On the eve of Kimma 52, we selected the top ten Chinese movies, followed by movies , and picked up the courage to move forward.We will find that in the films that are encircled, after all, the core of love, love is so vast, and it is so much easier to make of it: Never give up to love or be loved , because is the most beautiful scenery in the world.(Recommended reading: To play the woman's love and pain!Who will pick up the 52 Golden Horse Empress, after Shu Qi, Lin Jiaxin, Zhang ayijia, Song Yunan, and Zhao Tao? )

The limit can be found in order to find freedom.— — Hou Hsiao-hsien

Taiwan, Hou Hsiao-hsien is a man of the film industry, a number of people who are stubborn."He doesn't please the world," says Chu Tien-chieh, a writer who works with him. " He doesn't please the world.Hou Hsiao-hsien's life is like a movie view , and because he has made the most arbitrary person, he has the greatest freedom.Golden Horse 52 is a memorative moment Hou Hsiao-hsien to win the award for Outstanding Films in Taiwan.(Recommended reading: Hou Hsiao-hsien talking : Writing not to be fooled by the prize, to tell your story firmly )

In this age of " making a movie a fool, making a movie out of a psycho ", it was the filmmaker who stayed up late to write the script, go into the mountains and only as a lens, leaving a real memory for the times.You shouldn't miss the ten Golden Horse films that you should miss, carving out the most profound understanding of life.

Wake up to death: The crowd is drunk and I wake up to the dream

" I also want to be serious about loving someone!"

It's hard to love a person in the big north where people go.Love becomes a kind of complaint and rebellion: I hate this family that has its own table. I take you away from flying. I hate this world of noise, so I love a woman who is silent.The dark family in the most conspicuous part of the city, as if it was always humid." I think of the people I miss, and hope that they can be around me like ants, and they will not leave.Mice says that someone else lives in the worst way he can do, or that he is the most sober person.(You would like: : everyone in the world is waiting for someone who understands you )

In this city, there is always one person's voice and touch , dependence and smell, leading us to the way home.

Flooded Mel: A Lonely Lonely Fragrant

"It's painful to live, to live to hate, and to live a better life every day.""

When you see that layer of bone flesh is separated from the flesh of the people of Hong Kong, what you might see is not the pain of flesh, but the sorrow and the desolation of loneliness.The alienation of new immigrants, reinforcements, family issues, and traumatiosis is woven into the image of the people of Hong Kong.It is a love for the society to be handed over to the community by hand. The most expensive thing in Hong Kong is not to buy a house, but a love.Wang Jiameh gently, " Now I continue to make my life a busy life every day, but in my dreams, I want to be a simple person.(Recommended reading: Golden Horse's most important suspense slice : Love is an evil mediocre )

Loneliness is the most painful trial. In the deep night, we are hoping to stop the body temperature of strangers, but to be able to love in a trusting love.

Assassin Nie: Lonely Lonely finding the same type

One person, no one."

Nie Hidden, Princess Ka Shin, Princess Ka-shing, and seemingly hawkish women are looking for the same type of life.She was a lonely man, and we were a cold-blooded assassin, until she said to the old man Tian Ji: " Maggie is pregnant.Only then can we understand who is weak in human nature.She had to take a step back in the face of love with a master's payback.The Master says that there is not enough of her in the end, and the camera of Nie's mother disappears in the lens of Hou Hsiao-hsien, and we know that she will go to a world that is willing to understand her softenness.(Extended reading: Looking for the same type in the barren generation!)Chu Tien-niang: "Everyone has a lonely situation,"

Tsai Ming-liang says he doesn't want to get involved in movies. When you look at the

Nie Hidden, you don't want to look forward to high tide, and let yourself walk into an exquisite Tang dynasty with the pattern of cicadas and the flowers, and become the closest of Ne's closest neighbors.

Tallo: Leave until you know how to return

" He's the king of the memory world, remembers everything, but he's the real edge of life, and no one remembers him, and even his name was forgotten."

Drain the modern world colors, quietly slowly blabby in black and white in a remote region with a heavy weight of life.In the remote Tibetan region, many young people are eager to move closer to economic civilization, but they don't know how to pursue an unknown life.The Shepherd is the entire world of Tallo, where an identity card becomes a to society. It is a journey of contact with society, experiencing solitude, loss, and numb.Tallo was first remembered ­ first love, and that was the beginning of the existence.He walks out of his pastoral life, seeing the world, looking at the ­ population, and then returning to himself.The world always needs to leave before it knows how to return.(Sibling: "Will I just do this?"" Leave it to be a better one )

When many look forward to looking at the Tibetan landscape in the Tibetan, the director says, "I'm concerned about real people, and I'm concerned about more of the human nature.""

The Old Man of the Mountain: A Way to the Love of Your Man

"Everyone can only walk with us for a while, and we need to treasure it.""

Jia Zhangke's life is always on the edge of his life, and the media can't see it, but they are just a step closer to the age of life.He took pictures of the county as a big city, and also took a narrow picture of China, writing a family that had been washed by the tide of the times.Time has easily taken away the youth of youth, and the people we love are the most important of them.In the era of dispersion, some people thought to be proud to ride in the age of time, and some people wanted to stand on the high side of the building stare of people.In the end, the main character misses the Jin Yong novel, which is placed on the tea table, and a Chinese style classic tea cup.(You would like to: " The long way to study: a change in the era of change, a friendship that looks for a moment of stability )

"It's the most painful part of love, and maybe it feels love when it's painful."" I'm going to say goodbye to the old man, let's take a look back at memories and nostalgia.

Go home: Don't give up on love and love

" You can remember that one person is lucky, and that person who can be remembered is even happier."

The Japanese are born and born in Taiwan, and have never lived on Japan's own island, viewing Taiwan as their "homeland."They were the forgotten people of the times, forced to leave Taiwan after the 1945 war, and 70 years after the end of the war in Taiwan. The mind of Taiwan was still warm in the heart of Taiwan. The island was born in Taiwan, and in the heart of it, "I came back" instead of "I came here."Where do the people of the rest of the war come to and identify with identity?"It's beautiful, it's enough to have one minute; never give up on love or love, because it's the most beautiful scenery in the world."Grandpa Yoshimura and Grandma Hsieh said so.(In the same place: Taiwan should not be just a small, pre- flowing, seasha small country )

In spite of the displacement, we all want to be a loving resident.

Valedictory: My heart is still dancing, you're here

"When I believe what you know, I know that even if it is necessary to confront alone in this world, I am not alone.""

Difficulties and valedictory are always difficult. Lin Shuyu uses a film, a trip, a wave, and a confession to the death of a lover. " Those who love you are actually waiting for you, and they will take care of you and sing to you at night in silence. They will kiss your face when you are asleep, and wipe your tears." Learning how to start over at the end of the road is a road that has been taken by the people who have taken the necessary steps to walk through.<100 days' notice > Like the light of the dawn, light softens the loss of life in life, and untie the knot that surrounds the heart.(You would like: Taiwan shouldn't be just a small, pre- flowing, seasha small country )

If life is in pain, it's going to be a solid one.

My Girl Age: Love is the courage to fall for you

" Don't fall the tip. — —n't be afraid of falling, it's just falling down. What's important is why you came here."

Who doesn't have a fall in youth's life?In the worst case, it is just a fall.I think of the person who pulled you off, the person who always wanted to clear the line with you on the table.Fortunately, there is still one that can be missed; there is still a song that makes you shed tears; there is still one person, and you want to wish him well forever.Perhaps we miss it so much, because it is the most honest and most painful of youth, and the most unbedeable and most renosable of our lives.(You would like: Youth Live: Everyone's memories have a small fortune )

We often say that we are not catching up with the good times. Looking back on youth, the best time has passed.

Gorgeous Upper Ball: Love Winning Only

"As long as I believe in company, I will win the game."

From the theater to the movies, Du Qi to build a space of vanity, which is a magical city, or a giant workplace cage.There is a loss, a desire, a lack of sorrow, and an aggressive attempt to scream.Sadly, it is a kind of teaching material, and it's a reflection of a bit of love and a love of life.Tang Wei-chao's choral singing with Chen Yixun is the only one with a smile on the eyes of the two people in the wilderness. The only thing that's so romantic is that we still have a little bit of uncapitalist love color. I think love is still a bit predictable in each of the "greens" of the "gorgeous" people.(Sibling: Chang Eijia's life and survival: "Recold reality, heart is hot" )

As long as there is a sigh of relief, how do you know who loses?

Children of the Sun: There is a Power, Gently.

The difference is a little bit, just a little bit.Believe in yourself, we can definitely do it!"

"I want to make a movie that kids can understand."Director Zheng has Jay and Legha Shuumi.Pure and simple, just like the land in Taiwan.The characters in the show were defending their homes, opening up their hands and standing up to their hands, and by the people of their ethnic group the shield police, with tears in their eyes. "Where is your tribe?"Who, who are of Aboriginal descent, are forced to go to the opposite position ?Our tears flow down. This land, there are too many confrontations, and good fields have gradually become tourist hotels. What kind of memories can you leave them to the children?(Recommended reading: Child, sorry!The adults' world is broken )

Do you still remember the golden and blue sea of the rice and waves?We should slow down and remember the kindness of our hearts while we are still in the process.

52nd Golden Horse full blacklist

Feature Film

< drunk.> <

> >

Best Director Best Director

Zhang Zuji/Drunk.The dream dies
a dream: Xu Ke/Zhiwei Mountain 3D
Hsiao-hsien/Assassin Nie Hidden Niang
Wanmar Dan/Tallo
Jia Zhangke/Mountain Rivers

Best New Director Best New Director

Su You/left ear
Li Chung/Tsing Tin Street 1
Bump/roadside picnic
Chen Yu-shan/My Age of Girls

Best Actor Leading Actor

Li Hong's/Drunk.Dreams dead
Kuo Fu-cheng/Thrug blood/plum
Feng Xiaogang/Old Gun
Deng Chao/The sun cauterized
Dong Zijian/Dylan

Best Leads Actress

Lin Cahin/Baige Farewell To
Zhang Ayica/Gorgeous Shangri-Man
Song Bran/My Girls' Age
Shu Qi/Assassin Nie Sangniang
Zhao Tao/The Mountain of the Mountain

Best Supporting Actor Actor

Zheng Man Suk/Drunk.
A dream death
Ko Yu-lun/Niu
Bai/Tailor Blood King,
Zhang Shaohuai/Wangkowai 1
Wang Qianyuan/Save Mr. Wu

Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actress

Lu Xuefeng/Drunk.The "Golden Eng" .
Jin Yan/Ling/Blood King,
Ma Sizure/Left Ear
Jane Kidman/rookie
Jiang Wenli/Master

Best New Actor Best New Performer

Li Hong's/Drunk.In the spring and summer, the blood-blooded death the
spring or summer " is the only one that can be found
the blood-blooded
.Kaliths.Bachchi, the sun's children

Best Original Screenplay Best Original Screenplay

Zhang Zuoji/Drunk dream death
Lin Shuyu/Hundred Day Farewell to
Onson Light/Bag, " "
Tigers/Old Gun
Jia Zhangke/Mountain River Old Man

Best Adapted Best Adapted Screenplay

Zhong Ah-jia, Zhu Acheng
Juastronomy, Xie Haixing/ Nie Nishang
Xu Hao/Sensei
Vammar Dan/Tallo
Zheng Youjie, Lugashumi/Sunset Children

Best Cinematography Best Cinematography

Xu Zhijun, Zhang Zhang/drunk.Dreams Dead
Li Pingbin/Assassin Nie Hidden Niang
Lu Songno/Tallo
Buyeo/Mountain Rivers

Best Visual Effects Best

Huang Hongda, Zhang Zhonghua/Huang Fei-hong's hero has dreams
Guo Jianquan, Christian RAJAUD/Wolf Totem
Jason H. SNELL, Pan Guoyu, Soup Ice/Willem/Wilderick
Kim Xu/Wise Huashan 3D
Rick Sander, Christoph Zollinger/ One step away

Best Art Design Best Art Direction

Yang Ping, Li Jianwei/Scuda
Zhang Shuping, Qiu Weiming/Peasant Upper Banguang
Yi Zhenzhou/Zhi Weihu 3D
Huang Wen Ying/Assassin Nie Hidden
Liuqen/One Step away from the next step


Best-designed Best Makeup & Cstume Design

Xi Zhong-wen/Selia Keeling
Zhang Shuping, Lu Fengshan/Xiao Wen-ying
Huang Wen-ying/Assassin Nie Hidden Niang
Zhang Shuping/One Step Remote
Zhai Tao, Chen Yup/Dran/Dam

Best Action Design Best Action Choreography

Yuan Quiz/Huang Fei-hong's hero has dreams
Li Zhongzhi/Killing Wolf II
Yuanbin/Zhi Weng Huashan 3D
Liu Mingzhe/Assassin Nie Hidden
Xu Hao/Master

Best Editing Best Film Editing

Zhong Renbo/My Poetry
Zhang Zuoji/Drunk dream death
Chen Bowen/Nien Sheng
Ding Sheng/Save Mr. Liu
Liao Qingsong/Assassin Nie Hidden

Best sound Best Sound Effects

Guo Lili/Tsing Tin Street
Tsang Keng Sang, Li Yaoqiang, Yao Shunxuan/eluce
Wu Shuk, David Richardson (HKSE) /Sparkling
Du Bang, Zhu Shii, Wu Shuangyao/Assassin Nie Hidden Maiden
Zhang Yang/Mountain River Old Man

Best Original Film Music Best Original Film Score

Lindard, Zeng Yunfang/Drunk.Dream of life Gong
-qi (Su Kung – /Laogong/Ba'i Farewell to
Chen Yang/Nie Lim
Lin Chi Peak) /Assassin Nie Hidden " (Lin Chi-fang/Yungyin
/Yeni/Mountain Rivers

the Mountain

Best Original Films Song

Daxiang (Chen Tai-hsiang): Axiang (
"'re in a game of
."Rubisoft: Shumien.Lu Bei sing: Shumien.Rubisoft, the baby of the sun >

Best Short Short Film Film

Sunshine/Qiu Yang
No sleep/Tsai Ming-liang
Dead/Cheng Weihao
filial piety/Chen Chien-chang
giji interment/Wang Thun

Best Documentary Best Documentary

< Tomorrow will be better >

Best Animated Best Animation Feature

< The Return of the Grand Saint>
< Mack.Me and my mom >

Outstanding Taiwanese film worker OutstandingTaiwan Filmmaker of the Year

Hou Hsiao-hsien

Lifetime Achievement Award

for Lifetime Achievement Award

Li Lihua