Ariel , Zhou, Chen Bailin starring the " Wedding diary " will be released! Come to the theater to see the modern love proposition, after 30 years of love, you no longer fleeting enthusiasts, but that kind of sureness and no peace of heart. Perhaps, we all need more thrilling to talk about feelings, for love Again brave . (Recommended reading: The best love makes you grow!) Seven love exercises out of the comfort zone

"My age has made me sinful. 」

Lala words, point out the woman after 30 deep desolate. The boss does not want your experience, more love university graduates flexible tricks, the other half is afraid of your career success, love well don't talk about marriage. The girl is stupid person ache, your this age also makes a mistake is deserve to die, the girl is spoiled is lovable, you also beg to clap is to be knocked down.

30-Year-old woman as if there is nothing, "Chasing Marriage Diary" written women in life when the mouth of the confusion, but also write men's involuntarily. Yes, not only is Lala heartbroken, men also carry the shoulders of social norms, women say I do not want your career success as long as you are happy, they also have to pack their own falling self-esteem; women stare at men around the female friends, men still have to break their own survival network. (Extended reading: The love of modern people: the feeling when Google, search has the answer )

More than 30, who face love is not the affectionate leisurely extended and panic back hands, so afraid of touching the scene, afraid to bear. "Marriage diary" of the three modern love stance, let us go through fire and fire, love again.

Love's insincere: I'll marry you if I have to.

Wang Wei: "You have your own involuntarily, I have my helpless." 」

In the film, Wang Wei and Lala stand on the deck of Su-Mei Island, facing the boundless ocean as if the end of the world. Wang Wei said to Lala: "I know you, you have your pride." "Lala replied:" I also understand that you have your dignity. "They look at the end of the world of silence, that understanding, is the deepest heart ." we all know the bottom line of each other, but no one wants to let anyone.

This contemporary woman has a career often become a man's guilt, he worried that you are too bright, so strive to be a worthy of your people. Even around the road, back to see you are worth. Feelings easily in such a roundabout, women have to give up the dream, men have no mention of vulnerability. Put down your identity and win or lose, perhaps his love of the Warm Swallow, love is not so domineering, but who can be more slow than his love to boil it? (Recommended reading: Love is not just Giving: true love, both sides have sugar to eat )

This is a discrete era, inadvertently was swept away by the sea. put aside a little pride and mighty, and be more ordinary. We will see the great ocean, we will have all the fleeting and misty clouds, we will understand that the ordinary is the final final answer.

A tug of war between love and marriage: I want someone who really understands me.

Lala: "What I need is someone who really understands me, not a boyfriend who can walk away anytime." 」

Lala in two men, reality told her: "You have not been to the magnificent palace, did not dance with the Prince, how do you know this is not what you want?" She spins in the beautiful palace, but also lost, she carries the dream which does not belong to her, misses the steadfast day. Lala 33 years old, she no longer not fleeting enthusiasts, but that kind of sureness and no peace of heart, she roared: "He always does not mention how to marry I can do, five years, Love has run into family." "He just used a earned photo show to prove that I was growing." (Extended reading: sing the 30-Year-old's magnificent gentleness: to all the women who do not hesitate)

We often vent the words: "You do not know anything about me, I am not the person you want." Mom, why don't you get married? Colleagues a red bomb attack, love is always easy to alienate, you gas to a stable commitment, not to a sincere proposal, you suspect that he is not the person he wants.

Do we really want to be that piece of paper? After that, you find that a good life is like a template, and life's success group is too standard. You want only a understand, he understands you to pursue the cause of the strong, and only he understands you disarm the gentle, you trust his broad arms, also touch his tears. The original such understanding, is that we all understand each other is eventually want to grow old together that person, laugh eyes, than a marriage certificate came true. (Recommended reading: single ads reveal the poor love imagination: Not everyone's love is a form of love games)

No love, how do you know the answer?

Chenfong: "The Lost, courage to recover it!" 」

Chenfong in love and the workplace are very clear to their loved one, he is a strong leopard, once locked prey, it is not easy to let go. He a pair of sharp eyes like to see a woman in the heart of the unrest and lie, met the lover but broad like the sea, tender acceptance of love of course the injury. In love, we all need to Chenfong such bold courage and tolerance, he does not panic in the sea of the ferry, meditation, such as a person can make him smile. He doesn't care about the gossip in the workplace, but only clearly pursues his goals.

"In fact, life, as if there is no moment, is the need for real preparation, to do anything." The Diary of marriage

No moment, we are really ready to love. after 30 years of age, we will go through a lot of breakup, sometimes looking back at the past, as if he, is the best; After 30 years of age, we will experience more enthusiasts, if not pay attention, will be missed. You will still be like adolescence to love, in every dream of a lost. Instead of having a lot of thoughts and regrets for the rest of your life, why don't you just love once, if you haven't tried it once, how do you know the answer? (recommend you see: is it dependence or love?) Five relationship psychology makes you more and more strong .

Breaking up and holding hands: Time will take us to the right place

In the marriage diary, everyone wants a kind of stability. Wang Wei's stability is to let me worthy of your success, Chenfong stability is in the vast sea of people met a can make me smile, lala stability is alive after 33 to reconfirm "who I am". If you are confused about your current life, you may be able to turn away like Lala, and to make your life a single one more painful.

"Even if you want to cry can also, self-willed also can." Don't be so hard to suppress, locked emotional heart will be more closed. Even more difficult to shed the tears, finally won't let you drown. Even if a person, at least have their own. Shang Janice Yan〈 can also be "The Marriage diary"

If he is still in the rotation of time, if you because he saw the blue. Time will let you grow up to be fit for love, lost, will let you reach the right person. Love in the 30 after the difficult illness, is that we have to treat the lover too complex, the imagination of love is too sophisticated. (Hey Dear: Psychology of breaking Up Lesson: Love is not just a two-person world, but have their own universe )

"Never say you have no choice!" "The end of the film," said Lala, no one forced us to love reluctantly, live embarrassed. Choose the love you want before you decide to be the one you like.

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