A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. A man's journey seems to be the way to cure himself. We go to faraway places , 颟 Mandatory traveled many journeys, back to the heart of the home-where there are let us feel warm people, and ourselves. (Recommended reading: A person's travel, not always a person )

When a person travels, your notebook clip to who's missing, a page over the years of wrinkles; the book you Carry with you, is the look of whom you love, and you are lost in the bustling streets of India; you went to the place where you had not been, and walked the way he came; you walk in the Sahara, with the long cocoon on your feet. , you wipe the tears for yourself under the starry sky at the southernmost end of the world. (same field Gayon: like you, but not the courage to be with you people )

Tonight you meet all the good things in the world, but never meet him. .

The world is like a book, I prefer this sentence, I would like to do a comma, stay at your feet. But you have your own reader, and I'm just a ferryman.

Zhang Jiajia "Passing through your World"

You find that he is so sticky like these exotic soils that he never has a chance to say goodbye and may not see him again. One day, all the stories about you in love are just stories.

You walked through these beautiful places.
To tread on the debris of the Earth's Flowers
A flap that lightly touches the frosting
overlooking ratio - a higher country map
Looking at the cold and bright sky in winter
You're going to have a sour foot.
His hands are frozen.

But your heart seems to be slowly less painful.

We wander in love, just to get to where we belong. You know that because you've been loved so much, how different you've traveled, every step of the way you understand yourself, even if you go forward just to rub it in with him, you will weep and walk through it, and then gently pass through his world. (Recommended reading: single diary: You are not still in love with him, you just miss the feeling of love )

No one can completely close themselves, and no one, can not face their own loneliness, may you find the ideal pace, step-by-step, toward the life you want.