days, will become a gorgeous adventure-inadvertently shouldering the traditional industrial transformation of the major responsibility.

Like Xu Jiazuo son kindergarten teacher's mother, had more than 30 years of sewing experience, but because the industry moved to sell salt crispy chicken, now through La Yoo to Yo, again heavy professional, become the studio proofing Master. And because it takes a raw material to make a bag, Xu Jia met the Tainan all over the cowhide production master, handmade screen printing talent, invisible rural tailor mother, through the sangumaolu of cooperation, mutual encouragement, Xu's soft hand will be the decline of the traditional industry again to carry, rekindle the old masters of the enthusiasm for the transfer of production.

"Taiwan's prosperity in the past, the first to do a container bag, now only to do 10, the mood is really very depressed." I'm watching you! Taiwan depends on you young people! "The Old Masters lamented, thanked and said to Xu Jiazuo.

More than once, the store came to a Japanese guests, because of wandering accidentally found this lane to get in the shop, did not think she went to love Xu Jia Rou shop products, only to find that she was in Kyoto as a magazine editor. Because of the sincerity of Xu Jiazuo Japanese guests have made a deep impression, the next day, the Japanese guests will come to visit immediately, let Xu Jiazuo's shop first boarded the Japanese media, onto the international stage.

Nothing is impossible, son kindergarten teacher's mother, a wandering when guests passing by, may bring unexpected harvest. The beginning of all things are small, not so special, but as long as we use more snacks, more express a little sincerity, everything will be because of so much a little bit of intentions and different. (also recommended: dig out the finer details of your life!) Listen to three Taiwanese female artists to talk about creation )

Heading for the sea, making bags can also help people around the world

Who says that the only thing you can do in a fixed place is to make a bag? Xu Jia-Rou in the "help others also help themselves" concept, in 2013 sailing to the sea, and the International Volunteer Organization, to Cambodia in the remote tribes of Siem Reap to teach local women to make a bag.

Xu Jiazuo said that he did not think too much before leaving, and was only trying to prepare his own design and teaching, so that the women there can quickly start, did not think that the local is the beginning of all shocks.

"I see their living environment is so difficult, often live without water and electricity of the original life, traffic inconvenience, supplies are also scarce, but every woman in the process of doing bags, are hung with a pure and satisfying smile." The Xu Jiazuo moved to say.

Children who follow their mother to class, because they do not have clothes to wear, simply naked in the grass playing, the road climbing Moloch, the air flying plastic bags, trees falling branches are their toys, for them, that is their most happy life without worry. And on the course of the mother, even if there is a language barrier, Xu Jiazuo can also profoundly feel their joy because of learning new things, even when the salary, the mother told Xu Jiazuo, they like to do bags, did not think do like things can make money.

"In the present, I have never felt so happy and moved, and I learned that it may not be necessary to always take the interest-oriented thinking of the harvest, but to be able to pay first." 」

Because the spiritual joy of giving itself is unparalleled, rich and poor is not the money to measure, material poverty is not real poverty, only the heart rich, life will be rich together. (Recommended reading: for women who strive for life: a strong heart is a woman's most beautiful attitude )

A great enterprise is bound to have a great soul

So, "Why do people live?" What is the value and meaning of life? Xu Jiazuo said she got the answer to the question in La Yoo

"Love your family, love your friends, love people you don't know." Life is a journey, this journey has no destination, just to see happiness.

In Xu Jiazuo body, we can see her "soft" strength, more in the soft still with like just general intentions. Every product of absolute seriousness, treat each customer, Master's absolute sincerity, treats the mother of the partial township absolute softness and regardless of the benefit pay. It's the softness that makes La Yoo. Yo always have a full of human feelings, business colleagues like family, guests and stores like old friends, get along, always such a comfortable nature. (Guess you like: Lin Xin: Velvet glove, is a woman the most beautiful power!) )

"Soft" is like a warm warmth, in the modern era of rapid utility, the distance between people and human heart, only because they care about each other and different. Hey, let's practice softness and inject more warmth into our lives.

"To The Matrix Yo Co., Ltd.: Stitch Collaborative Package, one step to the international stage of Footprints Leap"

Film director father and designer mom, with children living in Taiwan, uphold the "happy travel in Taiwan," The design concept, join hands with the Taiwan Golden Age Tailor master, the production of limited leather canvas bag, the Taiwanese culture into the design, enhance the waterproof and reception functions, won awards at home and abroad. We are currently working with a wide range of brands to develop value-added products such as the Tainan Forest Department/Xinguang/Museum/animation brand/educational institution, and sell in its own access or cooperative channel, or go abroad for exhibitions to help promote the product. 2014, Practice International "collaborative Package" program, teach Cambodian poor mother package, welcome to a better life! 2015, from the Tainan Alley jumped on the Japanese and Hong Kong stage sale! Create a small milestone for the Taiwanese literary brand!

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