18th century British writer/feminist, Mary Wulsdonk Lovett, who defended the women's rights in her representative book, said: "I do notwish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves c0> I don't want women to have the power to control men, just hope they have the power to control themselves.

Dear, we know that "to be yourself" attitude is a lifelong task. And so, whether it's past body lessons or ComfortZone 's creative process, women fans have been encouraging girls to start by knowing, accepting their own bodies and enjoying being their own masters! Regardless of the beauty of clothing, sanitary cotton or cotton strips, make-up or not, we hope that every girl can be loyal to their choice, deeply like "their own choice" of their own.

11/23 Free Reader Feedback lectures, we have been invited to always encourage girls to embrace the physiological diversity of choice of the month of the Archbishop Vanessa and psychologist Ma Bear , I hope that every girl can be from the body to the heart of all the Embrace your body's control!

Girls, shout out your own body's autonomy.

Because care about other people's eyes and choose to suppress the things there are thousands of kinds, but in Taiwan, long-term work in the female physiology of the month, the Archbishop of Vanessa observed that girls for their own physiological choice is still biased. Many girls because of the people around the cotton, Moon Cup and other placement of physical products as "bold, evil, bad," and ashamed to openly discuss, buy a variety of physiological products, suppress their own autonomy. (You would like: Be proud to bea woman! My body I am the Lord )

In a Moon Cup fundraising sharing meeting,Vanessa had met one-on-one to participate in the sharing meeting of mother and daughter, daughters hope to share the introduction of the meeting, the mother can more in-depth understanding of products, dispel doubts, and support the daughter to participate in the Moon Cup fund-raising. (Same field Gayon: "Female Force column" Life is too short, won't you waste in the not good thing )

Vanessa that the physiological period is a gift from the girl:

From cotton strips to the Moon Cup ... I find that most people are curious about the Moon Cup over fear. Choose to promote physical products is to hope that girls know that we have so many choices, do not advertise the absolute good or bad, but respect everyone's attitude towards their bodies! In the fund-raising community to see a lot of girls happily share with you the physiological period, they share their own collection of the Moon Cup, and even po out their own menstrual blood photos. A lot of people tell me in private that these are the secrets they can't talk to their friends in their daily lives.

Because I believe every girl should have the choice of the most suitable for their own body decision,Vanessa since 2003 began to promote health cotton strips in Taiwan. After listening to so many girls ' shared ideas, how wouldVanessa advise girls to take on the questions of their friends and relatives? Listen to her share of her own experience and success stories, perhaps you will be more courageous to adhere to the "own body to decide"!

After listening to Vanessa 's share of the girl "body", please go to the gender relations/psychology expert, teacher Ma Xiong , and lead us to practice with a gentle but firm "heart" to proclaim our autonomy.

The autonomy of the mind: thecourage of "different"

"Making decisions" is what we do every day, like what we eat for breakfast today. Chinese or Western? Which pair of shoes should I wear to go out? What dress? These usually don't take us too much effort, but if "what kind of job do you want?" "and" to which company? "And that object?" "Such decisions can be difficult and need to be considered." What influenced us to make a decision? The first is their own preferences, interests, values, and then the "other people's vision and evaluation," the enormous impact.

We are used to avoiding "being different". Like everyone else is the safest! Can reduce many disputes, eyebrows and whispers, as long as you can "not be hated" good. When we are different from others, we start to worry, anxiety, as if "unique" means "bad, dangerous."

If always for the eyes of others, in order to avoid being hated to suppress their own, to condescend to others, we will continue to miss the beauty of life.

Let the people around you know your decision: a worthwhile adventure

The famous psychologist Adler believes that everyone's uniqueness is wonderful. Own choice and decision not absolute good or bad, the focus is not suitable for their own.

Whether it's in life, interacting with people, or reaching out to the world, everyone should be as feel at home as possible, feeling comfortable and comfortable. However, Adler's philosophy is not to emphasize the "Just do yourself, don't care about others" attitude. Instead, he emphasizes social interest (social feelings) and attaches importance to the link between people. As we build our own ideas and condense our choices in the search for the world, we don't run on our own, but let important people know what you decide. It is an adventure that takes courage, but it is likely to bring a rich harvest for you and even for you. Sharing your thoughts and choices, especially in relationships, is one of the keys to keeping relationships moving. (Extended recommendation: Do you have the courage to be hated?) Adler's psychology brings us to the six small revolutions of life )

I believe that after listening to the teacher Bear 's share, you will find that in fact sometimes, the crisis is a turnaround. Don't let fear of conflict become a reason to suppress yourself. Sometimes, the courage to express their choice, is to let the relatives and friends around to know more about their best chance!

About lecturer

Vanessa: Kaina Cotton article founder, this year's new identity is the Moon Cup in Taiwan fund-raising planners. Since April 2003, the promotion of health cotton strips, qualifications 12, depending on the "promotion of female physiological products choice" as a lifelong goal. The use of nearly 200 kinds of health cotton strips on the earth, operating small cotton Child blog , small cotton stripe fan group , kaina brand official website , Taiwan Moon Cup mass fund-raising plan face book community, HII Red new Physiological Products store Network Mall.

Martha Bear : Now a full-time consultant psychologist, consulting/counseling more than 1000 people, in the field of psychology for ten years, never stop to continue to learn. Specializing in love psychology, interpersonal interaction, including emotional focus therapy, Gestalt therapy, interpersonal relations, communication skills, human behavior, and so on, good at the theme of intimacy, pursuit and attraction, couples counseling, personal characteristics development, male wear-and-match transformation. Completed three-stage complete training of EFT (international certification course for emotional partner/family therapy). In addition to individual or partner consultation, they also serve as exploration groups, workshops and lecturers, with over 50 games accumulated. Footprints throughout the College School, Senior High school and capital policy and other units. Writing blog posts, but also often in the PTT or fan group to answer the love of the Friends of difficult diseases.

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19:00~19:30 Vanessa shares the right to choose women's physiology
19:30~20:10 Adler theory & the Gentle communication practice with the people around
20:10~20:40 Bear and Vanessa experience share
20:40~21:00 ask questions.

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