The Golden Horse Awards ceremony ended, and we look back at the best actress stories, Lin Ka-hsin , > , , and Zhao Tao of the < assassin Nie Hidden > , and congratulations Lin Ka-hsin on the Golden Horse 52 film!(Recommended reading: Kimma 52, three wins!Hou Hsiao-hsien of Taiwan's Outstanding Film Worker, Hou Hsiao-hsien: "Film, I am willing"

52nd Golden Horse Awards were announced in 10/1 by Chen Xiangqi, the 51-year-old queen of the Golden Horse Awards, and announced the results this Saturday (11/21).The annual Golden Horse Awards are also expected to be presented by Ang Lee, who will be awarded the Best Director award. The first film will be presented with the old partner Lin Hsin-ho, who will be the winner of the 50-year-old Golden Horse Award for the Golden Bell.(Recommended reading: Lin's heart, Xu Wei, and Xu Yinting!The 50th Golden Bell Awards, three women's stories)

Golden Horse Awards have been the 52nd year of the Golden Horse Awards, and half a century of light images, and on the other side of the TV, we make a sense of kinemaity. In recent years, we have witnessed the downfall of the new director of the movie stars.In the movies, everyone is no longer just themselves, and what we see is no longer just the world, the one on the screen, and there seems to be a broader call to the universe.

This year, Kimma, we congratulate Lin Jiaxin , who has taken the title of Golden Horse 52, while recalling all the stories of the heroine.

The character is not only a typical woman, but a woman's vulnerability and stubborcms, and is concentrated in the head of a film.Before the Golden Horse Awards, we wanted to take you back to the story of each woman who was in the lead, and to have a good taste of their people and their play.

I'm a very lucky performer, I'm a very lucky actress.

You don't forget the comfort of the Sister Nie, and you don't even realize she's Shuqi. You think she's a little misty in the world, keeping a safe distance from the world, and watching this world that makes her love and pain. It's really hard to live alone.

he said, "This is not the secret of our original script,"

Chu Ch'i-liang, " This is not our original script. Hou guides the steps of Shu qi, and the hidden damnias are pure."I have never taken a role before," he said, adding: " I have to take a full picture for two years.I've been immersed myself in the loneliness, and I'm going to show all the lonely emotions in my eyes, that's hard."(Recommended to you: Chu Tien-niang:" Everyone has their own loneliness " )

This is the sixth Golden Horse, and in 2005 she won the 42nd Golden Horse, the 42nd Golden Horse, and the moment we remembered the award in the tears of the "Golden Horse".We feel that Hou Hsiao-hsien and Shu Qi are working together in parallel, but with a fading picture, but more pure filmmaking.

Zhang Erjia: "The acting is part of my life"

After high school graduation, the 40-year performance has become a solid memory of Chang.Chang has been a screenwriter, a screenwriter, a film producer, and a director. She has never left the film industry, and always looks forward to a good story.Each one of them may have a scene in which Chang has been involved.

Zhang Wei, who is in the splendor, is not particularly like the one we know. She is a pawn in the hands of an almost decisive and unfreezing act in the hands of the acting strategy.She is in a high position, and such gorgeous workplaces are so crowded and crowded.

When interviewed Zhang Aigar, she talked about Zhang Wei at the "grand class" and laughed and said, "Modern women really understand the price she has to pay for doing anything."She doesn't really feel wrong.When Chang Wei came to the last step, the matter was so cruel, she was also graceful, and she knew what she should do.(See the interview: Chang Egai's life and survival: "Recold reality, heart is hot"

Zhang Weijia used the role of Zhang Wei to ask us, "What price do you have to pay for the lavishly life you seek?"How far away are you in pursuit of your you-wish-looking expectations?Zhang Wei-jia, a reminder from the future, hopes that the audience can borrow a little bit of the answer from the movie and realize that he wants to still be there.

Song Yun-hwa: "Not a blasted life, a drama is a life of demolition."

Many people say that Song Yun-yun, aged 23, has already taken the lead in two films, and the movie "My Girls' Age" was NT$ 350 million a month. It was very lucky.For Song, this is not something that can be expected of this.

After the Golden Horse Best Actress, she was modest and unbelievable, and she said, " Look at the pictures of the Empress who are going to run for the film, like PS."

interpretation of the roles is not the age of the characters, but not the experience of the conversation, but the lack of a time period in the chain of refinement.Some of her are foolish enough to go straight to the front. She can give a shot of more than a hundred times for a shot. She doesn't have the baggage of a new idol, and she laughs herself with a funny face, and she feels that she is Lin's heart.She said she did not feel the red, but felt that the journey was a life of explosion. 23 years old, the Golden Horse was in fact not that simple.

"Lin Shin-hsin, many people say that I'm ugly, but that's her most simple and honest face."Even if she does a very stupid, seemingly foolish thing, she is very conscientious and focused on doing it, and I think that's one of the things that make people love her the most.In the show, Lin really is the name of a "young girl". In addition to the show, Lin's life is about to start, and she is not afraid of falling down.(Recommended to you: From the age of my girls > Reviewing love: The more he flashes, the more glittering screen lovers you love!)

Lin Jiaxin: "The show tells me that this path is not wrong."

We've always been waiting for Lin Jiaxin.

Chia-shing, who hasn't been in the game for five years, has been for a full five years to see the heart of her interpretation of her heart, the delicate nerves, the slow pace, and the meaning of the way that she is trying to reach the road.

an interview, Lin Chia-chin talks about the five years of identity conversion. " I'm also a mom, and I'm going to buy a fish in a traditional market and carry my children home. This is a feeling that I can't possibly have when I'm an actress.Whether you know Lin Jiaxin or her mother, every one of you is my own.Lin Gahin was more honest about himself, and his role in life was switched over.(Looking at the story carefully: Looking at all the other way around it is simple!Interview with Lin Ka-hin

film director, Lin Shuyu, wrote a "valedictory" script for his wife, and was on his way to say goodbye to his father, Lin Chia-chin, who left the film and became a pain-and-emotional exit.The art of death happens to be just like Lin Chia-chin's. " Life is coming, you can't stop it, you can't stay."

Lin Jiaxin did not leave the film. She was still a little more tolerant of the world of Lin Jiaxin, who had vowed to play in her role in 2070. She made her believe that the road would never be wrong.

Chao Tao: "acting, so I can express my views on the world."

Most people may be familiar with Zhao's name and face, and this year she ran for the first time in the 16th year, and she held the "Old Man of the Mountain", and she wanted the world to stop hectic in her eyes and get to know her.

Zhao Tao's wife, Jia Zhangke's wife, is the best actress in the film.In 2011, Zhao Tao won the Italian Film Award for Best Actress, · was the first Asian actress to receive the highest prize in the Italian film.

The Mountain Man is a story of three time dimensions spanning 1999, 2014, and 2025, writing a profound emotional experience.She was a young woman who had lost her son's custody of her son and lost her son's voice. In 2025, she was half a hundred and she was waiting for the dumplings to come home.

Zhao Tao said, " In the movie, I experienced 26 years of emotional change.The same person, the different age, the emotions of each age, the stories she had, how to convince the audience to believe in these things, and that was really a performance challenge to the actors."

Chao Tao says that acting is a faint and profound sentence: "To act, let me express my views of the world," the body is the stage of the dance, and all the stories have to be staggered.

Five characters, five different stories of life, may affect the five thousand, 50,000, and half a million people behind it.In a way, actors are like a mother, and they are continually born to have a life of life. They also have a more significant role in the story of our lives.

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