We are convinced that the words you read determine what kind of person you are, we invite to Ariel to chat with us about her life book list, she said to congratulate themselves also have the innocence of children, these books in her showbiz days, are her growth of nutrients.

If you close your eyes and think of Ariel, you will think of the "18-year-old agreement" of the Xiaciotong, "My Secret Garden" of the Fan Xiaomin, "The Kiss of Mischief" Shing, "The Flying fairy Yuchao, I may not love you" process and green, "Chasing The Wedding Diary," the Lala ... She is silly to chase after love, she for the dream and wayward, she does not easily regret, no matter about the lover or about life.

You always think those characters are like you, Ariel all the way, like holding your hand as you grow up with the actor, you have experienced those growth inevitable pain, you are disappointed, hurt and love miss, but never give up believing in the possibility of good and love. (Recommended read: from girls to women! Review of Ariel's 9 classic works )

"Wedding Diary" on the eve of the release, we interviewed Ariel, asked her to talk about her reading life, sharing five of private favorite books, in the face of the enormous pressure of showbiz, how she adjusted herself, and how to deal with their relationship with the world, we wonder which books have lent her strength to grow?

Ariel said: "Books and movies are a collection of sharp ideas." For the actors, reading is very important, is to broaden the role of the actor database, for the role of shaping, understanding of ideas, to try to figure out the life model, are very helpful. 」

Perhaps the role of Ariel can have so many rich real face, but also because she is always in the reading of a larger self, repeatedly thinking about her and the world, and life, and their peaceful coexistence of the way.

"Health on Health " Intelligence: "What you eat affects your body, and your heart."

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The first book, Ariel on the other side of the shy smile said, she wanted to introduce the thin on thin, healthy health, eat the food pyramid upside the right. Ariel very calm, just debut when the face round, body type edema once let her troubled for several years, and also affect the mood.

"I have been studying how to eat to be healthy, body shape is good-looking, there are a few days to see a lot of nutrition books, weight loss book is still not thin down, make oneself very anxious." 」

The moment I feel so real, the actor's body is her field of performance, in the "Paper people culture" heyday of the showbiz, Ariel every day must repeatedly review their bodies, all attacks and praise to her, how to be regarded as "imperfect" body coexistence, in fact, is a smart. (Recommended reading:#womanynude: Write down the imperfect, become the best of yourself )

At the age of 26, Ariel just won the Jingzhong, but found himself a tumor of the pituitary gland, the body of her strong protest and vent, Ariel Surgery, untie their anxious life, also met the book.

"The book is questioning the idea of a long-lasting diet, I also began to adjust their intake of lipid and protein components, and finally, I do not have to deliberately suppress their own, and do not need to see weight like spring suddenly up and down, no longer because of dieting mood ups and downs, weight is the lightest since debut. 」

We call her 0 negative evaluation goddess, but there are more contradictions in the body and mind, she survived. When the media polished her, she was sad reluctantly smiled, she hurt her body and then find the body to the way, thus achieving today's atmosphere. "I want people to think of me and feel like I'm a person who wants to be myself," he said. 」

Read " The Tycoon Biography": "I am glad that I am still as naïve as Gatsby"

"So we beat on, boats against, borne back ceaselessly into the past." So we continue to struggle forward, like the boat in the countercurrent, the waves are constantly pushed backwards into the past. "--the tycoon biography "

The second book, Ariel about Fitzgerald's "tycoon biography,"often allows her to reflect on her relationship with the world. "gatsby tried to cover up the past, and he was almost naïve child, love is very persistent, in fact, also a little cowardly, but what is the relationship? Everything he experienced indirectly presented the worldly vision of our world. In the pursuit of the process, you ask yourself, you have to sacrifice what? 」

Gatsby's world has been bright, and his heart is a distant green light, believe that he must pursue the ideal future, the future must have Daisy. I think maybe showbiz is the same, everyone comes to the heart of different goals, the right moment, or think about the green light, and why they come.

"I'm glad I'm still as naïve as gastby, and I think I'm a little more blunt," he said. You say Gatsby Brave is not brave, in fact all have it, at least to be responsible for their own. 」

When we read novels, we project our deep emotions onto the characters, so that we can pull away from the analysis of the present, first step to see not far later, Ariel said "even have the courage to walk the role has not tried the road." "(same field Gayon:" Obadhai book "Reread" Tycoon biography ", Want to life this scene)

the use of "Break Away": "Life needs to put down, to have more"

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"Not this" can "use, is You" want to "use. The key is "you" because there are so many things you can use, and you may want to use only one. "--"The Broken Shed Away "

The third book, in fact, is a series, Ariel said he likes to organize things. "Break Away" or "exciting life finishing Magic" are her favorite practical books.

"By organizing the environment, and then also sorting life." Through the discard of things, do not only changes in the home environment, outlook on life and habits will change yo. "Ariel excited to share.

This is probably also an entertainer of some kind of helplessness, the same clothes three months wear two times will be a big fuss, Ariel said the actor because of the need to constantly have new clothes and new styling, the process of breaking away from the more urgent faster, she also continued to learn.

"Occasionally the whim of finishing, often have a refreshing sense of comfort." After the environment and life, the pressure will be reduced, the future things can come faster. 」

There has been a period of time, Ariel let himself take a lot of drama, life filled well, she played a good role, but less because of acting feel happy. At that time, Ariel determined, from the "five-eighths" life, do not need to push themselves to the full score, but not happy people. (Recommended reading:100 items Plan: Put down, you can get more )

"Break Away" the truth is that life needs to put down, need to say good-bye, need good-bye, can thus have more.

"The Little Prince " philosophy: "The more simple things, but the more difficult to achieve"

"Every adult has been a child, but most people have forgotten. "--the little Prince "

Ariel but remembers, remembers oneself to walk into the adult jungle inside child appearance. Ariel described himself as a small child,"The Little Prince" is her favorite book, Life is like a little Prince Star Trek, let her constantly explain the appearance of their own growth.

Ariel said: "Many people ask me, why are you still so like children, I was thinking, what is the definition of the adult?" is to see the interests are very smart to take it? Is it a betrayal of a promise? is the choice not to look and not to listen to? Is the expression of emotion paralysis and indifference? If the definition of adults is always derogatory, then I would like to be a child. 」

"The Little Prince" of the adults are always funny, but it seems to us daily life. "The Little Prince" is like the last line of defense on the road to growth, reminding us that we don't need to be adults we don't like.

"The reason I like the little Prince" is that I find it harder to achieve something simple. But your persistence and persistence will become a precious treasure in personality traits. 」

In the hectic showbiz, is there any right to be a child? The philosophy of Ariel's children is to remind themselves of the simplicity of keeping children, and not to use "children" as an excuse to evade responsibility. (same field Gayon: fall in love with a Rose of Caprice: The Little Prince teaches us six relationship topics)

Practicing Sophie's World: "I don't need everyone to like me."

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"You are so used to the world that you will not be surprised at anything," he said. "Sophie's World"

The last book, Ariel selected is Chostan Jade's "Sophie's World", in the book through the dialogue between Sophie and Albert, from the very beginning of a letter "who you are, the world from where" to start a simple and profound philosophical worldview. Through very small eyes, to see the very complex world.

Ariel said, the actor besides the novel, the most need is the philosophy book. Philosophy is the knowledge of man, to discuss the state of human mind, to explore the relationship between people and others, not only actors, everyone should have such a book, let you know what your relationship with society, the world, the universe, so that you no longer only tangled in yourself, to help you see farther. (Recommended to you: "philosopher Sham" What kind of love is complete )

"Life is sad and serious," the book said. We come to this wonderful world, meet each other, greet each other, and travel together for a short time. Then we lost each other and somehow disappeared, just as we suddenly came to the world somehow. 」

Although it is sad to read, it embodies the present time and space of human existence, and when we disappear, the good times we shared together will not be wasted. We live in a finite space and time, and thus leave a lasting feeling. And that's probably why you look at Ariel's performance these years, feel that she is more detached, denigrating is worldly possessions, she did a good job of their own, do not forget to explore the world, like "Sophie's World" that "the world can not everyone like me, I do not need everyone like me, I can only say that a lot of people do not know me." 」

How can you not like such a Ariel with her five book list?